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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p> Slide 2 www.highdesertsales.net 9515 SOUTH 670 WEST SANDY, UT 84070 Slide 3 Slide 4 Our mission is to bring to the High Desert Region a full line of mechanical products and services that represent the state-of-the-art in the industry. High Desert Sales will continue to seek out industry leading products, services and personnel to bring these solutions to market. Led by two proven industry veterans, Rick Miller and Larry Putman, High Desert Sales' management team represents over 48 years of collective experience in the heating and cooling business. The HDS team has a proven history of sales in the intermountain area and strong technical expertise in HVAC, boilers, pumps and system applications. This expertise extends into radiant heating applications, snow melt and replacement parts. Serviced from our warehouse in Sandy Utah, HDS stocks critical products, parts and components to insure your systems can be up and running in the shortest time possible. Our service area includes all of Utah, Southern Idaho, Western Wyoming and Eastern Nevada. Representing the best products our industry has to offer, with proven and knowledgeable employees and backing it all up with superior customer service is the mission of High Desert Sales. About Us Slide 5 High Efficiency Cooling Towers Package boilers, Scotch Marine, and Firebox boilers Brazed plate heat exchangers Plate &amp; Frame, vertical JAD heat exchangers Air separators, flow diverters, expansion tanks Manufacturer of pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, skid mount packages and accessories HVAC Coils, Industrial Coils, air handling units High efficiency water heaters, boilers, and pool heaters Governor line pressure regulators Slide 6 Up to 87% Thermal Efficiency 500,000 - 2,000,000 Btr/Hr. Infinite Modulation (2:1 or 5:1 Firing Turndown) SMART SYSTEM Control Heavy Duty, Gasketless Heat Exchanger Multiple Venting Solutions including Direct Vent Category I,II or IV Venting Low Inlet Gas Pressure Operation 81% Thermal Efficiency y 495,000 - 2,065,000 Btu/Hr Heavy Duty, Gasketless Heat Exchanger Smaller Vent Diameters Fits Through Standard 36" Doorway Advanced Control System with Diagnostic Lights Up to 94.6% Thermal Efficiency 399,000 - 800,000 Btu/Hr Smart System Control Internal Cascade Sequencer PVC or Stainless Steel Vent - up to 100 ft Condensing Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Fully Modulating Burner w/ 5:1 Turndown Up to 97 % Thermal Efficiency 1.5, 1.7 &amp; 2.0 MBH 25 - 100% Infinitely Proportional Gas &amp; Water Supply Flexibility Multiple Venting Solutions Advanced Burner Design LonWorks Compatible Slide 7 Fully Condensing, Fully Modulating, High Efficiency Boiler up to 98% Thermal Efficiency Extreme Design Flexibility Contractor and Customer Friendly Slide 8 Better Idea Split System Tank Type Residential Water Heaters Slide 9 SMART CONTROL TECHNOLOGY HIGH EFFICIENCY 96% CONDENSING 316L STAINLESS HEAT- EXCHANGER ASHRAE CERTIFIED GLASS LINED VOLUME TANK Up to 96% Thermal Efficiency 5 Models to Choose From 150,000 to 500,000 Btu/Hr - SHR150-100 - SHR200-100 - SHA285-125 - SHA400-125 - SHA500-125 98% Thermal Efficiency Modulating Firing Rate 20- 100% Direct Vent in PVC 100 33 Degree Entering Water 7 Day Time Clock On Board Sequencer Pump Delay Control Zero Clearance to Combustibles Slide 10 Compact Commercial Electric Heavy Duty Steel Boiler Vessel Housing 15 - 480 kW Input 4" Fiberglass Insulation Digital Temperature Readout Lock-Temp Bare 80% Draw Factor Lock-Temp Baffle Horizontal or Vertical Configuration Standard Durable Fused Glass Lining ASME Construction Lock-Temp Round Jacketed 80% Draw Factor 80 - 1000 Gallon Capacities Lock-Temp Baffle Horizontal &amp; Vertical Configuration Standard Durable Fused Glass Lining ASME Construction Energy Saving Performance 89% Thermal Efficiency 500,000 - 2,070,000 Btu/Hr Heavy Duty, Gasketless Heat Exchanger Indoor or Outdoor Installation Aire-Lock Direct Vent Standard Pumped Bypass Referenced Gas Valves New Operator Interface with Electronic Controls Slide 11 The FLO FAB product line, created and developed by Denis Gauvreau and constantly being perfected by Marc Gauvreau, Michelle Gauvreau as well as by a team of professional engineers and designers, is a combination of existing concepts from several renown products, and the innovative ideas of a new generation. Manufacturer of pumps, tanks, heat exchangers, skid mount packages and accessories Slide 12 Flo Fab Vertical Inline Pumps Series 880RI: Flo Fab Closed Coupled Pumps Flo Fab Base-mounted Pumps Slide 13 single suction, base-mounted 1.5 x 1.5-8 to 12 x 10-17 16 different configurations Suction Discharge Motor Coupling Shaft Power Frame Bracket SERIES 6000: FLO FAB BASE-MOUNTED PUMPS Slide 14 Sewage Effluent Grinder Column Accessories Slide 15 Slide 16 EASCO Boiler Corp. is a premier steel boiler manufacturer in the United States. Utilizing this platform, EASCO provides Steel, 3-Pass, Waterbacked, Firetube Packaged Boiler Assemblies constructed in accordance with ASME Section IV, Low Pressure Steam (15 PSIG) and Water (160 PSIG/250F) and Section I (to 300 PSIG) available as both Field Erected and Factory Fabricated. NEW SERIES SM5 BOILERS DESIGNED TO FIT THROUGH A STANDARD 36 IN. WIDE DOORWAY. Slide 17 Hot Water Coils (HW) and Chilled Water Cooling Coils (CW) Available in same or opposite end designs with a multitude of circuitry available. Coils constructed of 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" O.D. tubes with aluminum or copper fins and galvanized or stainless steel casings. Standard Steam Heating Coil (SS) Available with opposite end or same end connections. Standard coil construction good up to 100 PSIG steam pressure. Coils can be fabricated in 1 row or 2 row designs with 5/8" O.D. copper tubes. Slide 18 Horizontal Large Fan/Coils 600 thru 2200 CFM Slide 19 Fluid Coolers Dry Coolers Central Station Air Handlers Indoor &amp; Outdoor Belt Drive Air Handlers 2 Thru 30 Tons Slide 20 Tower Tech is the home of the revolutionary high efficiency cooling tower. Since 1992 our patented Modular Cooling Tower has been specified by a thousand discerning users who demanded the highest in efficiency and the greatest reliability and built-in redundancy. Slide 21 GEA FlatPlate Systems offers a comprehensive range of products supporting virtually any heat exchanger application. GEA FlatPlate's MP Series is designed specifically for multi-purpose Marine and Swimming Pool applications, where chlorine, salt, biological elements or low concentrations of acids are present. The MP Series is rugged, yet very compact, representing the latest technology in marine duty plate heat exchangers. The FP Series is designed for a wide variety of fluid to fluid applications requiring exacting heat transfer performance. Slide 22 CSA certified (Z21.80) for 2 psi inlet pressure, outlet pressure range of 4 inches w.c.to 2 PSIG outlet. The 2 psi inlet CSA approved Governor allows for vent free*, multi position installation for through 2. The Governor also features double diaphragm, integral vent limiter with balanced valve design to provide increased capacity and accuracy. Standard models up to 4 pipe size. Up to 7 psig inlet pressure and 2 psig outlet pressure. Integral slam-shut valves and filters are available -Double Diaphragm -Balanced Valve -High Capacity -Strait-through or Angle Connections -Wide Size Range -Integral Pressure Test Points -Integral Filter (Optional) -Integral Slam Shut (Optional) Slide 23 Slide 24 With more than 30 years experience, Wheatley brand products have established a reputation for providing dependable products to the HVAC industry. The Plugaroo/TDV is an industry standard. In addition to our complete line of tanks, strainers and valve products, we are committed to bringing you the latest in HVAC technology from all over the world. This commitment is your assurance of receiving the best products the industry has to offer. Slide 25 </p>


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