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Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding in the H.264/AVC video compression

Visual Linker


Visual Linkerwww.ceva-dsp.com

slide 2Project overview and visionMain project challengesLnk File parsing using LEX & YACCCoff files parsing GUI Prototype Using Qt frameworkProof of concept and conclusionsGlimpse to the project near future


slide 3DSP Environment

Compilation chain

Linking and linker script file

Integration with SmartNCode environment

Project overview

slide 4The Visual Linker will be a plugin to the SmartNCode Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It will provide an easy, user friendly visual linking configuration tool.

Visual Linker will ease the linker usage and reduce scripting mistakes thus minimize the time and effort one need to invest in the linking operation.


slide 5Main project challengesLNK files parsing

COFF files parsing

Code Generation

Advanced GUI Programing using Qt framework

Two way GUIScript engine (optional feature).

slide 6Lnk File parsing using LEX & YACCThe Lnk file parser is needed to load manually created /visual linker generated *.lnk files.

Parsing script elements

Translation from STL primitive elements to Qt elements

slide 7Lnk File parsing using LEX & YACC

slide 8Lnk File parsing using LEX & YACC

slide 9Lnk File parsing using LEX & YACC

slide 10Coff files parsingParsing Capabilities

Object Files (*.o)Libraries (*.lib)

Section Extraction

Function Extraction

Sections Merging

slide 11Coff files parsingWe will demonstrate using an example.

slide 12Coff files parsing

slide 13Coff files parsingAfter compilation 2 Object files are created:Main.oHeader.o

In the link process we will link 4 object files the two above and two more system object,crt0.o and crtN.o

Now lets see the object files parser output.

slide 14Coff files parsing

slide 15Coff files parsing

slide 16Coff files parsing

slide 17As describes in the ARD document, we implemented the prototype:Parsed and merged sections from the coff filesParsed classes from an input *.lnk file

We experimented with Model-View-Controller Qt implementation, Extending Views, Models and Delegates Classes.

GUI Prototype Using Qt framework

slide 18GUI Prototype Using Qt framework

slide 19GUI Prototype Using Qt framework

slide 20GUI Prototype Using Qt framework

slide 21Prototype conclusionsLnk parsing task is feasible and taking no more than 2 milliseconds as required in the ARD document.

Objects and libraries parsing is taking a bit longer than expected we should check how to optimize the process.

Qts QUI frame work is good, it is possible to learn it using it documentation and Examples

In general the project is massive but feasible.

slide 22Glimpse to the near futureReal GUI design and UI Polishing

Code Generation Module

Drag and Drop

Undo and Redo Features

User Scripting using the GUI

slide 23Questions?

slide 24THANK YOU!