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Context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding in the H.264/AVC video compression

Visual Linker


Visual Linkerwww.ceva-dsp.com

slide 2Background and Vision Problem DomainSystem DesignChallenges, Problems and ConclusionsSo What Next?


slide 3What is DSP?

Who is Ceva?

What is a Linker anyway?


slide 4What is SmartNcode?

Why linking in DSP environment is difficult?

What is linker script file?

Background Background (cont.)

SmartNcodeSoftware Development Tools

slide 5Background Background (cont.)

Our Solution : Visual LinkerOur solution will give the user the tools to write her linking script visually. The user will be able to:

Create memory classes on a visualized memory layout drawing canvas.

Locate Code and Data section in the memory classes by simple drag and drop operations.

Configure the linker directives by editing sections and class properties.

load and generate linking script files

slide 7Our Solution : Visual Linker (cont.)

slide 8Problem Domain

slide 9The Visual Linker will provide an easy, user friendly visual linking configuration tool.

The Visual Linker will ease the linker usage and reduce scripting mistakes.

The Visual Linker will minimize the time and effort one need to invest in the linking script writing.


slide 10 System Design

slide 11Visual Linker, what?Lets have a look!

slide 12Challenges, Problems and ConclusionsChallenges:

Re-implementing GUI views and models in Qt C++.|

Developing and implementing linker algorithms with multiple constrains.

Interfacing with Ceva-DSP IDE platform.

slide 13Challenges, Problems and ConclusionsProblems:

Parsing post-complied files wasnt enough required additional processing.

Zoom-In and Zoom-Out support was complicated both algorithmically and visually.

The linker complexity was hard to grasp when implementing the linker script parser

slide 14Challenges, Problems and ConclusionsConclusions:

The project was much bigger than a standard project for two team members.

As a result, implementation for some features were suspended.

The core components of the initial design were successfully implemented.

slide 15So What Next? Full integration with the (CEVA) Linker

Full directives and core types support

Delivering the visual linker to CEVA

Distributing the Visual linker to CEVAs clients along side with the rest of the binary tools

slide 16Questions?

slide 17THANK YOU!