Www. Main, Music aur Woh. Lets play it together

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  • Main, Music aur Woh

  • Lets play it together

  • Lets create it togetherThemes Corruption Volcano Angles Density

  • AwarenessZones of awareness, Focusing, Selecting, Avoiding, Duration & flow, Connection, Pleasant / unpleasant, Process .

  • ReflectionThe rose bush exercise

  • As the Music playsDREAM

  • As the Music playsDANCE

  • As the Music playsDEVELOP

  • Intrapersonal IntelligenceAbility tounderstand one's own emotions, goals, and intentions . Internalize, connect (and learn) deeply with own experiencesDream, MeditateStay with ones feelings, Judge and assess self, Questioning self

    Students strong in intrapersonal intelligence have a strong sense of self, are confident, and can enjoy working alone.They have good instincts about their strengths and abilities.

    This intelligence is highly developed in such people as philosophers, psychiatrists, religious leaders, and brain researchers,comedians, poets, and actors.

  • Experience: Relating to ones past and present eventsInstruction: Reflect on your experience Connect to ones experiences. Be aware of ones feelings, thoughts, beliefs, etc. Associate with them.Question your observations, thoughts, feelings, beliefs. Questions events, cause effects, etcLearn from experience, Internalize learning, information, relationships, associations; Draw conclusions, generalize.Assess, judge and value your experience, yourself and othersShow and tell,

  • Knowing MEInstruction: Know youAwareness inside, outsideRecognizing strength and weaknessPursue interest, Interest likes and dislikesWorking alone, Connect to personal life, laugh at self or appreciate self Autobiography, how I see myself, write self experiences story or poem

  • Philosophize/ Dream/ Goals Personal inspiration and guiding principles to lifeInstruction: what is your goal, what you think about lifeImaginary dialogue, Understand self, If, but, what if, what else, how I feel.I like.Self assessment, Setting self goals

  • Meditate - reflect on; contemplate, To look at attentively and thoughtfully. To think or reflectInstruction: Be with you, Focus, MeditateSense of self, Deeply inside of themselves, Being quiteWorking alone, silenceGuided visualization

  • Intrapersonal ToolsQuite spaces, Nature, music, sand, books, secret places, self checking materials, journals, photographs and cards, home video, vacation pictures, personal quilt, bulletin boards, scrap book, Self paced projects, Individualized instructions, independent study, Time alone

  • www.geniekids.com

  • HandsWhat are you doing?

    Make a list of words/ phrases which has word hand in it.

    In how many differetn ways can I Lend a hand ?www.geniekids.com

  • GETTING STARTEDGet everyone into the circle both physically and psychologically;Ice breakers StimulationDiscussion / Problem SolvingClosurewww.geniekids.com

  • 1 Only one at a time create orderencourage children to listen 2 You can "pass no performance pressure3 No "put downs" though expression of negative feelings is OKemotional safetywww.geniekids.com

  • Circle Time - A tool to build Empathy Self esteem, Cooperation, Children's involvement, Problem-solving skills; May Improve behaviour as by-product


  • Creating the Right Conditions 6 to 18 participants An open circle of chairs or cushions. No Barriers Perfect Circle Talking objectwww.geniekids.com

  • Your DosYou are part of the circle. Special responsibility to ensure:agreed rules are keptemotions of individuals are protected suitable activities are preparedSpread praiseCatch 'em being good! Encourage children to help solve each others problems.Start with Non-controversial topics - encourage participation. Invite all in an non imposing waywww.geniekids.com

  • Your DontsParaphrase/summarise a child's comments, but dont add your on top of theirs. Encourage the children to "speak their own truth" rather then say what someone else is feeling. All feelings are OK. Don't try to force feelings out of children. eg: your friend is happy why are you so sad. Also dont try to change the childs state of mind.Humour is for mental state, not normally for emotionalwww.geniekids.com

  • Be Open, Be Genuine, Be Fair, Be Kind, Be Forgiving, Be firm, Be Respectful, Be Participating, Be Democratic, Be Responsive, Be Planned,& Be Creative.www.geniekids.com

    Make them stand in a circle using connection / go left and right / smiley faceFirst we do hand action likes hello / rain / 1) What all I can do with hands one does and others copyBe firm about the three rules no laughing / one at a time etc talk about you / lets focus etc

    2) Handkerchief / hand to hand / hand shake etc

    3) Lend a hand

    Use diff experience one by one, raise hand, ball, mike, web, If child say I am not liking it dont add oh you are not liking ti because of xxxx