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  • Faster, Useful & Compelling Content Making FormulasNasir Uddin ShamimCo-FounderDevsTeam

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    Contents For Info-Products. Contents For Blog. Contents For Copywriting.

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    Related Forum. Related Blogs. Search Wikipedia Answers.com Yahoo Answers Your Blogs Comment Section! Digg. StumbleUpon.Know How to Search in Google!

    Keyword + Forum to find forum. To find a specific type of File on Google: wedding budget filetype:xls OR filetype:pdfTo find a exact phrase keyword in a site: doesnt work site:www.healthguidance.orgFinding exact phrase with similar words: athletes foot ~remedy naturalFinding Synonyms in a webpage text: allintext:~inexpensive vacation articlesTo eliminate a word from search result: vending machine prices -soda candyFind every website with the words bad headache within the URL allinurl:bad headacheTo find related sites of any given: Try this operator: related:www.cabosanlucas.net

  • How To Write Content FasterWrite the Article Title First. Create Sub-headings & Note these down. Write Naturally. Forget about grammatical errors. Edit these later. Create important points like Tags and write about on these. Firstly, write anything about that pops-up on your mind related the topics and arrange these later.

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  • Blog To Follow| Improve Your Writingwww.copyblogger.comwww.contentiscurrency.comwww.menwithpens.cawww.fuelyourwriting.comwww.writetodone.comwww.dailywritingtips.com

  • Checklist SEO While WritingUse Appropriate TitleTarget secondary KW beside primary KWUse unique meta descriptionFollow keyword density on articleAvoid keyword stuffingDont use too many tagsUse Bold, italic & underline on important wordsLink your internal pages, remind relevancy is mustUse Image Alt Tag

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