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WP3 Physiological feedback. April 28 th 2009. WP3 Physiological feedback. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • WP3 Physiological feedbackApril 28th 2009

  • WP3 Physiological feedback 3.1 Identify performance factors (Sarah Huges) 3.2 System design & implementation (Richy Tynan) 3.3 Sweat patch integration (Shirley Coyle) 3.4 Deployment & data gathering (Greg May) 3.5 Real-time querying (Ken Conroy) 3.6 Visualisation & feedback (Hyowon Lee)

  • Monitoring heart rate and respiratory rateLink physiology to events (video)Evaluate training methodsIndividualisation of training programmesCompare responses on different surfacesHard court vs. clay courtHydration sweat rate and compositionTracking limb movements during execution of strokesPhysiological MonitoringKey Areas

  • Between points (recovery) and in preparation for a serve Average across setsRate of change % of max Ability to link HR/RR to video (time code physiological responses to events)Tidal volume?Physiological MonitoringHeart Rate & Respiratory Rate

  • A user-friendly interface with drawing tools (e.g. draw lines/circles etc.), and a split-screen with the ability to slow down and pause.Meet with CLARITY to find out what software is currently availableWatch/monitor to display HR/RR in real timePossibility of using the FM software on his iphoneUpdate on developments in relation to the development of targets that can be placed in various areas of the court and when the ball hits the target a sound is generated etc.Like to collect information during real (competitive) games - the anxiety/stress levels differ during training and competitionPossibility of access to FM vest for an upcoming touramentPhysiological monitoring (PM) becomes important when > 14 yrs To date monitoring has been too time consuming and interrupts training routines need for plug and play innocuous monitoringExplore the possibility of a jumpsuit-type garment with accelerometers built into each of the joints that can track limb movement during the execution of a stroke etc. Urgent Requests Tennis Coach

  • Monitor HR (Holter) and RR during competitive hard court and clay court gamesLinking physiological and ubisense/video dataMeasure pH and sweat rate?

    PlansImmediate Future

  • pH sensorIssues with current design for tennis demonstrator:Integration with other technologies, FM vests, motes Long priming time - Need to reduce amount of sample needed microfluidic device

    For 1st demonstrator - Develop a visual display, wristband/headband using pH dyes to measure pH no additional microprocessors/wireless devices needed- Visible to the player, coach and possible video analysis

  • pH wristband/barcodeVisual Display relating to pH Could be integrated into straps for WIMUs

  • pH barcodePERFORMANCE

  • pH barcodePERFORMANCE

  • pH sensor development BIOTEX pH sensor7mm25mm

  • pH sensor - MicrofluidicsPump Less Wearable Microfluidic Device for Real Time pH Sweat Monitoring F. Benito-Lopez, S. Coyle, R. Byrne, Alan Smeaton, Noel O'Connor, D. Diamond submitted to Eurosensors 2009Microfluidic pH sensor with paired LED detectionLilypad Arduino - control LEDs and data transfer

  • Ubisense Querying Update28 April 2009

  • User RequirementsThe Relationship between User Requirements and Data HarvestingHigh-level requirementsSensedDataSystemDatabaseProcessingAnalysisTransformationUser Interface

  • ProcessingEnrichment of UbisenseStructuralPlayer ID, (x,y,z), TimestampSemanticZonal informationSideNumber of entrieschange side states

  • AnalysisAddressing User defined queriesWith high->low-level query transformationRequirements -> logic -> xPath/JavaTranslations in progressDetect ServeServerLocationTimeNotate Game boundariesConstruction of knowledge base

  • Next StepsBuild version 1 of UbiSense analysisAddressing 25% of user queriesCurrently one manual step requiredPaper submission planned for 15th May (DMSN)Focus on making system fully automatedCollaborate with Damien to compare results using different techniquesImplement further queriesVelocityPoint Boundaries

  • Some HCI IssuesRole of Human-Computer Interaction in Tennis Demo?- Design fancy User-Interfaces for the Demonstrators

  • Some HCI Issues1. Fulfilling Coachs Wishlist Is this enough?2. Target Interaction Platforms- Novel scenarios coupled with new platforms

  • 1. Fulfilling Coachs WishlistConventional Software Development Lifecycle1. Establishing Requirements, butNovel Technology Development Lifecycle- No precedence of use- No cultural readinessEnd-user is not always right- End-users dont know technical possibilities - We (technology people) know- Innovation doesnt happen by asking end-usersSeparate agenda/item to highlight novel possibilities to coaches

  • 2. Target Interaction PlatformNovel platforms for Novel technology?- Consider near-future scenarios, not now

    Web 2.0 (Desktop PC, Laptop) Mobile Interactive TV TableTop Large display Wall Wearable

    => Each provides different interaction possibilities=> Each brings about new possible scenarios

    The major risk factors for CAD are Age over 45 for men and over 55 for womenSmokingHypertension (BP 140/90 mm Hg or antihypertensive medication)HDL-C