World War II Tausif R. Skaggs Elementary Grade:5th Taking a stand in History: People, Ideas, and Events

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Text of World War II Tausif R. Skaggs Elementary Grade:5th Taking a stand in History: People, Ideas, and...

  • World War IITausif R.Skaggs Elementary Grade:5th

    Taking a stand in History: People, Ideas, and Events

  • Table of Contents Introduction

    Outbreak of War


    World Domination

    Japan Attacks Closer and Closer to the End


    Deaths By Countries (Graph) Conclusion



  • IntroductionDuring the years of 1939-1945 we were having the worst and the largest war in world history. It was a war in which the whole world fought in. There was war almost every day. Many innocent countries were invaded and destroyed by Germany, and some by Japan. This is a war we will never forget.

  • Outbreak Of War The Second World War started when Germany invaded Poland on September 1, 1939. Hitler (then the Chancellor of Germany) did this to expand his land further.

  • InvasionThen on April 14, 1940 Hitler invaded Denmark and Norway. Later that year Hitler invaded Holland, Belgium, and France. He wanted more and more land until he had the whole world under his control. People never knew about Hitlers plans, but more and more people were getting suspicious on what was going on. Soon enough they would know.

  • World Domination After about a year on May 20, 1941, Hitler invaded Crete. Now everyone knew Hitler had struck again. This was a real world war because almost all the countries were involved. America didnt want to get involved in the war, but soon enough they would too.

  • Japan Attacks On December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on the Hawaiian Islands. The only reason they did this was to show how powerful they were. But America ,one of the strongest countries on Earth, got mad and went to war.We have just awaken a sleeping giant ( Japanese soldier in WWII)

  • Closer And Closer To the EndOn July 10, 1943 the western allied forces (Canada, Britain, and America) invaded Sicily to stop spreading the war.

  • VictoryOn April 30, 1945 Hitler finally committed suicide in his underground bunker in Berlin as he realized his defeat when America and Britain were coming from one side and Russia from the other. Later on August 6,1945, at 8:16 am America dropped its atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Still Japan did not surrender so they dropped a plutonium bomb called the Fat Man on Nagasaki, Japan. Finally Japan couldnt take it any longer so they surrendered. VICTORY!!!!

  • Deaths By Countries

  • ConclusionAs we can see from the graph a lot of people were killed during World War II, so war is the worst thing to experience. We want peace so we will never have to go through the pains of war again. Also we must try not to let dictators control countries. Because of this World War II took a big stand in history. This is a war we will never forget.

  • Taking A Stand In History: People, Ideas, and Events


    Skaggs ElementaryGrade:5th

  • NarrativeThe reason I chose this topic is because I like to learn new things about history. I became very interested in wars after I read about it in a book. The vastness of World War II made me more curious about it. It is very interesting to learn about who started the war and why it happened. Because well be learning about world history in middle school, doing the project on World War II will prepare me. So this would be a preparation for me. These are just a few of the many reasons I chose this project.I started by gathering information from Google and searched World War II but I could not find the information I wanted so I went to the library and checked out a few books on World War II. I read the books, and created sub categories for my report and then I searched for the information I needed.

  • Narrative ContinuedThe other way I got information was by looking in an enormous 1000-page book. I looked on the inner panel for the summary of the book, but instead it had subtopics and a little description on what happened in the war. Then I used that to search a lot of information.I learned lots of things when I was preparing my media presentation. I learned how to make hyperlinks to other slides. I figured out how to add really cool animations. I think the hardest part in the project was trying to find information. First you have to read books then on the information you find you have to look on the internet, and it takes a very long time. I have learned many things about war history and media presentation, and I intend to learn more in the future.

  • Bibliography BOOKS

    Hook, Jason. Hiroshima. Austin: Raintree Steck-Vaughn, 2003.America dropped the atomic bomb on Japan at 8:16 am. Still Japan wouldnt surrender so America dropped the plutonium bomb called the Fat Man. This helped me understand how America dropped the deadly bombs and why.

    Dolan, Edward. America in World War II 1945. United States: The Millbrook Press,1994.America went to war because of Pearl Harbor. Japan didnt mind attacking America because many countries were equal to America. This helped me understand Americas feelings towards war.

    Hammerton, John. The Second World War An Illustrated History of WWII. Croatia: Trident Press International, 2000. Germany invaded many countries such as Poland, Crete, Denmark, Norway, and much more. We dont want this to happen ever again or else we will have another world war which is a very bad thing. This helped me understand the reason each country went to war, and also explained how powerful Germany was at the time.

  • Bibliography ContinuedINTERNET SITES "World War II". A wikipedia organization. October 5, 2005.World War II was considered the worst and deadliest war in world History. Most of the world fought in it. This helped me understand the main idea of what was going on. "World War II". World October 5, 2005 . The modern world is still living in the consequences of world war II. About 66 years ago we wanted to have war for power. We hope this will never happen again. This helped me understand the positions in which the countries were in.


    Capra, Frank."Pearl Harbor December 7,1945 ." Kamikaze. Madacy Entertainment, St. Laurent. . Video Archive. 23 Oct 2005. December 7,1941 Japan put their plan into play. They attacked America to show their vastness and strength. This helped me understand the importance of Pearl Harbor and its role in World War II.

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