World Scout Jamboree North America 2019 - World Scout Jamboree North America 2019 Units 84 85 Warwickshire Scouting Midlands Guiding

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  • 24th World Scout Jamboree

    North America 2019

    Units 84 & 85 Warwickshire Scouting & Midlands Guiding

  • Agenda

    Who are we? What is a Jamboree? What are we going to do? How much? What do I do next? Then what? What else do you want to know?


  • Who are we? Mike Barrett Age: 30 (Jamboree age 32) Scouting Role:

    County Safety Advisor, Nights Away Advisor, Scouting History:

    Started as a Beaver in 1993 and havent looked back. Various roles with District and County Member of the Queen Scout Working Party 4 World Scout Jamborees


  • Who are we? John Bennett (Beno) Age: 49 (Jamboree age 51) Scouting Role:

    GSL Scouting History:

    Starting Cubs in 1977 and never stopped Qualified rock climbing instructor Been GSL in Dunchurch since 2007 Met my wife through scouting IST in Japan in 2015


  • Who are we? Lucy Miller Age: 23 (Jamboree age 25) Scouting Role:

    Assistant Scout Leader Scouting History:

    Moved from Guides to Scouts aged 11 Ran Cardiffs SSAGO club, Beaver Leader, Group Committee

    Member, YSP Plenty of international experience: 2 World Scout Jamborees, 1

    World Scout Moot, 2 European Scouting events


  • Who are we? Tom Ind Age: 29 (Jamboree age 31) Scouting Role:

    Scout Leader Scouting History:

    Joined in 1994 Explorer Belt in Italy 2009 Queen Scout Award holder


  • Who are we? Lesley Allen Age:56 (Jamboree age 58) Scouting Role:

    Assistant ESL Scouting History:

    Guide and Sea Ranger (Queens Guide!) Started as parent helper and became a Beaver Leader Helped at many Beaver and Cub camps Kipd on a ship for CUB100

    Lived in Holland for 5 years, where my eldest was born Plenty of overseas travel both before and with kids Looking forward to first Jamboree!


  • Who are we? Paul Blackmore Age: 22 (24 during Jamboree) Scouting Role:

    Media team within West Warwickshire

    Marketing and Logistics manager for #GetInCamp

    County exec member Scouting History:

    I started at Beavers and I wont be leaving for a looooong time!


  • Who are we? Hannah Foxon Age: 25 (Jamboree age 27) Guiding Role:

    Rainbow Leader Assistant Brownie leader County International Advisor (equivalent of ACC)

    Guiding History: Been in Guiding since I was 5 I was the Head of Contingent for the Scout Association and

    Girlguiding joint contingent at Roverway 2016 I am on the steering committee (planning team) for Roverway

    2018 in the Netherlands I have visited 3 continents so far with Girlguiding


  • Who are we? TBC - remaining leader vacancy Age: ? (Jamboree age ?) Scouting Role:

    ? Scouting History:



  • What is a Jamboree?

    A Global party A once-in-a-lifetime experience Truly international A chance to camp with 45,000 other

    Scouts Bigger than the Olympic Games FUN!


  • What is the 24th Jamboree?

    Beyond borders, beyond limits, beyond expectations

    The biggest ever WSJ: 45,000 people onsite

    Jointly hosted by American, Canadian and Mexican Scout Organisations


  • 13

    Organisers video -

    Take a look at the organisers video

  • The UK Contingent

    4,000 Participants and Unit Leaders - 100 Units of 40 people - 2 Warwickshire Units:

    - 36 Scouts + 4 leaders - 27 Scouts, 9 Guides + 3 Scout leaders, 1 Guide leader

    750 International Service Team ~20 Contingent Support Team 15 Contingent Management Team 2 FTE members of staff


  • UK Contingent Programme

    Travel to USA: ?20th July 2019 Big City Experience in North America 22nd July 2nd August: Jamboree 2nd August: UK Post Event 5th August: HoHo in Canada or USA 3 days Travel back to UK


  • Jamboree Site Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve


  • Jamboree Site Summit Bechtel Reserve West Virginia, USA 14,000 acres of forested mountains 70,000 acres of national park


  • 18

    The site is large!

    14,000 acres is 56.66 km2

  • 19

  • Jamboree Weather

    Daily highs of 26.1C Daily lows of 16.6C Moderate to high humidity Possible thunderstorms and rain


  • Jamboree Programme

    Uniting the worlds Scouts to promote peace, mutual understanding and respect

    Based around Peace, Friendship and Adventure


  • Jamboree Programme The Barrels rifle, pistol, clays, airsoft The Bows archery The Cloud presenting robotics, forensics,

    aerospace, communications, IT, science The Trax BMX free-style,

    downhill and pump tracks The Park skateboard training

    and ramps, skate bowls


  • Jamboree Programme

    The Rocks climbing, bouldering, rappelling The Ropes high ropes and challenges The Zip five 930m zip lines

    The Canopy zip lines, bridges and rappel tour

    High Gear and Low Gear mountain biking

    The Pools scuba and swimming


  • Sustainability Sustainability Treehouse

    - 126 feet high living centre


  • Personal Development and Friendships

    Faiths and Beliefs Global Development Village Cultural Exhibits and Cultural

    Exchange Day a carnival of countries


  • Why Jamboree?

    Personal development Experiencing other cultures Life skills Learning about the world and issues that

    affect other young people first hand Celebration of World Scouting


  • How much?

    The all-inclusive cost will be no more than 3,550 3,495 Contingent fee 55 Unit funds

    Warwickshire Scouting will not charge any additional fees for the training events as a 7,000 budget granted

    It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that all payments are made on time


  • Cost Breakdown


  • When? Payment in installments 4 December 2017 300 15 January 2018 300 19 February 2018 420 21 May 2018 630 15 October 2018 635 11 February 2019 650 20 May 2019 615 There is assistance available


  • Its all-inclusive!

    Jamboree Fee Attendance and participation in the 24th

    World Scout Jamboree in USA, arriving around 20th July and departing around 8th August 2019 (Exact Dates TBC)

    All Travel Transportation from a local UK airport to USA All transfers outside the UK to the pre-event

    experience, on to the World Scout Jamboree and finally to our Home Hospitality destination

    Transfers to the airport and return flights to the Units point of origin in the UK


  • Its all-inclusive! Food and Accommodation

    All included for Big City Experience, the Jamboree, Post-event, HoHo and Training

    Most Kit Tents, cots, dining equipment at the Jamboree UK Contingent clothing and kit

    Insurance for Duration All training, travel and throughout the event itself

    All Training Events Introductions day and 4 training weekends plus other



  • Selecting Participants

    Eligible Birthdays: 22 July 2001 21 July 2005 32

  • What do I do next? Applications by post and due in by 31st October 2017 Pick up a form tonight or download it from:


  • What do I do next?

    2 Selection days on either Saturday 17th November 2017 Sunday 18th November 2017

    Offers out during the week commencing 19th November 2017


  • Then what?

    It should be noted that all training dates are compulsory

    The training sessions come before

    anything else in your calendar clubs, sporting engagements, family events etc.


  • Then what? 20 Jan 2018 Training Day Getting to Know You

    Evening - Participants & Parents Meeting

    9-11 Mar 2018 Training Weekend Building the Unit

    6-7 Jul 2018 Training Weekend Skills Training

    16-18 Nov 2018 Training Weekend - Working as a Unit

    5-7 Apr 2019 Training Weekend - Mini Jamboree

    6 Jul 2019 Participants & Parents Meeting

    Plus other social and fundraising events


  • In summary..

    World Scout Jamboree truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

    Applications need to be in

    before 19:00 on 31st October 2017 Applications to be posted / hand delivered




  • IST - International Service Team

    Opportunity for adults to attend A service crew for the Jamboree Apply via


  • Information for Prospective Participants

  • AnincredibleEuropeanadventurefor16-22yearoldswithsupportbyIST(aged23orolder)


    What is Roverway?


  • TheUKContingentwillbemadeupofpatrolsofparticipants,theirpatrolleaders,anInternationalServiceTeamandaContingentManagementTeam.Wehopetohaveacontingentof350people.


    What is Roverway?


  • In The Netherlands

    Pre-Event* OpeningCeremony Paths CentralCampClosing


    Amsterdam TheHague AcrossTheNetherlandsInternationa