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World Punjabi Writers Who's Who - Dr. Jasbir Singh Sarna

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  • WORLD PUNJABI WRITERS WHO'S WHO By Dr. Jasbir Singh Sarna Phone: 01952-236373

    Dr. Jasbir Singh Sarna

    ISBN 81 -86741-14-3

    Price: RS.~~C~.~ ~;I.:.US $: 18.00 . : 13.00 Belgium France : 15.00 .

    First Print 2003

    . Publisbed by :Sant & Singh Publishers, Near Super Bazar, Baramulla-1931O I Jammu & Kashmir.

    Printed at Printways Press Baramulla.

  • Dedicated to -

    Dr.Satinder Singh Noor

  • PREFACE The entrepreneurial volume of

    world Punjabi writers, is an attempt to enhance under standing cooperation between all Punjabi writers commi'tted to common ideals of international understanding, peace and Universal love. Definitly this is not a definite work but a definite etTatl tOW'ards definite goal.

    ' World Punj abi writers who 's who ' is a venture in a new field till date an unexplored. OursoJe aim in this has not been merely to provide information, but make it as detailed as possible and present it with accuracy with better methodology.

    This is unique in its nature and context as for as Punjabi writers are concerned. The who's who is not meant for a selective,onc except that it was to cover only writers but not authors. A writer by dictionary means is " one who writes. compiles or produces a literary composition as a profession ." According to another dictionary " one who engages in literary composition as a profession." The only crit

  • brackets following the daU: ofbinh. (I) PLACE OF BIRTH (Preceded by

    the abbreviation U) Place of birth is further specified by the district and the state, it ralls in. such details as Tehsil. dist etc have , been generally omitted.

    (g) PROFESSION (Preceded by the abbreviation flQf ) If 'he de details regarding the profession of a writer contained in the address itself in thetermination of entry. In case retired person or those shown as Teaching (retd).

    (h) AWARDS AND PRIZES (Abbreviated as Mf) Awards and prizes received from the state Gave. India Govt or the Country in which the writer is living now-a-days.

    (i) EDITOR (Abbreviated as Ed) All the writers who are editing or have been editors to some daily. fortnightlx, monthly, bimonthly, quaterly, and six monthly have been shown as Ed. This is followed by the name of the paper/ Magazinel Journalsl Periodicals oftha. Slide! Country.

    (j) PUBLICATIONS (Abbreviated as Pubis) Firstly total number of publications ofa writer including Translations, compHed or edited works etc is stated in the brackets. Thi s is followed by any len books or so, along with the date of publication.

    (k) ADDRESS (Abbreviated as Add) Full postal address , complete with-the name of the state or the pin code has been provided.

    I '.yould like to thank latc Dr. M.S.Amrit,K. Satchi danandon, Dr. H.S. Dilgeer, Dr. Syed Akhtar Hussain Akhtar, Iqbal Qasier, Dr. TS.Gill, Fradee Joseph and Dr. K.S.lnqulabi (Associate Editor), whose works provided a

    2 specialist service in this venture. I offer my appologies to those, who do not figure in this treatise and request them to send biographical notes to incorporate in next edition.

    My wife Paramjeet Klur. daughter Swaijot kaur and son Taranjot singh deserve my special thanks for their assistance in the preparation and arrangement of the in dcxes. .


    lstMay 2003

    Dr. I.S. Sarna Editor

  • LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS The following abbreviations are

    frequently used in this book besides those in general use and practice by different universities and other . competent institutions. The usc of abbreviations in titles of publications and address, as has been avoided. Add Address Agri Agriculture/Agricultural A&P Awards' and Prizes AIR All India Radio b Born b.P Birth place Col Colonel Cril Criticism. d Death Dept!.. Department. Dip Diploma Distl District. Eco Economics. Edu Education. Eng English f Father Gavt. Government tHn. Hindi Hist. History Hon. Honours

    . . lost. Institute . J&K Jammu and Kashmir Lang. Language. Lib" Sc Library Science. Lin. Literature. Maj . Major Maths Mathematics. Mg Managing Per. Persian. " Phil. philoso~hy. Phys. Physics P.O. Post Office Pol.Sc Political Science.

    . Prof Profession . Psy Psychology. PubIs Publications. Punj Punjabi R"td Retired. SAAward Sahitya Academy Award

    Sans Stats Suptd. Tech. Tr. Uni. Ur. Vill. Vol (s)

    Sanskrit Statistics. Superintenden Technical Translated. Unive,rsity. Urdu. Village. Volume (s).


  • The disorderly order of listing the world Punjabi writers in the book is not according to any system of preference. 1t has been adopted in p!ace of traditional alphabelical sequence for the sake of convenience in compilation and updating. To over come the obvious defects, the alphabetical index of the listed writers is given below to help to find what is looked for_

    ~ Aasif Shahkar A_Asror Paul Abdul Gaffur Qureshi Abdul karim Kudsi Afzal Hafeez Shola Afzal Hussan Randhwa Afzal Parvez Afzal Tuseef Ahmad Dauood Ahmad Salim Aunul Haq Farid Koti Aizaz Ahmad Azar Aimal Veia Akbar Hamedi Akbar Qazmi Akhter Hashmi Akther Hussain Akther Dr. Allah Var Vogi

    (Hakim Mirza Allah yar Khan Rehmani) Ajeet Cour Ajaib Chit.rkar Ajaib Kamal Ajaib Singh Hundal Aiit Sahni Ajit Singh Aj it Singh Aas. Aiit Singh Chandan Ajit Singh Dr. Ajit Singh Kakar. Ajit Singh Sarhadi Ajmer Kainth Ajmer Singh Aulakh Amar Bharti

    Arnarjeet Kaur Amar Komal Amarjit Kaunke Dr. Amarjit Kaur Sekhon AmaT Jyoti Amar Nath Komal Amrik Dogra Arnrik Singh Amrita Pritam Amrit Lal Madan Saggar Arnrit Lal Paul, Dr. Amrit M.S. Dr. Amrll Raina Dr. Arnrit Lal -Anant Singh Kabli Anoop Singh Virk Arjan Singh Gargajj Arther Victor Asa Singh Ashfaq Ahmad Aashiq Rahil Atarn Harnrahi Alar Singh Bahadaur Ate Singh Attam Jeet Dr. Attar Singh Attarjit Avtar Singh Azad Avtar Singh Toofan Awal Sarhadi (Harnam Singh) Awlar Singh Anbhol Awatar Singh Sekhon, Dr. Azbar Javid Babo Ram Diwana


    Bachan Singh Bachan, Gujar Khani Bachint Kaur Mrs. Bagwant Singh Baktawar Singh Deol Balbir Aatsh Balbir Kaur Sanghera Balbir Singh Dil Balbir Singh Kahlon Balbir Singh Kanwal Balbir Singh Paevana Balbir Saini Baldev Raj Gupta Baldev Singh

  • Baldev Singh Baldev Singh Budan Baldev Singh Dhaliwal Oalinder Kaur Sohi, Dr. Baljit. kaur Bali Baljit Singh Balli Balwant Gargi Balwan! Singh Balwant Singh Nir Wair Bant Singh Chatha Basant Gill Basant Kumar Rattan Bashir Munzar I Bhagat Singh Bhag Singh Bhagwan Dass Majboor . Bhagwan Dass Nirmohi Bhagwant Singh Bhagwanl Singh Bhajan Singh Virk Bhupinder Singh Bhur Singh Kalar Bikram Singh Ghuman Bikram Singh Kanwar Brahmjagdish Singh B.S. Rattan Bupinder Purewal Bupinder Singh Suden, Dr. Buta Singh Shad Chaman Deep Deol Chaman Lal Shegal Chandan Nagi Charanj i Lal Charanjit Chann Charan Singh Charan Singh Dr. Charan Singh Shaheed Chaltar Singh Bir Chuapa Singh Chhiber Dalip Kaur Tiwana, Dr. Dalip Singh Bhopal Daljit Mokha Dalvinder Singh Grewal Dan Singh Komal Darshan Dhanjal Darshan M itwa Darshan Nat Nazim

    DarshaD Singh Asst. Darshan Singh Awara Dar.han Singh Bedi Darshan Singh Dhir Darshan Singh, Doctor Dovinder Deep (Batra) Davinder Kaur, Dr. Davinder Singh, Dr. Dev Deva Singh Narotam Davinder Singh Elimwadi. Dewan Singh, Dr. Oharam Kammcyana Dharam Singh, Dr, Dilbir Chetan Oit Singb Giani Diwan Singh Maftoon Ghulam Mustafa 8ismal Gian Singh, Giani Gian Singh Nakkash Gian Singh Sandhu Gulwant Farag Guizar Singh Shounki Guminder Kaur. Dr. Guran Diua Singh Sandhu Gurbachan Kaur Nanda. Fakhaf Zaman Faqir Mohmad faqir. Dr. Fazil Kashmiri Firoz Din Sharar Gagan Gill Ganda Singh Garja Singh Giani Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwale Gurbachan Singh Bhullar Gurbachan Singh Talib Gurbakesh Singh Dean Gurbakesh Singh Randhir Gurcharan Singh Gurcharan Singh Arshi Gurcharan Singh Gurcharan Singh Gulshan. Dr. Gurcbaran Singh Gyani Gurcharan Singh Jasuja Gurcharan Rampuri Gurcharan Singh Sadi Gurdarshan Bal


  • Gurdas Bhai Gurdeep Singh Puri Gurdev Singh Mann Gurdev Singh Rupana Gurdial Roshan Gurdial Singh Gurdial Singh Gurdial Singh Gurdial Singh Phul Gurdit Singh Prcmi Gurmail Singh Madaharh Gurmail Singh Sidhu Gurmeet Hiyatpuri Gurmi! Singh Palahi Gurmukh Singh Gurmukh Singh Musafar Gurmukh Singh Sehgal Gurnam Kaur Bedi Gurnam Singh Tir. Dr. Gur Rattan Pal Singh Gurvinder Sahni Gurmukh Singh Professor Hafiz Talib Hamdardvir Naushehari Harbakesh Singh Hanspal Harbans Bhalla Harbans Lal Sharma Harbans Singh Harbans Singh Azad Harbans Singh Professor Harbhajan Halwari

    . Harbhajan Singh Harbhajan Singh Dr. Harbhajan Singh Hami Harbhajan Singh Hundal Harbhajan Singh Manga! Harbhajan Singh Rattan Harbhajan Singh Renu Harbhajan Singh Sagar

    Harbhaja~ Singh Vaid Harbhajan Singh Yogi Harcharan Kaur. Dr. Hardev Singh. Prof Hardit Singh Sutantar Giani Hari Singh Bharfi Hari Singh Mann Harjinder Meet

    Harjinder Kang. Harjinder Singh Dhillon Harjinder Singh Dilgeer, Dr. Harjit Atwal Harjit ~ingh Bedi Harjit Singh Sadhar Harminder Singh Bedi Harnam Dass, Prof Harnam Dass Sabrai Harnarn Singh Naz Harnam Singh Shan, Dr. Harpaljit Pali . Harsaran Singh Hazara Singh Himat Singh Sodhi Hira Singh Dard, Giani Hussain Shahid Ulyas Ghuman Inder Paul Singh Paul Inder Singh Kharnosh Indcrjit Hassanpuri Iqbal Deep Iqbal Gharu Iqbal Kaur Soundh, Dr. Iqbal Khan Iqbal Qesir Iqbal Salahuddin Iqbal Singh Irshad Mahmood Nashad Ishar Singh Bhaiya Ishar Singh Moman Ishar Singh Nara, Giani Ishar Singh Taangh Islam Rana, Dr. Jagbir Singh Jagdish Koushal Jagdish Singh Brahm Jagdish Singh Ghai Jagir Singh Baovet Jagir Singh Noor, Dr. Jagjit RiaT, Major Jagjit Singh Anand Jagjit Singh Aulaaq Jagjit Brar Jagii! Singh Guleria Jagji! Singh Kharbanda Jagjit Singh Komal. Dr