World Egg Day Celebration

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  • 9th October, 2015

    World Egg Day Celebration


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    Celebration of World Egg Day at Bhubaneswar

    The regional level World Egg Day was celebrated in Bhubaneswar on 9th October, 2015. A

    function was organized at 9.00 A.M. at Kalinga Stadium. Colored balloons were released by Hon'ble M.P.,

    Shri Prasanna Patasani in presence of Hon'ble Minister, Agriculture, F & ARD; Commissioner -cum-

    Secretary, F & ARD; Director, AH & VS and other departmental officers along with Shri H.M. Das,

    Shri A.K. Sharda and other members of Odisha Poultry Association.

    Shri Pradeep Maharathy, Hon'ble Minister said that egg is a popular food and rich in nutrients. The

    Commissioner cum- Secretary spoke about the nutritive value of the egg and its importance for

    maintaining better health of human being. World Egg Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday in

    the month of October. On World Egg Day, events are held across the world celebrating the usefulness of

    egg. The first World Egg Day was celebrated in the year 1996 and since then we have seen a variety of

    wonderful events taking place across the World, he stated. He also expressed happiness as the Day was

    being celebrated in all District headquarters of the State to popularize egg consumption. Debate, essay

    competitions were being conducted among school children at District level for creating awareness on

    eggs in daily life. Twenty poultry hatcheries set up under SGSY infrastructure fund were made functional

    for production and supply of chicks used for backyard poultry farming on the day. Shri H. M. Dash,

    President, Odisha Poultry Association also spoke about the World Egg Day. On the eve of celebration of

    World Egg Day, boiled eggs were distributed.

    A signature campaign was made to commemorate of World Egg Day celebration and to popularize

    the consumption of egg. Hundreds of delegates participated in signature campaign. The program was

    coordinated by Dr. Basudev Sunani, Joint Director-II, Veterinary officer Training Institute, Bhubaneswar.

    State level


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    State level

    Regional Poultry Conference at Hotel the New Marrion

    The Department of Fisheries & Animal Resources Development in collaboration with

    Odisha Poultry Association organized a Regional Poultry Conference on the eve of World Egg

    Day on 9the October, 2015 at Hotel the New Marrion, Bhubaneswar.

    Shri Pradeep Maharathy, Hon'ble Minister, Agriculture, F & ARD ceremonially

    inaugurated the Conference by lighting the lamp in presence of Shri Gokul Chandra Pati, Chief

    Secretary; Shri Bishnupada Sethi, Commissioner-cum-Secretary, F & ARD; Dr. P. Blahwar, Joint

    Commissioner, DAHD&F, GoI; Shri Debi Prasad Panda, Director, AH & VS and Dr. Uma

    Shankar Patro, Joint Director I, AH & VS.

    At the outset, Shri Sethi welcomed all guests & participants to the workshop. In his

    welcome address he stated that Odisha was a pioneer State to have announced a comprehensive

    Poultry Policy. He emphasized that no other sector had grown like poultry sector in Odisha,

    which recorded an annual growth rate of about 26% since 2008-09. To encourage this sector

    Govt. of Odisha have taken a number of initiatives for poultry development in the State. The

    State Govt. have declared agriculture status to poultry since 2005, enhanced upper cap of

    capital investment subsidy to 75.00 lakhs for commercial layer, provision of reimbursement of

    VAT on maize & broken rice used for poultry feed etc. The State has set a goal to achieve 100 lakh

    eggs/ day and 100 TMT poultry meat production per day. The new Poultry Policy focuses not

    only on the commercial poultry but also rightly on the backyard poultry. He also elaborated

    various incentives under new Poultry Policy, which have been announced. He has expressed

    his satisfaction for the overwhelming response from the new comers to start poultry farming

    after provision of Upper cap of `75.00 lakh for establishment of poultry layer farm. He

    expressed that the day-long deliberations would certainly enable the State Govt. to roll out the

    new Poultry Policy effectively. He thanked the Govt. of India for selecting Odisha to hold

    Eastern Regional Celebration on the eve of World Egg Day.

    The Hon'ble Minister released the Odisha Bovine Breeding Policy, Odisha Poultry Policy

    and Poultry Entrepreneurs' Profile.

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    State level

    Dr. P. Blahwar congratulated the State Govt. & Odisha Poultry Association for organizing

    the regional poultry conference. This year, World Egg Day was being organized in four regions

    i.e. Vizag, Lucknow, Pune & Bhubaneswar. He observed that formulation of a new poultry

    policy & compilation of poultry entrepreneurs profile were very remarkable achievements.

    Shri Gokul Chandra Pati, IAS, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Odisha appreciated the

    initiatives taken by F&ARD Department & Poultry Association for organizing the regional

    conference at a right time, which would immensely help the State to roll out the Odisha Poultry

    Policy, 2015 announced recently. This sector plays a vital role not only in reducing the protein

    deficiency but also creating a lot of employment opportunities for poor & marginalized section.

    He advised for maintaining bio-security & bio- safety while setting up more layer units &

    undertaking expansion of the existing poultry units. He also emphasized on skill up gradation

    of the persons engaged in poultry farming activities. Compartmentalization of poultry units

    should be practiced to prevent spread of infection in the wake of any disease outbreak. He also

    expected the Bankers to liberally finance the poultry entrepreneurs. He suggested the

    Department to sensitize the entrepreneurs about the harmful effects of unhealthy practices and

    feeding harmful ingredients, which create hazards. Such unhealthy practices may jeopardize

    the growth of Poultry industry. He also advised for maintaining Bio-security and Bio-safety

    measures at farm level to prevent and contain poultry diseases.

    Ten eminent personalities were felicitated by the Chief Guest for their outstanding

    contribution for development poultry sector in the State. They are:

    1. Dr. S. S. Rao, Vizag

    2. Sri S. S. Das, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar

    3. Dr. A.G. Rao, Bhubaneswar4. Dr. Sarat Chandra Mohapatra, Bhubaneswar5. Dr. Kornel Das, Bhubaneswar6. Dr. Sarat Chandra Mishra, Bhubaneswar7. Dr. Bhagabat Panda, Bhubaneswar8. Sri Ranjeet Roy, Bhubaneswar9. Sri Madan Mohan Maiti, West Bengal10. Sri Paritosh Das, West Bengal

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    State level

    The following twelve poultry entrepreneurs were also felicitated. 1. Sri Prakash Rout , Pashupathi Feeds, Jagatpur, Cuttack 2. Sri Soumendra Misra OVA Farm, Bolangir 3. Sri Dinesh Meher, Minerva Poultry, Tarva, Bolangir4. Sri A.K. Sarda, Sri Samparna Foods, Rayagada5. Dr. Siba Prasad Biswal, Gurudijhatia, Choudwar, Cuttack6. Sri Y. Kranti Kumar, Ganjam7. Smt. Susama Hotta, Ullunda, Subarnapaur8. Sri Rakesh Patra, Balugaon, Khurda

    9. Sri B.B. Choudhury, Attabira

    10. Sri P. Vivek, Kantia, Jatni

    11. Sri Sudhansu Kumar Tripathy, Berhampur, Ganjam

    12. Sri Santosh Kumar Pradhan, Diamond Agrovet

    Dr. Harmohan Dash & Shri Prakash Rout complimented the support given to poultry

    entrepreneurs by Odisha Government. However, they requested to consider for provision of

    input subsidy on maize & Soya.

    Hon'ble Minister highlighted nutritional benefit derived from egg. He was extremely

    pleased about the organization of Regional Conference comprising four States namely, Odisha,

    Chhatisgarh, West Bengal & Jharkhand. He spoke that Odisha, West Bengal and Chhatisgarh

    together contribute 13% of total egg production in country. He viewed that Eastern region

    States had ample scope for Poultry development & the new policy would enable to achieve the

    goal of producing 100 lakh eggs per day to make the State self sufficient in egg production. As

    per new poultry policy, more incentives like exemption of stamp duty on purchase of land,

    Exemption of conversion charges for conversion of agriculture land to homestead land for

    Poultry Farms and Feed Mixing Plant catering to the exclusive need of poultry farm to consider

    as a captive unit and lease of Government land for poultry farms were available. He appealed

    the entrepreneurs to take full advantage of Poultry Policy.

    The workshop was attended by more than 200 participants including existing

    entrepreneurs of Odisha. Besides this, representative of financial institutions, Central Avian

    Research Institute, Central Poultry Development Organization, College of Veterinary Science &

    Animal Husbandry, Line departments, eastern region states Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and

    Jharkhand also attended the workshop.

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