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<ul><li><p>Editors Letter</p><p>EU</p><p>eve(20thrcoutou</p><p>Thenatwain 1lanitssocdeminOlytionFoo(FIF190Wohelspo19beeentwinTro</p><p>Sinthe</p><p>s supporting the earth in Atlas</p><p>vent represent a global unityion for excellence in a human</p><p>zat</p><p>atovethis</p><p>Thedemulatha</p><p>WOWo</p><p>Michael L.J. Apuzzo</p><p>WOeavor - a long process requiring sustained effort, unity, organi-ion, and communication at multiple levels. This organization, first</p><p>1878-8750/$ - see front matter 2010 Published by Elsevier Inc.DOI: 10.1016/j.wneu.2010.09.034</p><p>RLD NEUROSURGERY 74 [2/3]: 207, AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2010 207World Cup: WORLD N</p><p>On July 11, 2010,nearly one billionpeople throughoutthe world enjoyed societysmost massively shared hu-man experience and themost important confronta-tion sport. The World CupChampionship final provedto be historys largest single</p><p>nt in sport with the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics08) a distant second at 600 million viewers. The tournament, aee-year elimination affair, began with national teams from 206ntries vying for 32 coveted spots in the month long Finalsrnament in South Africa.</p><p>worlds first inter-ional football matchs played in Glasgow872 between Scot-</p><p>d and England. Aspopularity grew,</p><p>cer was grantedonstration status</p><p>the 1900 and 1904mpics. The Federa-Internationale de</p><p>tball AssociationA) was founded in4, with the firstrld Cup tournamentd in 1930 with FIFAnsorship. To date,tournaments haven held with 8 differ-</p><p>national teamsning the World Cupphy.</p><p>ce the initiation oftournament, two</p><p>phies have repre-ted victory: the Ju-Rimet Trophy from0 to 1970 and the FIFA World Cup Trophy from 1974 to 2010.</p><p>presenting the physical embodiment of singular global achieve-nt in time, the trophy stands 14.4 inches (36.5 centimeters) tallis composed of 11 lbs (5 kgm.) of 18 karat (75%) gold with a</p><p>e 5.1 inches (13 cm) in diameter containing 2 layers of malachite.ROSURGERY</p><p>national, then regional, then continental levels, did not occurrnight but took decades to achieve the level that was evidentpast June and July in South Africa.</p><p>unification of purpose created success on many levels andonstrated the benefits of the amalgam: South Africa in partic-</p><p>r was seen to benefit. Skepticism was rampant before the eventt stadiums would not be finished, transportation would be aco, violence would emerge, disorganization would prevail, andworst would characterize the tenor of the times. In short, South</p><p>ica was seen to amaze even itself with the overall success of thent and the remarkably positive sense of its ebullient nature that</p><p>s recognized and embraced by the world on this ultimate globalwcase. Those who engaged in situ, through media or otherrmation conduits, could only uniformly rejoice in the kaleidoscope of</p><p>color, style, and per-sonalities of the partic-ipants and the hosts. Itwas a remarkable tes-timony to global effortand the positive in amultitude of varietiesof life that Twenty FirstCentury mankind hasto offer. Sport can of-fer this in its often-dis-torted microcosm.</p><p>Global neurosurgeryis in parallel with theanalogy to worldsport and has muchto gain by examiningthe World Cup organi-zation and events.</p><p>Communication, ex-change of ideas, andmutual participation,where all have a voiceon a level playing field,will offer progress andoptimization of achiev-ing purpose.</p><p>RLD NEUROSURGERY is designated to accomplish this and like therld Cup will thrive on participation of colleagues from all nations.trosenles193</p><p>RemeandbasThe trophy depicts two human figurefashion.</p><p>The entire process and culminating eand determination to achieve recognitendfiastheAfrevewashoinfo</p></li></ul>