World Cup Betting - PORTUGAL vs BRAZIL

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Finally, the Group Of Death lives up to its title. Every World Cup seems to bring together a group like this, where a few, if not all of the teams, have a realistic shot at winning the Cup.


<ul><li><p>PORTUGAL vs BRAZIL</p><p>Finally, the Group Of Death lives up to its title. Every World Cupseems to bring together a group like this, where a few, if not all ofthe teams, have a realistic shot at winning the Cup. This timearound, two powerhouses in the world square off against eachother in a Group G matchup between Brazil and Portugal on June25th. This could be a very tough game for World Cup betting .Who do you pick?</p><p>The mighty Brazilians bring a load of talent and winning historyto this World Cup. Being the only country to ever win the Copafive times, they will field a team that will include two previous</p><p>FIFA World Player Of The Year winners in Kaka and Ronaldinho These talented and provenmidfielders, who play for top clubs Real Madrid and AC Milan, respectively, will be joined in theattack by winger Robinho (club: Manchester City), and striker Luis Fabiano (Sevilla). The defensewill be anchored by veteran Lucio (Inter Milan), who will be playing in his third World Cup for hiscountry, with a medal for winning it back in 2002. To say Brazil is the favorite to win the entiretournament would be quite an understatement, but dont tell the Portuguese that.</p><p>The style of play that brings to mind the phrase Joga Bonito is a free-flowing, multi-passing,ball-skilled type of attacking. The Brazilians have mastered it over the years, and not many canduplicate it. Oh wait, the Portuguese can. And they have a FIFA World Player Of The Year winneron their team by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays at the same club with Kaka, andemulates the exact same style of play that most Brazilians are gifted with. Teaming with Ronaldoon the attack will be Simao (club: Atletico Madrid) and Nani (Manchester United), two super-talented ball control freaks who can make blazing quick runs down the wings. The midfield is heldby Deco (Chelsea), a veteran World Cup player for Portugal who has been playing against toptalent in the world for over a decade-and-a-half. His experience goes along with another veteran ofthe defense, Ricardo Carvalho, who plays alongside Deco at Chelsea.</p><p>The most watched game of the opening-round group stage will definitely be this dream match-upbetween these two talent-laden countries. But despite Portugals lack of experience in the WorldCup over the decades (a third place finish in 1966 is the best theyve done), their ability to qualifyfor the previous three Cups this past decade have shown that they are ready to compete against themost talented country to ever play the beautiful game. The headlines that certain players get off ofthe pitch (Cristiano, Ronaldinho, Kaka) only adds to the global intrigue that will fuel many othercountries to watch this game as if it was their own team playing. That cannot be said for manyother teams across the world.</p><p>Ultimately, when these two teams battle on the pitch, the determining factor could come down to</p></li><li><p>who needs the game more to advance. With their match-up being held as the last game in groupplay, points could be at a premium to see if one of these two countries has to go home. But whoam I kidding. Brazil will win this game no matter what the stakes are. Their ability to outplayanyone at any time makes them the clear favorite to win by at least two, or more, goals. It alldepends on how much of a show they want to put on. For this game, you can bet they will pullout all the tricks to show the world their true dominance. Head over to andplace your World Cup bets now.</p><p>PORTUGAL vs BRAZIL</p></li></ul>