World Cup Betting - England’s Chances to Win This Year’s World Cup

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he world cup betting is sure to cross all boundaries and as per the latest reports, the total amount that would be put on the betting table during the tournament is expected to be over 1 Billion


  • Englands Chances to Win This Years World Cup

    The world cup betting is sure to cross all boundaries andas per the latest reports, the total amount that would be puton the betting table during the tournament is expected tobe over 1 Billion. The bookies are expecting high profitsfrom the biggest sporting event in the world. If you areinterested in World cup betting, then you should first tryto know the strength and weaknesses of all theparticipating teams and this would really help you ingetting succeeded in your bids. There are many websiteson the Internet, which we can depend upon for betting. Inaddition, if we take into consideration the reviews of mostwebsites, we can find that the English football team isconsidered one among those favorites to win the title.England is one of those seven teams to win the World Cuptitle. They won the title in the year 1966 when they hostedthe finals. Since then the best performance of England wasin the 1990 world cup were they reached the semifinals.Even though England remain as one of the prominent teamsin world football and rarely would they drop out of the top ten FIFA rankings their world cupperformance has nothing so remarkable and continues to give bad performances in most WorldCups. England does have the best of the individual players but as a team they are a failure.Most England players do play in the English premier league. All of them are key players fortheir club but when it comes to playing for their country, these players are not able to bring outthe best of their game.However, this time most Football pundits have already given the favorite tag to the Englandteam. They think that England has a good chance to win the World cup this time. Here aresome of the reasons that they say.

    1. England team never had a good coach to lead them and this came to an end with theappointment of Fabio Capello as the coach. Capello is a real champion and knows howto win games. He has been in charge of many clubs and has helped them to achievemany tournament victories. He took charge of the England team in February muchbefore their qualification stages started. He helped England to qualify easily for theWorld cup and now his task is to make them win the cup. The New England teamis all set under the new coach and they have won all the practice matches before theWorld cup. With Capello in charge, the England team does have a great chance to winthe cup this time.

    2. The most prominent player in the current English side is Wayne Rooney who playsfor the English Premier League club, Manchester United. There is much expectationon Rooney as he is in a tremendous form having scored 26 goals for his club in thelast season. The chances of England for this world cup depend very much on theperformance of Rooney and if he can deliver, then its sure that the World Cup trophywould fly to England.

    3. Apart from Rooney, England do have some world class strikers such as JermaineDefoe, Peter Crouch and Emile Heskey. These players do have impressive club

  • records and if they can support Rooney very much on the field, then no defense wouldbe able to withstand the England attack.

    4. England does have two of the worlds best midfielders in their team, Gerrard andLampard. These two players hold the key in the midfield and can create chances thatpenetrate into any strong defense.

    Even though England has the above advantages, they have been hit with injuries to their majorplayers such as David Beckham, Michael Owen and Rio Ferdinand.So if you are really interested in World cup betting, then be sure that you place yourbet on England Football team as they are sure to win the cup this time. Head overto the home of World Cup betting.