World Class NQA-1 Fabrication .Our welders are qualified to weld procedures certified to the ASME

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Text of World Class NQA-1 Fabrication .Our welders are qualified to weld procedures certified to the ASME

  • World Class NQA-1 Fabrication

  • To SupplySuperior producTS

    and ServiceS aTa compeTiTive

    price wiTh inTegriTy

    Our Project List Includes: Agitators & Seismic Bumpers

    Bi-Cell Tanks

    Drive Stands

    Dryer Strongbacks

    Lifting Devices

    Platform Assemblies

    Pump Components

    Slab Tanks

    Storage Casks

    Test Fixtures

    Transportation Containers

    Waste Containers

  • Thats Our Philosophy

    For over 30 years R-V Industries, Inc. has partnered our engineering and manufacturing expertise with customer ideas to produce a quality product. We work closely with you to develop efficient equipment solutions for your process, design, and manufacturing. By partnering our knowledge and experience with your specifications we can custom design and manufacture your equipment to the highest level of satisfaction.

    R-V Industries, Inc. Nuclear Quality Assurance program reflects our understanding of the quality assurance requirements necessary to safely design and manufacture to NQA-1 standards.

    We offer: World class manufacturing capabilities Custom design and fabrication services National Board R stamp for repairs ASME - U, S, and UM stamp

    Partnership Promise


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  • Engineering & Design

    We provide expertise in these areas: Pressure Vessel Design Research & Development Projects Machine Design 3-D Modeling Finite Element Analysis Structural Design & Detailing Systems Control & Programming

    Materials include common grades of stainless steel and specialty alloys such as:

    RA 253 MA Inconel

    353 MA Hastelloy

    AL6XN Monel

    17-4 PH Many Others

    Duplex Materials

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    Our engineering team is comprised of an experienced, cross-trained staff with an innovative approach to providing sound, cost effective machinery designs.

    We are equipped with the latest advancements in software technology which enables us to design, detail and provide validation of the finished product. Combining our diverse backgrounds of engineering, fabrication, and machining results in practical solutions for a variety of industrial applications.

  • *

    Fabrication & Machining

    Jackets: Conventional, Half-Pipe & Dimple

    Custom Designed Manways & Sightglasses

    Insulation & Sheathing

    Agitation Systems

    Research & Development Projects

    R-V Industries has participated in numerous research and development projects including: Reactors, Ammonia Vessels, Columns, Vacuum Vessels, Lab Prototypes, and Field Repairs. We offer conventional, half-pipe and dimple-jacketed vessels. Our World Class manufacturing capabilities are evident in each piece of specialized equipment we produce.

    Our welders are qualified to weld procedures certified to the ASME Code. Processes include FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW and SMAW.

    We offer complete fabrication, machining, assembly and finishing services. These services are supported by our sales, engineering and project management team. The result is a comprehensive and customized service that meets the challenge of demanding project schedules while maintaining a top quality product.

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  • Committed to Safety

    At all levels of our organization, quality and safety is a top commitment. During our safety monitored manufacturing process, your product experiences numerous tests and inspections insuring the highest quality and integrity possible. Our skilled welders and machinists are dedicated to producing superbly crafted products. We take pride in our capabilities and resources and commit ourselves to upholding our reputation.

    R-V Industries, Inc. of Honey Brook, has been awarded the SHARP certification (Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program) through OSHA. This rating has been achieved by less than 30 other companies in Pennsylvania. The certification required R-V to undergo a series of inspections and interviews and also work with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania for OSHA consultation. SHARP recognizes all employers who operate an exemplary safety and health management system. Our acceptance into SHARP by OSHA is an achievement of status that singles us out among business peers as a model for worksite safety and health.

    Quality & Safety

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  • Facilities

    Headquartered in Honey Brook, PA, we are conveniently located in the center of the northeast corridor 45 miles west of Philadelphia with easy access to major highways and ports. R-V Has 160,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, and over 250 skilled & dedicated employees who take pride in the quality products they manufacture.

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