Workshop n12
Workshop n12
Workshop n12

Workshop n12

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Workshop n12

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WORKSHOP N. 12Name: I want to be.

llustration 16: Student doing a role play in the conversational club.Author: Alexi Quinde Villn

Objective: To talk about occupations. Number of students: 40A) Individual Activity. Look at the pictures bellow. Read the definitions and complete the crossword puzzle

ACROSS DOWN3. operates aircraft. 1. connects and repairs electrical4. drives cars and trucks. equipment.5. makes things out of wood. 2.cleans and treats peoples teeth.6.treats sick people. 3.cuts and styles hair8.assists doctors.9.creates websites.10.fixes cars. Groups activity. In small groups discuss the following questions:Would you like to have a job in your free time?What are some of the popular occupations in your City?What do you think about the occupations of your parents?Why do you think is important for people love their occupations? Which occupation do you think is more important for the society?C) Individual activity.Talk about your favorite occupation.Share your ideas with your class.

D) Group activity. In groups make a role play about occupationsE) Autonomous work. Make an interview for a family member or neighborhood about his/her occupation and report to your class through a video.