Wordskills Unit 2. Agon contest or struggle Agony- agon (struggle) y(result of) Agony- agon (struggle) y(result of) Antagonist- anti(against) agon(struggle)

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Text of Wordskills Unit 2. Agon contest or struggle Agony- agon (struggle) y(result of) Agony- agon...

  • Wordskills Unit 2

  • Agoncontest or struggleAgony- agon (struggle) y(result of)

    Antagonist- anti(against) agon(struggle) ist(one who)

    Protagonist- proto(first) agon(struggle) ist(one who)

  • Baroweight, pressureBarometer- baro(pressure) meter(measure)Barograph- baro(pressure) graph(write, record)Baritone- baro(pressure) ton(sound)

  • CerebbrainCerebellum- cere(brain)part that controls voluntary movement, posture, equilibrium (balance)Cerebral- cere(brain) al(pertaining to)Cerebrate- cere(brain) ate(make, cause)to think

  • Clam (claim)shout, cry outClamor- clam(shout) or(state, quality)

    Exclamatory- ex(out) clam(shout) ory(pertaining to)

    Proclamation- pro(forth, forward) clam(shout) ation(act of)

  • ClarclearClarify- clar(clear) fy(make)

    Declare- de(down, from) clar(clear)

    Clairvoyant- clair(clear) voy(see) ant (one who)

  • Cosmworld, universe, orderCosmic- cosm(universe) ic(related to)

    Cosmonaut- cosm(universe) naut(sail)Cosmopolitan- cosm(world) polit(city) an(pertaining to)having international sophistication and experience; common to the world; not local or limited

  • Doc (doct)teachDoctor- doct(teach) or(one who)

    Docile- doc(teach) ile(capable of being)

    Indoctrinate- in(in, into) doct(teach) ate(make, cause)

  • Errwander, strayError- err(wander, stray) or(that which)

    Erratic- err(wander, stray) ic(related to)having no fixed course

    Aberration- ab(away from) err(wander, stray) ation(act of) abnormality

  • FolileafFoliage-foli(leaf) age(result, process)

    Exfoliate- ex( out) foli(leaf) ate(make, cause)to peel in small flakes like leaves or skin

    Portfolio- port(carry) foli(leaf)device for carrying leaves of work, materials

  • Gestcarry, bearGestation- gest(carry) ation(act of)

    Digest- di(through) gest(carry)

    Gesticulate- gest(carry) ate(make, cause)= producing movement

  • HolowholeHolistic- holo(whole) ic(related to)

    holocaust- holo(whole) caust(burn)wholesale destruction; complete burning

    Holograph- holo(whole) graph(write)wholly in handwriting of one who signs it

  • Idiopeculiar, private(unknown), distinctIdiot- idio(private) originally, a private citizen; one unaware of public events

    Idiom- idio(peculiar an expression that is peculiar to a language and cannot be translated literally, such as kick the bucket, meaning to die

    Idiosyncrasy- idio(peculiar) syn(together) krasis(mix) y(result of) = mental or physical characteristics which are peculiar to an individual

  • Lexword, lawLexicology- lex(word) ology(study of)

    Lexophobia- lex(word) phobia(fear of)fear of reading

    Lex non scripta- lex(law) non(not) script(written)Unwritten law, common law

  • MarseaMariner- mar(sea) er(one who)

    Submarine- sub(under) mar(sea) ine(pertaining to)

    Maritime- maritimus(sea)Located near the sea; concerned with navigation or shipping

  • Oste (osteo)boneOsteoarthritis- osteo(bone) arthr(joint) it is(inflammation)

    Osteoporosis- osteo(bone) por(pore, opening) osis(disease)

    Osteotomy- osteo(bone) tomy(cut)

  • Petrstone, rockPetroleum- petr(rock) oleum(oil)

    Petrify- petr(rock, stone) fy(make)

    Peter- petr(rock)

  • Ple (plen, plet)fill, fullPlenty- ple(full) y (result of)

    Complement- com(with) ple(fill) ment (result)

    Deplete- de (down, from) plet (fill)

  • PopulpeoplePopular- popul (people) ar(pertaining to)

    Depopulate- de(down) popul(people) ate (make or cause)

    Vox populi- vox (voice) popul(people) Voice of the people or popular opinion

  • PyrofirePyre- pyr(fire)

    Pyrogenic- pyro(fire) gen(start, begin) ic(related to)

    Pyrophobia- pyro(fire) phobia(fear of)

  • Schizsplit, divideSchism- schiz(split) Division in the church because of difference in doctrineSchizophrenia- schiz(split) phrenia(mind)Mental illnessSchizogenesis- schiz(split) gen(start) sis(process)Reproduction by fission

  • SolaloneSolo- sol(alone)

    Desolate- de(down, from) sol(alone) ate(characterized by)

    Soliloquy- sol(alone) loquy(talk)

  • SolsunSolar- sol(sun) ar(related to)

    Solarium- sol(sun) arium(place where)

    Parasol- para(near, beside) sol(sun)

  • Ten (tenu)thinTenuous- tenu(thin) ous(full of) Having little substance; weakAttenuate- at(very) tenu(thin) ate(make)To reduce or weakenExtenuate- ex(out) tenu(thin) ate(make)To reduce in seriousness with excuses

  • Tom (tomy)cutAtom- a(not) tom(cut)

    Anatomy- ana(apart, through) tomy(cut)

    Dichotomy- dicho(two) tomy(cut)

  • Vict (vinc)conquer, show conclusivelyVictor- vict(conquer) or(one who)

    Convince- con(with) vinc (show conclusively)

    Invincible- in(not) vinc(conquer) ible (able)