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Womens Basketball. 2009/2010. Formal Introductions. Hometown/Previous school(s) Parents/Guardians, Siblings Major/Year in school Hobbies Whats the best thing you like about basketball? Question (person previous will have a question ). Try your Hardest. Make the Effort. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Hometown/Previous school(s)Parents/Guardians, SiblingsMajor/Year in schoolHobbiesWhats the best thing you like about basketball? Question (person previous will have a question)

  • Try your Hardest. Make the Effort. Do your Best. - John Wooden

  • #1 To get the best education possible. A Westminster education will help better your life when you start living in the real world. #2 You love basketball. You want to be apart of a team. You enjoy your teammates. To have a enjoyable, positive hard, working experience.What else?

  • Time managementAcademicsRuleSupport systemPrioritiesLeadership

  • Binders

    Important dates and times

  • Theres a reason student comes first in the word student-athlete: education comes before sports.- John Wooden Teacher-student relationships Sit in the front row Always let the teacher know when we will be gone two weeks before

  • Dont do anything detrimental to you, because if its detrimental to you, its detrimental to our womens basketball program and to Westminster College.

  • I dont like rules, rules hinder leadership

    If you do something detrimental to yourself, our coaching staff will deal with it accordingly. This will usually consist of some sort of physical conditioning. You wont like it!

    Student HandbookStudent Athlete Handbook

  • This is our Basketball FamilyPut numbers in cell phones

  • List the top 5 priorities in your life.Dont show anyone. Keep this list in your binders to look at when needed.

  • Chain of Command

    Coach GustinOur StaffOur SeniorsRest of Team

  • These are our core team characteristics, they are what we will attempt to create. If we do, we will undoubtedly have a successful year

    Communication Trust RespectCollective ResponsibilityPride

  • Play HardDefendBe UnselfishReboundMake a great decision

  • What is success to our team?

  • Goal sheets must be finished by our next team meeting 1st day of practice/Oct 1