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Wo r l d - Setra: | Setra Impressions Setra Editorial | 03 All together, the MultiClass now offers you twelve different vehicles in overview of current developments

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  • T h e m a g a z i n e f o r p e o p l e w i t h a p a s s i o n f o r c o a c h e s a n d b u s e

    Versatility on wheels Discover the extraordinary diversity of the MultiClass 400

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    W o r l d

    Truly outstandingThe Setra double-deckers

    Pages 06-07

    Theme hotelsAccommodations with that little extra touch

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    Precision technology The RO 440 driving axle

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  • Setra Editorial | 0302 | Setra Impressions

    All together, the MultiClass

    now offers you twelve different

    vehicles in different length


    Dear customers and friends of the Setra brand,

    over the last three years, together we have celebrated many big launches and innovations at Setra. But are you aware how significant the changes in the MultiClass have been? The question may surprise you a little, since the basic principle of the series and its familiar face have remained unchanged since its initial presentation ten years ago.With the conversion to Euro VI, the UL and H bus were given a completely new power train with new engines, new drive axles and new exhaust technology. The NF was replaced by the LE business, a modern and distinctively Setra interpretation of the Low Entry success concept. With its attractive price positioning, it is ideally tailored to the standardised tendering business, just like its namesake the UL business. All together, the MultiClass now offers you twelve different vehicles in different length variants. So its a good time to take a closer look at the entire range of Setra overland buses. This is why we have devoted a great part of this SetraWorld edition to these highly versatile vehicles.The Setra double-decker success story is characterised by maximum flexibility and permanent development. The importance of the vehicle concept is growing. With its high passenger capacity, our S 431 DT continuously evolved with state-of-the-art on-board electronics and Euro VI technology plays a major role in many fleets. On following pages, we are pleased to provide you with an overview of current developments.As always, youll find many more interesting topics from the world of Setra in this issue. So let yourself be entertained and informed by our magazines varied content!I hope you enjoy this edition of SetraWorld. Best personal regards,

    Till OberwrderHead of Marketing, Sales and AftersalesDaimler Buses

    A compelling warm-up for an extremely unique travel experience: impressions from the new Setra on-board video.

  • The MultiClass: like the name says ...


    17 | A successful market launch The ComfortClass 500 MD is being deployed throughout Europe

    28 | A look back & ahead at shows and exhibitions An overview of key industry events

    32 | The Setra classic coach collection A visit with Ottmar Steiner in the classic coach workshop

    38 | Plant tour Vehicle deliveries at the CustomerCenter in Neu-Ulm


    42 | Every hotel a unique experience Theme hotels fascinate guests with individualised character and a love of detail

    Travel in style

    20 | The high art of travel On tour with the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha


    19 | Setting the mood for a great travel experience New on-board videos for the 500 series and the S 431 DT

    34 | A flexible solution for greater mobility The S 417 UL with variable, wheelchair-friendly equipment

    37 | Getting on board safely with TriFold A folding ramp for disabled passengers

    37 | Robust and hygienic A WC accessory package for long-distance lines

    40 | A real eye-catcher Very special vehicle design for Gaiffier Voyages

    40 | Attractive and comfortable The new Ambassador Voyage seats

    Service & support

    16 | News from the Setra Shop Stylish polo shirts for small Setra fans

    26 | Thoroughly updated The Setra website has been revamped

    26 | Lifesaver on board A campaign to equip coaches and buses with defibrillators in France

    27 | Better off with the original Play it safe with OMNIplus when choosing replacement parts

    41 | The best service for young, pre-owned vehicles Service contracts for pre-owned coaches and buses from BusStore

    The MultiClass 400 is versatile and universally applicable like no other Setra series. In overland transportation or for weekend excursions for line applications or short trips. It always delivers reliable service. An extensive range of models allows operators to address a wide range of applications. And now, the new business models, optimised for tenders, have been added to address cost-effective line applications. In our In focus column, youll find an overview of this exceptionally versatile bus range.

    Fascination & technology08 | One for everyone

    BBW Wismar is taking over mandates in public transportation and needs overland buses that are well at home in urban environments. We accompa-nied BBW Wismar on a test drive with the new Setra LE business. At Dr. Richards in Austria, all versions of the MultiClass UL are represented in the fleet. Its multi-functionality makes the UL an ideal multiple earner, since it can be deployed for line and occasional services, in addition to school transportation.

    Customised 34 | Age-appropriate mobility

    Besseling, the Dutch family operation, deploys a MultiClass S 417 UL with wheelchair-friendly equipment and can therefore specialise in services to senior residences and facilities for people with disabilities.

    Fascination & technology

    06 | An unrivalled success story The Setra double-decker coaches

    08 | The MultiClass 400 A range demonstrates its versatility

    18 | Efficient tooth by tooth The Mercedes-Benz RO 440 drive axle

    36 | Always with an eye on tire pressure Improved control with the TPM Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    In focus

    Setra Content | 0504 | Setra Content

    08 With its broad spectrum of models and equipment, the MultiClass 400 can master any application. 32 The Setra classic coach collection keeps the brand heritage alive.42 No two rooms are alike: theme hotels inspire travellers with both imagination and comfort. Check in and enjoy.20 How does a symphony orchestra travel? Very comfortably: in a double-decker Setra coach.

  • 2,500More than 2,500 double-decker coaches have been produced since 1981 (status: May 2015). If we were to park them one behind the other, the chain would be more than 30 kilometres long.

    34Three generations, one common high level of success. For the last 34 years, Setra has been continuously manufacturing double-decker coaches. Coach operators have come to rely on the Setra giants, from the 1981 S 228 DT Imperial via the S 328 DT right up to todays TopClass S 431 DT. Throughout its long career, the double-decker coach has matured from generation to generation. But it has always set new standards in cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety and handling.

    120,000A coach can only earn money when its on the road. With extremely long service intervals of up to 120,000 kilometres (e.g. for oil changes), a Setra S 431 DT ensures the highest possible availability, which clearly pays off in long-distance applications. Well-trained service partners from OMNIplus make sure that regularly scheduled stays in the workshop are kept as brief as possible.

    This is a coach with a history of exceptional achievements, and not

    only because of its outstanding height. The Setra TopClass S 431 DT

    double-decker is always ready to take on the most diverse applications. An amazing success story

    40In 2013, the double-decker converted to Euro VI technology. It was also the perfect time to pursue the ongoing innovation of the vehicle concept. More than 40 changes and enhancements were incorporated in the new generation of the S 431 DT: flush-bonded windscreens, turning lights, a new cockpit with an innovative instrument panel, a multifunction steering wheel, manual gear operation via steering-column, and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC). New safety assistance systems, a reinforced frame to fulfil pendulum impact tests, similar to ECE R29. Restructured flaps, modified tanks with new fuelling system. Additional door and stair variants, an optional wheelchair space. A new rear end with a new engine cover. A redesigned smooth-surfaced luggage compartment with a wider door. The list goes on and on ...

    83With standard-series seating, the Setra S 431 DT can accommodate 83 passenger seats. But what does standard-series seating mean at Setra? The impressive flexibility of the double-decker coach enables a wide variety of options, from the luxurious Bistro Coach, for example, with 46 seats in the upper deck and a super- comfortable lounge in the lower deck, through to the double-decker conceived for factory and interurban applications, consistently designed for maximum seating, with up to 93 passenger seats.

    0.4The state-of-the-art double-decker coachs ecological balance sheet is impressive. Under optimal conditions, a well-loaded bus consumes only about 0.4 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres per passenger seat. Behind these figures are a perfectly matched powertrain, good aerodynamics, the fully automated Mercedes-Benz PowerShift transmission and advanced assistance systems, such as Predictive Powertrain Control and Adaptive Cruise Control. And, thanks to the efficient Euro VI engine technology, the double-decker is much more than just clean.

    06 | Setra Fascination & technology Setra Fascination & technology | 07

    300Close to 300 Setra S 431 DT double-decker coaches with Euro VI technology have been produced so far. In fact, more than any other double-decker. And its no wonder, since the conversion included a powerful, highly efficient and smooth-running new straight-six engine with 12.8 litre cubic capacity and an output of 375 kW, a new flow-optimised engine compartment layout, a particulate filter to complement the exhaust aftertreatment system with SCR technology. The double-decker coach is equipped with the advanced Mercedes-Benz PowerShift transmission and features a completely new powertrain.

  • The Setra MultiClass 400

    Interurban travel, school and factory transportation, excursions and tours: the Setra MultiClass 400

    may well be the most versatile of buses. It also sets the standard in its class, since it is second

    to none in terms of its combination of versatility and functionality, comfort, economy and safety.

    08 | Setra Fascination & technology

    One for all

  • or medium-sized businesses. The UL portfolio ranges from the agile S 412 UL through to the imposing three-axle S 419 UL. With the ranges five lengths, every company will find exactly the right format to suit its needs. An example of this is the Austrian bus operator Dr. Richard. The group operates close to 850 vehicles, and more than 80 of them are Setra MultiClass 400 ULs. We deploy the entire range, highlights Johann Strasser, Technical Director at the Dr. Richard company.The MultiClass 400 ULs exceptional versatility can be seen at first glance. The steep windscreen for overland services ideally accommodates large destination displays. Or, if the Setra is destined to take on mostly excursions and short trips, companies opt for the elegant touring coach sloped front. When the UL pulls up with darkly tinted side windows, it is only the connoisseurs

    I t runs on the island of La Runion in the Indian Ocean and at the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana in South America. And above all, it carries hundreds of thousands of passengers in interurban and school transportation, in excursions and on short trips every day all across Europe. Ten years after its premiere, with close to 6,000 units on the road, the Setra MultiClass combines a well-seasoned concept with cutting-edge technology.

    The la carte vehicle conceptThe exceptionally flexible UL models form the core of the bus family. UL translates into an la carte bus concept. With functional equipment, the UL is ideal to take on heavy-duty overland and interurban applications, and with more sophisticated equipment, its ready to go on tour. The MultiClass UL seamlessly integrates into large fleets

    who are even able to differentiate a MultiClass from a classical touring coach. Different cockpits can be selected as well: either the sporty overland cockpit or the spaciously designed touring coach cockpit. In all its versions, the MultiClass 400 UL travels with a friendly smile. Its multi-functionality is what makes the UL interesting for Dr. Richards fleet: The buses would be greatly underutilised in purely school transportation applications. As multiple earners, they also run line and excursion applications, explains Johann Strasser.

    Robust and comfortableThe doors and seats are further examples of the diversity of the MultiClass. For the middle door, buyers can choose between single- or double-leaf versions, and with either half, to two-thirds or completely in glass. A lift is also available as an option to help passengers with reduced mobility on board. The Transit overland seating is available with two different backrest heights, with holding brackets and anti- vandalism seatback shells for heavy-duty applications. The Route seats are ideal for touring applications or when distances between stops are longer. It is robust yet comfortable and, with options such as adjustable backrests, armrests, luggage nets and footrests, this seat also highlights the amazing versatility of the UL range.Different versions of luggage racks are even available to operators. The design with an open floor has proven itself in line applications so that stowed luggage is clearly visible and not forgotten. With the touring coach front, luggage racks like those found in the Comfort-Class 400 are best suited. They are equipped with air ducts with nozzle ventilation and reading lights, and their underside is comfortably

    10 | Setra Fascination & technology

    Whether for line, excursion or touring applications, the Setra MultiClass 400 adapts flexibly to most any

    operators business model like no other vehicle can. And now its celebrating a milestone anniversary.

    The Setra MultiClass

    In a class of its own

    Setra Fascination & technology | 11

    We deploy the entire


    covered with fabric. Touring coach comfort can be achieved with an icebox, a WC or even an on-board kitchen further examples of the exceptional versatility of the UL models. The upper section of the WC can be ordered in a removable version, to enable more seats. And then, combined with an additional demountable platform, the UL can quickly transform itself to and from line and touring applications. Diversity thanks to a modular approachIn the MultiClass, the S 412 UL can grow into a smart club coach, and an S 419 UL can evolve into a touring giant. The diversity of the UL range goes on. There are three different platform heights, which means that you can custom-tailor your luggage space as needed. Johann Strasser also takes advantage of the ULs extreme diversity for Dr. Richard: Double glazing and air conditioning are standard for us, and partly because of the combined use, service sets with nozzle ventilation as well. Additionally, we have ULs with on-board kitchens and WCs being deployed as multiple earners. The modular design of the MultiClass 400 has resulted in offshoots within the extended family. Anyone looking for an uncompromisingly cost-effective intercity bus for the tendering business will find the ideal solution with the MultiClass 400 UL business. The no-frills, raised floor is conceived for line applications from head to toe. This concept is even more pronounced in the case of the Multi- Class LE business. The Low Entry features low-floor design, through to just ahead of the rear axle. Then, the Setra MultiClass H is located at the opposite end of the spectrum. Its raised middle aisle enlarges the luggage compartment for shuttle transport and short trips.

  • 12 | Setra Fascination & technology

    The Euro VI engine generationWith the conversion to the Euro VI emissions standard, new engines have found their way into the MultiClass 400 range. The compact Mercedes-Benz OM 936 with 7.7 litres of cubic capacity powers the two-axle vehicle, while the larger OM 470 with 10.7 litres drives the three-axle vehicle. Both engines stand out with cutting-edge technol- ogy with four valves per cylinder and high-pressure common railinjection. The OM 470 sets the standard with the highly variable X-Pulse injection, as does the OM 936 with its adjustable exhaust camshaft. This all results in a smooth ride and outstanding flexibility, durability, efficiency and budget-friendly maintenance intervals of up to 120,000 kilometres,, e.g. for the UL triple-axle with the OM 470 in overland and touring operation. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, Johann Strasser takes a very in-depth look at things before making a decision: We look at a lot more than just the purchase price when we assess total cost of ownership. Resale value, maintenance costs, aftersales, the workshop and knowledge of workshop staff also play a vital role.When it comes to power transmission, individuality is also the maxim. Six-speed transmission, the fully automated Mercedes-Benz PowerShift eight-speed transmission, as well as two conventional automatic transmissions are available. No one else offers as many options. A coach chassis with touring coach genes ensures an always efficient drive. Thanks to the large wheel cut at the front axle, even the tall

    The Setra MultiClass 400 a brief timeline

    2005: Setra presents its newly developed MultiClass 400 series at Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium. It follows the MultiClass 300 series, which ranks among the bestsellers in the history of Setra with over 10,000 units produced.

    2009: The S 415 H/S 416 H models with a raised floor for shuttle transport and tours are added to the range. 2010: Setra delivers the 2,500th vehicle from the MultiClass 400 range. The new Setra Route seat generation is introduced. 2012: The new Euro VI Mercedes-Benz OM 936 and OM 470 engine generations are launched. At the same time, the rear end of the

    vehicles is redesigned. 2013: The very economical MultiClass UL business, a two-axle, high-floor intercity bus in three lengths, is added to the range. 2014: The 5,000th MultiClass 400 is delivered. The MultiClass 400 LE with a low-floor passenger compartment through to the front of

    the rear axle, is added to the range. 2015: The AEBS emergency brake assist and Lane Assist safety features are introduced.

    Die MultiClass auf einen Blick

    business models: efficiency across the board

    UL and H models: buses for any application



    S 415 LE business

    S 416 LE business


    H UL UL business LE business

    The MultiClass double earnersSeven-day line service or mixed operation with weekend excursions. You can select exactly the version that best suits your business requirements: the UL model for classical overland use or the H model with more luggage space for combined transportation. You determine whether your MultiClass should receive a functional or touring coach character. Its all up to you.

    S 415 H (12,200 mm)

    S 416 H (13,040 mm) S 416 UL (13,040 mm)

    S 417 UL (14,050 mm)

    S 419 UL (14,980 mm)

    S 415 UL (12,200 mm) S 415 UL business (12,200 mm) S 415 LE business (12,330 mm)

    S 416 LE business (13,040 mm)S 416 UL business (12,700 mm)

    S 417 UL business (13,380 mm)

    S 412 UL (10,805 mm)

    Specialists from a well-respected familyOverland and interurban applications have always been the domain of the MultiClass. The business models, optimised for the tendering business, carry the genes of this successful family. And thanks to their attractive price-performance ratio and affordable maintenance costs, they pay for themselves throughout their entire service lives.

    The MultiClass at a glance*

    Setra Fascination & technology | 13

    *Model and equipment versions may vary.

    three-axle vehicles are a pleasure to handle. You can also benefit from the third axle with independent suspension and electronically controlled steering.The MultiClass 400 UL is also exemplary when it comes to safety. The ESP electronic stability programme has been standard equipment since this year a must for Dr. Richard. The optional TPM tire pressure monitoring system increases both safety and efficiency. The AEBS advanced emergency braking system is all new, and it enables the vehicle to automatically decelerate when approaching slower-moving and stationary obstacles, for example in a traffic jam on the highway. With certification as a touring coach, beginning this summer, it will also be standard equipment, like the Lane Assist feature. The fact that the AEBS achieves more than the law requires in the MultiClass UL 400 is also very typically Setra.Finally, the unmatched flexibility of the MultiClass 400 UL also becomes clear with the highly specialised vehicles the range offers. The combi- nation of UL floor assembly and ComfortClass 400 upper structure enables the creation of uniquely functional vehicles, such as library buses or even buses to transport prisoners. The Dr. Richard fleet has two MultiClass 400 buses operating as driving school vehicles. The possible applications of the Setra MultiClass 400 are extremely multi- faceted and seemingly endless. Each and every UL is a vehicle to be capitalised on 365 days a year. Whether on La Runion Island, at the Kourou spaceport, on overland lines, excursions or trips.

  • The doors swing open smoothly. The Setra is designed to accommodate its passengers in every way: a 1,150-milli- metre-wide single-winged door and the low-floor entrance ensure a smooth passenger flow, the middle door can be had in a double-wing version as an option. Inside, the seating configuration is open and clearly laid out. The Setra is especially flexible around the middle door. It is available with seats throughout, with an interchangeable platform and many options to welcome wheelchairs and strollers. The special use area can either be positioned directly opposite door 2 or just to the right of it, and can be extended by a further special use area. Both can also be combined into a single extended area.Barrier-free buses are important to BBW Wismar. Jens Grunenberg is not only thinking of wheelchair users, but also the increasing number of seniors with walkers. He is also taking into consideration student traffic, especially primary school children. The passenger compartment is spacious and bright, he notes, and passengers, even children, can easily look out the window in the front as well. This is the result of seats positioned on platforms in combination with a low window parapet. BBW Wismar wants to offer its passengers something special: Since

    T he weather forecast is announcing rain and snow showers, strong winds and temperatures just above freezing. Sounds like a bleak day, and even though its early spring, winter is once again rearing up its head. But this doesnt bother the new Setra MultiClass LE business in the least. Overland buses are hardy by nature and can handle most any weather condition.The Low Entry, which is ready and waiting in front of the Neu-Ulm CustomerCenter in the context of the Ride & Drive test drive event, likes taking on challenges. Although it wears the friendly face of the MultiClass, it is engineered and designed for functionality, robustness and efficiency. A first walk around the bus confirms this: optionally available front runners protect against damage caused by embankments, and thanks to the robust exterior mirrors, the occasional bump or rub is of little consequence. The large viewing window at the bottom of the front door helps when manoeuvring. And just in front of the rear axle, storage space can accommodate snow chains and tools. This is a functionally designed bus, says Jens Grunenberg (see photo on top right), transport manager at BBW Wismar. He manages a fleet of 75 over- land buses and today, he is test driving the LE business.

    our passengers are on the road for longer periods of time, Im inclined to go for air conditioning, double glazing and high-quality Route seating.The LE business originated from the MultiClass modular system. To ensure ideal sizing for the highly specialised overland bus, the developers altered its dimensional concept. For the S 415 LE, the wheelbase was extended to 6,330 millimetres, and the front overhang was short- ened. Along with the usual rear of the MultiClass UL, it makes for an exterior length of 12.33 metres and plenty of interior space. This also applies to the cockpit: the cabin is spacious, the seat is extremely comfortable and offers several adjustment options. In fact, this drivers seat is outstanding in all respects: it is from the Multi-Class and the platform floor is at the usual height. This ensures good visibility, while enabling the driver to meet the passengers at eye level making for a psychological advantage.If youre familiar with Setra coaches, youll quickly find your way around the LE business. The instrumentation is clear, the steering is firm and precise. Everything fits well and sits as it should, and functional shelving has even been incorporated. The bus directional stability is impressive on narrow, bumpy roads and its driving comfort is outstanding a low-floor bus with a superb chassis. Jens Grunenberg praises the vehicles suspension,

    The Ride and Drive test drive eventThe new MultiClass LE business will be available for test drives at the brands Neu-Ulm location. Furthermore, the currently longest Setra S 519 HD touring coach and the S 511 HD club coach can also be tested. To make an appoint-ment, please contact your sales representative or local distributor.

    14 | Setra Fascination & technology

    The cost-effective new Setra MultiClass LE business combines low-floor technology with a

    high-floor rear. Good for business as well as for the driver and passengers. BBW Wismar agrees.

    The Ride & Drive event with the Setra Low Entry

    A functionally

    designed bus

    Setra Fascination & technology | 15

    The bus directional stability is impressive on narrow, bumpy roads and its driving comfort is outstanding a low-floor bus with a superb chassis.

    Overland buses and

    coaches are hardy by


    the advantage of an LE with a high-floor rear. In fact, the rolling motion of the rear axle is similar to that of a touring coach. The 295/80 R 22.5 tires represent a further comfort-oriented plus. The Setra LE business smoothly glides over bumps. If you drive mostly in urban areas, you should opt for smaller 275 tires for an even lower entry.In terms of the engine, Grunenberg prefers the standard version, the Mercedes-Benz OM 936 with 7.7 litre displacement and 220 kW. In the region between Wismar and Schwerin, Lbeck and the island of Poel, it is more than sufficient. Its fast, says Grunenberg. And not only that, the compact diesel engine is supple, compliant and quiet-running. Buyers can select between a manual transmission, the Mercedes-Benz PowerShift and two automatic converter gearboxes. Grunenberg considers his business applications: Since we also spend a lot of time in urban areas, the automatic makes sense. Its more comfortable and ideal for stop-and-go traffic. It is persuasive in the demonstrator model, and in economic terms, the Setra consistently remains between 900 and 1,500 rpm.Jens Grunenbergs request to Setra? The BBW Wismars transport manager laughs: Lets get the LE business on the road and running as soon as possible. Done, Mr Grunenberg.

  • T hanks to additional cockpit and engine variants, the Comfort-Class 500 MD can be tailor-made to best suit your business model as an operator. This also applies to the middle-deckers interior concept, which can be customised through different door positions. The following customers all opted for the new Setra middle-decker coach and these testimonials demonstrate the diversity of possible applications it enables.

    France: perfect castingThe first ComfortClass S 515 MD in France was delivered to Cergy Voyages last December. The company from Ennery in the department of Val dOise, northwest of Paris, offers a wide variety of transportation services, ranging from short trips and overland travel, through to school transportation. The ComfortClass 500 MD is the ideal choice for these diverse applications: The MD provides a combination of comfort and safety that is perfect for both short excursions and longer tours, says Jean-Sbastien Barrault, President of the Groupe Lacroix,

    A versatile newcomer

    Grzegorz Arent, owner of NKA Kruszwica. NKAs S 516 is the first ComfortClass 500 MD to be delivered to Poland.

    Switzerland: a perfect addition for specific routesIn June, the Swiss touring company Gebr. Ebneter from St. Gallen will be strengthening its fleet with an S 515 MD. The middle-decker will be used for day trips in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. With its reasonable motorisation and reduced net weight, the MD boasts high-level efficiency especially on routes off the main roads, says Stefan Ebneter, co-owner of the Gebr. Ebneter company. As well, the changeover for our drivers, who all have previous experience with the ComfortClass 515 HD, couldnt be easier. The S 515 MD, with its 45 Voyage Plus seats, offers solid comfort with plenty of leg room. And, thanks to ESP with traction control, Active Brake Assist 2, Lane Assist and Attention Assist, it also delivers maximum driving safety. The MDs design, with its tinted windows

    and other typical features, is similar to that of the other Setra coaches in Ebneters fleet.

    Six months after its world premiere at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show, the middle-decker

    concept is proving itself in the marketplace. The versatile ComfortClass 500 MD is finding

    customers and fans all across Europe.

    Setra Get-togethers | 17

    which belongs to Cergy Voyages. The vehicle is equipped with 53 Setra Route seats, a WC and a coach multimedia system with a DVD player and two monitors. The Lacroix group of companies has also ordered another 515 S MD for its subsidiary PNA Arial.

    Poland: low height as a decisive advantageThe Polish coach operator Nadgoplanska Komunikacja Samochodowa (NKA), from Kruszwica, operates several long-distance coach lines within the country and also rents out its vehicles to travel agencies and tour operators. As of May, a new S 516 MD will be strengthening the companys fleet which now includes a total of 14 Setra coaches. The middle-decker will be deployed mainly for line and touring applications. It also provides the company with another decisive advantage: Because of the several viaducts in our region, a lower- height vehicle is the best solution for us. And, in spite of the low vehicle height, nothing is lost in terms of comfort, explains

    Grzegorz Arent, owner of NKA Kruszwica.

    Urs Ebneter (l.) and Stefan Ebneter (r.), owners of the Gebr. Ebneter company.

    Whats new at the

    Setra Shop

    O f course, there are many adults who are real fans of the Setra brand. But younger people are also impressed when it comes to travelling in the perfect coach. And now, we also offer attractive Setra branded clothing for small Setra fans: cool polo shirts in various sizes and colours.The polo shirt for young children between three and six years of age is printed with a good-humoured, cartoon-style Setra coach. It is available in white or grey and in sizes XS (98/104) for three- to four-year-olds, and S (110/116) for five- to six-year-olds.White: Art. Nr 696, Grey: Art. Nr 697 for 17.50 plus shipping costs

    For older kids from seven to twelve years old, there is the polo shirt in stylish maroon or grey heather with a modern, stylised Setra coach in stamp design. Available in sizes M (122/128) for seven- to eight- year-olds, L (134/140) for nine- to ten-year-olds and XL (146/152) for eleven- to twelve-year-olds.Maroon: Art. Nr 698, Grey: Art. Nr 699 for 12.95 plus shipping costs

    All the polo shirts are made of pure, combed ring-spun cotton in fine piqu quality. They feature athletic styling with side slits, a knitted collar and cuffs, double-needle stitching on the shoulders and armholes, and buttons in the shirt colour.

    You can order the polo shirts for kids on the Internet just as you would items from the Setra Collection for adults at

    Welcome to the Setra FamilyAustria: Pommer Heinz Busreisen Reisebro, St. Johann Markus-Reisen, Bad Gams Schwarz Reise GmbH, Gleisdorf Croatia: Darojkovic d.o.o., Dugo selo Panturist d.d. Arriva, Osijek France: BERGER VOYAGES, Saint Paulien Germany: Wilmering Stadtverkehr GmbH & Co. KG, Vechta Busunternehmen Leipold OHG, Veilsdorf Meck-PR, Hamburg Reisebro Behrens GmbH, Eutin Heinrich Warmuth Busreisen, Ramsthal Italy: Viaggi Cicolini Srl, Rabbi Latvia: VTU Valmiera, Valmiera Netherlands: Betuwe Express B.V., Herveld Gebo Tours B.V., Nieuwleusen Hanneman de Toerist B.V., Kerkrade Hellingman & Zonen B.V., Zaandam ITS-Reizen, Bolsward Jonker Travel B.V., Katwijk Riwest Traffic & Events B.V., Hoogvliet Norway: Aukra Auto AS, Aukra Work Service Moustafin, Spikkestad Slovakia: K Slovan Bratislava, Bratislava Robin Nyberg, Eksj Spain: Montaesa S.L., Carballio Sweden: Hyllinge Buss & Resetjnst AB, storp Tyresbuss AB, Tyres Johanssons Buss O Bilkeri L Johansson O Co HB, Kalix Lets Go By Bus AB, rebro MDC Buss AB, Tanumshede USA: Jubilee for Jesus Ministry, Andrews, TX Royal American Tours, Glendale, CA

    16 | Setra Service & support

  • Y ou never have a second chance to make a first impression. This not only applies to human encounters, but also to coaches. To ensure that passengers can enjoy the exclusive travel experience in a Setra coach right from the start, Setra equips its TopClass, Comfort-Class and double-decker coaches with the new Setra on-board video. The video provides the traveller with valuable information on operat- ing the seats, ventilation and lighting, and it explains the coachs safety features. For example, the adjustable seat functions, such as seat spacing, back angle, armrests, as well as the light and air flow settings at the modern service set are explained in detail. The videos also set the mood for the journey ahead in a state-of-the-art, comfortable and highly efficient coach. When a journey begins with this informative and entertaining video, the viewers quickly become

    aware that they are travelling in a distinctively premium vehicle. The new on-board video from Setra now provides even more information and impressive images, while conveying the high level of comfort experienced in a Setra coach. The video is available for the entire 500 series and the S 431 DT, and is delivered as standard with all coaches from the 500 series which are equipped with monitors. An important segment of the film is the information on the coachs safety features and driver assistance systems. That great feeling of travelling in one of the safest coaches ever built silently accompanies your passengers throughout their journey.If you are already operating coaches from the 500 series or the current S 431 DT, you may receive the on-board video at no cost, from your local Setra sales organisation.

    New on-board videos for the 500 series and the S 431 DT

    The Setra on-board videos are filled with

    useful information on travelling in a Setra coach,

    on the specific coach model and the Setra

    brand. Setra has produced new versions for

    the 500 series and the S 431 DT.

    Setting the mood for a great

    travel experience

    The viewers quickly become aware that they are travelling in a distinctively premium vehicle.

    F rom the HO 6 to the RO 440 with the move to the Euro VI exhaust emissions standard, and with maximum efficiency in mind, Setra took the entire drive train under the microscope, and opted for a new drive axle. RO 440 stands for Rear Axle Omnibus with a gear diameter of 440 millimetres. One of them is at work in every Setra vehicle: in the MultiClass 400, the ComfortClass 500 and the TopClass 500, through to the S 431 DT double-decker.

    Precise down to the hundredth of a millimetreChange of scene. The Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle axle plant in Kassel, Germany, is the largest of its kind in Europe. Over half a million axles for coaches and buses, trucks and vans leave the factory every year. Close to ten per cent of production focuses on the R 440 axle family, axles formed using sheet steel with allowable load capacities ranging from 11.5 to 13 tons. Approximately 10,000 of them are manufactured specifically for coaches and buses under the name RO 440. But dont let their 680 kilograms of weight fool you. This is a high-precision component: the differentials tooth system is engineered to a hundredth of a millimetre which guarantees quiet, low-loss, efficient and, especially, long-lived running.

    Systematically designed to meet high comfort standardsWe dont use truck axles for our coaches and buses. The bevel gear and differentials tooth system is specially designed to meet the comfort requirements of coaches and buses with a separate fine geometry leading to exceptionally smooth running.The bevel gear and differential are characterised by Gleason teeth, and their arcuate tooth configuration forms a spiral, which results in smoother running, since more and more teeth are engaged simultaneously.

    Each tooth is ground individually. After grinding, the components are heated for eight hours at close to 1,000 degrees and then cooled in an oil bath ensuring absolute resilience. We have never received any complaints about the axle, and according to the experts in Kassel, it boasts an exceptionally high level of quality.

    New oil for reduced fuel consumptionAs part of the renaming of the HO 6 to the RO 440, a new oil with other additives for lubrication was introduced. It has a lower viscosity and therefore flows more freely. This was accompanied by an extension of the changing interval from 180,000 to 240,000 kilometres, which reduces maintenance costs. At the same time, the amount of oil decreased from 15 to 11 litres. This reduces churning losses, since little oil is swirled during the run, while increasing efficiency. As a result, fuel consumption is reduced, demonstrating just how metic- ulously developers pursue consumption reduction. From the touring coaches aerodynamically optimised screen wipers through to the drive axle at work in each and every Setra, it all adds up to significant benefits in consumption.

    Efficient tooth by toothThe RO 440 drive axle

    In every new Setra coach or bus, there is an RO 440 Mercedes-Benz drive axle at work.

    A top star component for Setra quiet, highly efficient and extremely reliable.

    18 | Setra Fascination & technology Setra Customised | 19

    Accurate to the hundredth of a millimetre: the differentials teeth.

  • A t first glance, the men and women who are waiting at the roadside with their large and small suitcases, appear to be an ordinary tour group on a sunny Friday afternoon in February. But they are anything but ordinary. The group of travellers waiting for their coach here in Gotha are in fact musicians from the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha on their way to a guest performance in Berlin.

    It is shortly before 15:00 as an elegant double-decker from the Wollschlger & Partner company pulls up. The Setra S 431 DT is the official tour bus of the Philharmonic musicians from Thuringia, as can be seen on the large logo behind the windscreen. The doors open, and with only a few steps, the expert team, together with driver Detlef Gensel, stow away the large pieces of luggage in the spacious luggage compartment at the rear of the vehicle. The musicians take the smaller suitcases with them into the spacious double-decker to store them safely above their seats. And with good reason: the inconspi-cuous containers carry their precious work tools, such as clarinets, bassoons, violins and other small wind and string instruments.As the coach is set in motion at exactly 15:00, it becomes clear why the 50 Philharmonic musicians prefer a double-decker from Setra. The generous space concept allows the musicians to enjoy maximum freedom of movement, with several resting areas where they can retire and relax. For the guests, this is a decisive factor, as the solo

    The special requirements

    of one of Germanys best

    philharmonic orchestras are

    best met with a coach which

    has mastered the perfect

    symphony of travel: the Setra

    S 431 DT double-decker.

    We are on the road with the

    Thuringian Philharmonic

    Orchestra Gotha on its way

    to a guest concert in Berlin.

    The high art of travel

    On tour with the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha

    Setra Travel in style | 2120 | Setra Travel in style

    Arriving relaxed and safe: percussionist Olaf Wagner enjoys the journey in the Setra S 431 DT.

  • To be able to deliver consistently high quality at our con-certs, its important that we travel com-fortably.

    oboist Rainer Suschka says: As a travelling orchestra, there are times when we are under considerable pressure. To be able to deliver consistently high quality at our concerts, its important that we travel comfortably. This double-decker coach is extremely pleasant, since you can sit back, relax, and stretch your legs if you need to.The special feeling of space is due to both the coachs design and its construction. The S 431 DT has always been engineered to enable the maximum possible width and it offers the ultimate in spaciousness. For Enik Szigeti, one of the first violins in the orchestra, this freedom of movement is especially important. In a Setra coach, she can put her feet up and make herself as comfortable as possible. The only possible improvement would be to beam us to our destination, says the native Hungarian with a smile.

    Relaxation on three axles In addition to 25 concerts in Gotha, various co-productions with the Erfurt Theatre and other festivals, the Thuringian Philharmonic Gotha gives about 30 guest performances per season. The orchestra travels all across the country from Itzehoe to Saarlouis. This means that almost every weekend between late August and early June, the musicians are on the road in a Setra coach. The Wollschlger & Partner company coach operator in Laucha has been accompanying the Philharmonic musicians for 25 years. Rainer Suschka adds: The service is always great, the coaches are very well equipped and we have nice, friendly relationships with the drivers. We cant repeat this often enough quite simply because its very important for us.As he speaks these words, a womans voice is heard from the speakers: Ding, Dong coffee is ready. Suddenly the whole coach comes to life and the musicians head towards the on-board kitchen where Andrea Fischer awaits them. She plays first violin not only in the orchestra, but also in catering. During the journey, the assistant principal makes sure that the musicians are well taken care of this time with homemade cookies to be enjoyed with the coffee. The coach is almost like my second living room, says the musician who pulls out her knitting once all her colleagues have been taken care of. You have to make the journey as enjoyable as possible.

    The coach journey to replenish energyHer colleagues fully agree. Many are chatting and having fun together, because the journey is so much more entertaining this way, bassoonist Thomas Wagner explains. The two table groupings on the lower deck are especially inviting. Those who prefer a more quiet environment can read or even doze a little as does guest conductor Russell Harris. I often sleep in the coach to gather my strength during the drive. Since I am frequently on tour with the orchestras, Im quite used to it. Tomorrow will be a busy day with an afternoon rehearsal and a concert in the evening. In the comfortable seats with their cushioned upholstery and ergonomically shaped backrest, the conductor can experience perfect relaxation.With maximum comfort and a great mood, the close to five-hour drive to Berlin is transformed into an entertaining journey also thanks to the comfortable and quiet-running S 431 DT with its panoramic deck. The generous windows offer a spectacular view of the passing landscape with its rolling hills, which are bathed by the warm light of

    the afternoon sun on this winter day. Just a few hours later, the contrast will be striking as the double-decker rolls over the Berlin Kudamm, surrounded by the colourful lights of the shops, and heads for the hotel where the musicians will spend the night. After dinner, the musicians quietly bring their day to a close. They all know that tomorrow will offer a strenuous programme.At 14:30 on Saturday, the familiar tones of the 20th Century Fox fanfare sound, and the professionals are in their element. Highly concentrated, they successfully complete the dress rehearsal. In the evening, its time to raise the curtain once again. In the Ernst-Reuter-Saal in Berlin, the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha plays music from film classics like Star Wars, Forrest Gump or Pirates of the Caribbean. The concert is a resounding success. But the musicians dont have much time to enjoy the applause. On Sunday, they are expected at their next appearance in front of their home audience. So, right after the Berlin concert, they drive back to Gotha. After the concert is before the concertIts late on this chilly Saturday night in February as the good-humoured men and women enter the coach that is patiently waiting for them roadside. The large and small suitcases are quickly stowed, the guests make themselves

    comfortable and look forward to their evening. After all, this colourful bunch is no ordinary tour group. It is the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha, which will be on the road again next weekend. The destination: Frankfurt, where the musicians will enchant the audience with an operetta.

    Setra Travel in style | 2322 | Setra Travel in style

    Setra has always treated us very well Maximum driving comfort doesnt only play a crucial role for orchestra musicians. Comfortable seats and ample space are also top priority for Jana Glaser, Managing Director of the Wollschlger & Partner company. Equally important is absolutely reliable technology. The business-woman knows exactly what her customers want. With our clientele, we have to be able to always rely on our coaches, so that our very busy passengers keep their appointments. With Setra, we have always been in very good hands, says Jana Glaser. We have eight touring coaches which are fully deployed and utilised. This means that they come in at night and have to leave again the next morning. The coach simply cannot spend a day in the workshop for repairs. When replacement parts are required, the driver lets us know while he is on the road. We then order the parts from OMNIplus and they are delivered as quickly as possible. This works perfectly. And we know for a fact that it isnt only the musicians from the Thuringian Philharmonic Orchestra Gotha who appreciate the service.

    Music at its best: the Thuringia Philharmonic Gotha plays music from movie screen classics.

    Minulparum quid ut autemodi simaxim agnimint Neque rescitem

    First violinist Andrea Fischer (r.) also calls the tune in the on-board kitchen.

    Filled with music: the S 431 DTs spacious luggage compartment.

    Individualised comfort settings ensure harmonious well-being.

  • 24 | Setra Get-togethers

    he has decided to go all the way with Setra: The 18 buses are part of a large order with a total of 35

    interurban buses, and also including LE business vehicles, with which we will be converting our entire fleet to the Setra brand by 2016.

    for 22 passengers with Setra Voyage Supreme seats. Each seat has a 230 V outlet and Wi-Fi is available on board. Bus4You has been active since 2007 in Sweden as a brand for comfortable, inexpensive travel. This is a business model that the S 431 DT can serve perfectly. We are once again raising the bar with our new Setra coaches. They are becoming more comfortable, more cost-effective and, thanks to the Euro VI engines with BlueTec, more environmentally friendly as well, says Mats Johansson from Nettbuss Express AB.The Nettbuss owner was also impressed by the service offering: in the context of the large order, an OMNIplus BusPort was opened in Gothenburg, which is also used by other customers.

    T he Retter-Linien company is sending 18 new MultiClass buses to cover the routes in and around the Neunkirchen region. The Lower Austrian company serves 90 per cent of the public transporta-tion available between Wiener Neustadt and the Semmering health resort, and carries up to 6,000 students every day. Hermann Retter was most impressed with the environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient 260-kW Euro VI engines in the S 415 UL business and the S 417 UL business buses. But the firms Managing Director is convinced that the vehicles from the new Setra interurban generation have several more benefits to offer: We were immediately on board with the UL business concept. The interurban bus is attractively priced and its maintenance is extremely economical. Nonetheless, its a real Setra with solid quality and proven technology. For this reason,

    T he Nettbuss Express AB coach operator has taken in a total of twelve new TopClass S 431 DT double-decker coaches for its long-distance routes in Sweden.In September 2014, six vehicles were put into service, another four in October and the final two coaches were delivered in early January. The coaches are deployed primarily for express line services on the MalmGothenburgOslo route and are driven under the Nettbuss Bus4You brand.The TopClass 431 DT coaches are equipped with elegant 2+1 Setra Ambassador seating in leather with leg rests and neck rests for 36 passengers on their upper deck. On the lower deck, there is room

    S ince the beginning of this year, the Setra S 415 MultiClass UL business belongs to the Latvian streetscape. The versatile overland bus was successful at winning several tenders put on by both public and private bus companies. In December 2014, Setra representative M.E.LAT-LUX SIA handed over ten brand-new vehicles to the state operators VTU Valmiera and AS CATA from Valmiera and Cesis in the northeast

    region of the country. The AS Talsu Autotransports private bus company in Talsu in the northwest received another six vehicles.All 16 new MultiClass S 415 UL business vehicles meet the requirements for handicapped-accessible transportation thanks to a Braun wheelchair lift at the

    middle entrance and airline rails for fixing wheelchairs. The new buses are deployed on overland lines of up to 125 kilometres. They connect the cities of Valmiera, Cesis and Talsu with Riga, the capital. With their coach-style comfortable ride, thanks to independent suspension on the front axle, spacious interior with a standing height of 2.17 metres, and 4.5 cubic metres of space in the large luggage compartment, the combinati-on buses are ideal to take on this type of challenge. Of course, it was its comfort and equipment, but above all the Setra S 415 MultiClass UL business good price- performance ratio impressed us, explains Raimonds Kalejs, Managing Director of Talsu Autotransports.

    Retter-Linien: 100 per cent Setra New double-deckers for the long haul in Sweden

    The UL business wins in tenders

    B elgian operator Carolus Prima Tours began deployment of eight new TopClass 500 S 516 HDH coaches at the beginning of the year. The company, which is based in the city of Mol, will be renewing its entire Setra fleet step by step through 2015 and 2016.For Carolus Prima Tours, impeccable comfort and the safety of its touring passengers were decisive arguments behind the selection of their new coaches. The TopClass 500, with its outstanding quality in every single detail, meets our requirements perfectly, says Jan Hoeks, who runs the family business with his brother Marc.The eight coaches are equipped with 46 Setra Voyage seats, air conditioning, an on-board kitchen, a multimedia system with a DVD player, two 19-inch monitors as well as nine fold-out monitors which are integrated to the overhead luggage compartment. A panoramic glass roof

    extends over the entire length of the coaches.Carolus opted for the Euro VI OM 471 engine with an output of 375 kW and a PowerShift 8-speed manual transmission. Lane Assist, Active Brake Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, ESP and ASR ensure maximum driving safety. And, for the first time ever, Carolus has decided to work with the

    FleetBoard fleet management system in the new vehicles to ensure optimal administration.For Premium Tours, their new programme for exclusive coach tours, Carolus already had two Setra S 416 HDH coaches with 40 seats in use. To strengthen this exclusive touring offering, the company has ordered three further S 516 HDH coaches, each with 46 seats, to be delivered in December 2015.

    An all-new Setra fleet

    T ogether, two coach operators from Denmark Papuga Bus from Vejle and Kbenhavns Bustrafik from Copenhagen ordered ten new Top- Class S 517 HDH coaches. The two partner companies had received six of the vehicles in July last year, and the remaining coaches were delivered in December 2014. Martin Hink, CEO of EvoBus Denmark, was very proud to hand over the two coaches in November 2014 in Neu-Ulm: This clearly demonstrates that genuine partnership is also a commitment to The Sign of Excellence.Both operators run exclusive tours throughout Europe with the TopClass 500, among others for Riis Rejser, a large Danish coach tour organiser. Papuga Bus also deploys the new vehicles as partner to the Danish State Railways for rail-replace-ment services, or to address additional service requirements in Denmark. All ten S 517 HDH coaches are equipped with 54 Setra Voyage Plus seats with 230-volt outlets, a panoramic glass roof and an on-board kitchen. The reliable driver

    assistance systems from Mercedes-Benz, such as ABA2, SPA and Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) are also on board.

    Ten TopClass 500 coaches for Denmark

    Setra Get-togethers | 25

    Hermann Retter (right) takes over the first UL business vehicles from Dr Thomas Rohde, Managing Director of EvoBus Austria.

  • S ince December, Setra has been profiling itself on the Internet with a new and completely redesigned website. The pages are laid out clearly and spaciously, and they provide visitors with quick access to the most important topics surrounding the Setra brand and its vehicles. The website is in use in 17 countries.The previous website had been developed in 2010. We saw that there were ways we could make the site easier and more appealing for the user, says Dina Valentin, from Setras marketing communica-tions team. Based on customer testing, we made some significant changes especially in terms of site navigation, while extensively revamping the site.Setras new slogan The Sign of Excellence is now also reflected in the brands online presentation. The changes have been very well received. But we still have a lot planned. In the future we intend to offer our customers and fans much more content and detailed facts on the individual vehicles, adds Dina Valentin.You can find Setra on the Internet either through its international address or via national URLs.

    Extensively updatedWe have revised Setras worldwide website

    O f the 120,000 original spare parts that OMNIplus holds ready for coaches and buses from Setra and Mercedes-Benz brands, a tail lamp ranks among the technically less complex parts. Their production can take place practically anywhere, and even experts are sometimes unable to distinguish the fake from the original at first glance. In the case of counterfeit parts, you cant always tell at first glance how bad the quality is sometimes it only becomes obvious during operation. But by then, it may already be too late: We know of at least one incident of fire damage that was triggered by a simple counterfeit product, says Thomas Mazur, responsible for sales and customer service at the BusWorld Home in Neu-Ulm, Germany. It doesnt take a lot of creativity to imagine the devastating damages that can be caused by counterfeit windscreens, brake discs, axles or control units.

    Risk increases with the market sizeThe figures are also alarming. The market share of counterfeit spare parts in Europe is estimated at ten per cent. The annual growth rate of such products is similarly high. And experts expect a further increase. Interpol and the OECD are even referring to a whole new segment of organised crime. Over the past five years, this issue has grown into one of our biggest problems, says Jan-Erik Woudstra, head of spare parts sales at EvoBus in the Netherlands. The sale and installation of counterfeit products isnt always intentional. Even experienced dealers and mechanics dont always identify counterfeit products. If we see counterfeit parts in a bus at one of our service

    Go for original!

    26 | Setra Service & support Setra Service & support | 27

    I n the context of a non-profit campaign on the part of companies, organisations and media, EvoBus France has been equipping its new coaches in France with defibrillators since 1 January 2015.*Every year, 50,000 people die from heart attacks in France. And defibrillators can

    effectively help save lives, says Matthias Kussmaul, brand spokesman for Setra in France. The automated Philips HeartStart HS1 defibrillators are mounted to the side, above the drivers seat. The lightweight 1.5-kilogram devices can also be easily operated by untrained helpers. With clear voice instructions, the HeartStart HS1 guides the user through the patient defibrillation and resuscitation process.EvoBus France is taking over the costs associated with mounting the defibrillators in the context of the campaign. Of course, customers also have the option to opt out of the installation, which, however, does not result in a price reduction.In the past, EvoBus France had collaborated with the same partners on the Les Pros de la Route ont du Cur project a non-profit

    campaign whereby truck and bus drivers were given first-aid training under the Road professionals have a heart motto.

    * In mainland France, Guadeloupe, Martinique and French Guiana, and for vehicles sold since 1 January 2015. Vehicle fleets, references, public procurement tenders and framework contracts are excluded.

    France coaches equipped with defibrillators

    Lifesaving devices in Frances coaches

    Counterfeit spare parts for

    coaches and buses often

    have serious deficiencies,

    and this can seriously com-

    promise safety. OMNIplus

    service centres guarantee the

    quality of original parts and

    provide information on the

    key safety features of original

    parts and their packaging.

    points, we definitely talk to the customer about it, says Mazur, especially since the guarantees that Setra gives its coaches and buses no longer apply if counterfeit spare parts are found.

    Guaranteed safety with OMNIplusWith this in mind, OMNIplus service centres not only sell and install guaranteed original spare parts, they also offer information on the key characteristics of original parts and their packaging. Through close collaboration with Daimlers development, purchasing and legal departments, the groups entire brand protection expertise is available to support the process. According to Jan-Erik Woudstra, however, the best antidote against counterfeiters is found in the unique strengths of the OMNIplus service centres: We are leaders in terms of service expertise, logistics, repair shops, availability and the quality of our interface with our customers. If the intent is to save money, an average ten per cent saving on a counterfeit part is ultimately quite short-sighted: Genuine parts from OMNIplus are subject to ongoing quality controls. And their durability is proven to be higher, adds Woudstra. The monthly package specials available at OMNIplus service centres, combining spare parts with repair shop services, are even more attractive: This combined expertise from a single source cannot be found anywhere else, confirms Thomas Mazur. What we know for certain is that safety and value retention always pay off in the long run especially for operators and their customers who can place their full confidence in Setra coaches unsurpassed operational safety.

  • Tranzit conference, Sibiu (Romania)9/12-13/2014A mature market ready for efficiency this was the slogan at last years Tranzit Conference in Sibiu, Romania, where 150 managers from operating companies, manufacturers and government agencies came together. The agenda focused on the legal framework and future prospects for the transport sector, as well as innovation-related topics such as Euro VI. The venue was the Hilton Hotel ballroom. Setra was present at the event in the context of an outdoor exhibit with its TopClass 500 a Setra S 516 HDH coach which was also extensively used for test drives.

    Transexpo, Kielce (Poland) 10/8-10/2014For the 12th time, the Transexpo the international trade show for public transport took place in Kielce, in central Poland. The S 517 HDH presented there was not only well received among the visitors to the show, the premium touring coach also won first prize in the Coach Exhibits category, which was awarded by one of the

    organisers expert juries. In addition to the TopClass model, a pre-owned S 415 GT-HD was exhibited at the BusStore stand. In a separate exhibition area with clearly designed information boards, customers were offered information on the safety systems in Setra buses. The coffee bar, where guests were offered refreshments and delectable treats, was a quiet and appealing meeting point for discussions.

    Autocar Expo, Lyon (France)10/15-18/2014In 2014, the Autocar Expo, Frances main trade show for coaches and buses, also experienced very positive results: 92 exhibitors and close to 5,000 visitors attended the Parc des expositions in Lyon. Three Setra premieres for the French market were presented: the S 516 MD middle-decker, the S 511 HD Club Coach and the Low Entry S 416 LE business. Further vehicles were located outside and available for viewing, such as the S 431 DT double-decker and a VIP version of the S 515 HD. For the first time, the exhibition was opened on one day until late in the evening. On this occasion, at the Setra stand, customers and visitors enjoyed a culinary trip around the world, from Germany (sauerkraut and sausages), through Alaska (smoked salmon on lemon mousse), to China (shrimps in coconut milk with lemon grass). This special catering experience reflected the theme of the Setra stand, a ComfortClass 500s trip around the world more than 52,000 kilometres from Freiburg through to Shanghai which ended in early 2014.

    YBO: Young Bus Operators, Vienna/Graz (Austria)10/23-26/2014The 15th annual meeting of the Young Bus Operators (YBO) was held last autumn. The events venues were the Austrian cities of Vienna and Graz. For the first time, the Austrian EvoBus subsidiary handled the organisation of the meeting. The programme included presentations on current Setra products, special lectures by guest speakers from the bus and coach sector, as well as many opportunities for net- working and discussion. The Young Bus Operators group includes international, young coach and bus operators who have a special affinity for the Setra brand. This year, customers from Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland, Norway and Slovakia took part in the event.

    FIAA, Madrid (Spain)10/28-31/2014At the FIAA international trade show for buses and coaches in the Spanish capital, Setra introduced its entire coach and bus range which was converted to Euro VI. The S 516 HDH and the S 431 DT double- decker from the TopClass touring coach family were presented. The ComfortClass 500 touring coaches, which now include eight models, were represented by the three-axle S 517 HD, the S 519 HD and the 13-metre S 516 MD middle-decker. The new interurban S 415 UL business from the MultiClass 400 was also in Madrid. Outside the trade show area, customers were given the opportunity to extensively test-drive the new models.

    SetraShow, Vetlanda (Sweden)1/09-10/2015On 10 January, 150 guests from 60 companies visited the SetraShow in Vetlanda, Sweden. The day before, EvoBus Sveriges in-house exhibition had been celebrated with a three-course meal and a musical programme. The visitors were keen to explore the vehicles on display: three ComfortClass models, an S 515 HD, S 516 and S 517 HD, as well as a TopClass S 517 HDH. The coaches were available for test drives. OMNIplus, BusStore and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services were also on site with their own information booths. Twelve other exhibitors showed their product offerings in the areas of tires, work attire and vehicle cleaning. During the Forum, a lecture addressing the Green Diesel topic captured the professional audiences interest.

    UMA Motorcoach Expo, New Orleans (Louisiana, USA)1/18-22/2015At this years United Motorcoach Association (UMA) Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana, Setra showed an exclusively appointed S 417 TC touring motorcoach. The North-American version of the European Setra TopClass was presented at the MCI booth Motor Coach Industries International Inc. Setras North-American sales and service partner. The three-axle motorcoach, manufactured in Neu-Ulm, can comfortably carry 40 passengers in the new Setra Voyage Ambassador seats, and six further travellers can make themselves comfortable in the vehicles Premium Club Corner. The vehicle is also equipped with a central entrance and glass panoramic TopSky roof. The state-of-the-art motorcoach with a galley, LED interior lighting and rear-view camera with integrated cleaning system meets the stringent North-American requirements in terms of active safety, as well as the criteria of the American EPA 10 emissions standard for nitrogen oxide and soot particles, with its environmentally friendly and efficient Mercedes-Benz OM 471 LA (336 kW) engine.

    BusStore Show, Neu-Ulm (Deutschland)2/6-7/2015One year after its official launch, BusStore, the pre-owned coach and bus brand from Setra and Mercedes-Benz, is well established. The successful 2015 BusStore Show, which took place on 6 and 7 February in Neu-Ulm, bears witness to this success. Around 1,000 visitors from more than 20 European countries attended the International Pre-Owned Coach & Bus Exhibition, and 71 vehicles of all types and from various brands changed hands. At the two-day event, visitors to the 2015 BusStore Show experienced the full range of Europes leading pre-owned bus and coach brand. In addition to the exhibition of approximately 160 tested and prepared pre-owned coaches and buses of various types and brands, visitors could get information on the extensive range of services offered by BusStore and its partners. The next BusStore Show will be held from 19 to 20 February 2016, as always in Neu-Ulm.

    Past exhibitions

    Setra shows & exhibitions

    Setra Get-togethers | 2928 | Setra Get-togethers

    A powerful performance: Setra at the FIAA, Madrid.

    A Setra stand highlight at the Autocar Expo.

  • Along with perfect planning and organisation, excellent catering is key to a successful event. But does this also apply to coach

    travel? To what extent does on-board catering contribute to the travel experience? And what opportunities exist on the market for operators to offer a high-quality food experience to their passengers?Well, now is certainly a good time to get answers to these and many more questions, and to benefit from the expertise of catering professionals. Our expert guests at the SetraShow included: LSGSky Chefs, the worlds largest provider of on-board services; the Edna company, as a producer of practical and tasty baked goods and therefore an ideal provider to supplement the standard range of on-board food; and finally, the Achenbach company with its very tasty upscale catering menu and finger-food ideas. And, since impeccable

    technical expertise is also needed to support the creative food preparation process, experts from the Frenzel and TM Technischer Gertebau companies were also on location to share their insight.The two days of the event were spent enjoying an open technical discussion with our partners in the context of a forum. What role does the food play on board? Should it serve to while away the perceived travel time, or does the food itself represent an additional highlight? Should the food be priced separately, or should a high-quality amuse-gueule be offered at no cost on more exclusive tours? The participants unanimous point of view was that a well rounded food offering is all the more important, the more exclusive the tour.Another key question was, of course, how much effort should be

    invested in on-board catering. Finger food and frozen foods dont require additional equipment, at least on short tours, and are easy to manage without needing additional staff. And, the added plus they deliver compared to standard offerings, such as hot dogs, sandwiches and coffee, is huge for the traveller. For LSG Sky Chefs, the food offering is a very effective customer loyalty tool: Often, passengers see an attractive, culinary snack as a special gesture of appreciation on the part of the coach operator.Its important that the offering be part of a meaningful concept. If the food is not included in the overall price of the trip, but is intended as an additional service, you need to consider price ceilings. Experience tells us that price restrictions for food options on board and what travellers are prepared to pay for more selection and quality differ from company to company. Most often, however, the additional

    offering can be calculated and sold in a way that makes sense. And the additional source of income isnt always in the foreground. A higher quality of food can help round out a travel concept in a way that is very noticeable to the passenger, which can result in perceived value being influenced very positively.

    LSG Sky Chefs, EDNA International GmbH, Rudolf Achenbach GmbH & Co. KG, Frenzel GmbH, TM Technischer Gertebau GmbH,

    SetraShow, Neu-Ulm (Germany)11/8-09/2014With over 2,100 visitors from more than seven countries, the Setra- Show has established itself as the leading platform for detailed presentation of our IAA innovations, and as a key Setra get-together. Due to the popularity of the event, the programme at the Neu-Ulm brand location has been continuously expanded in recent years. The main focus of the event, of course, were the very detailed vehicle presentations with all the IAA highlights as well as many other exhibits and test-drive vehicles. At the Setra CustomerCenter, three vehicles could be experienced which had celebrated their world premieres just three weeks earlier at the International Motor Show in Hanover: the S 515 MD, the S 511 HD, as well as the S 416 LE business. Other IAA vehicles, the S 516 HDH and the S 431 DT double-decker were also extensively visited. The IAA exhibition vehicle from the UL business range and the S 519 HD and S 415 UL were available for visitor test drives. The two new S MD 515 middle-deckers and MD 516 S and S 415 LE business, the TopClass 500 S 516 HDH and ComfortClass 500 S 515 HD were available for test drives as well. Over 180 visitors had the opportunity to experience the new vehicles, and many more took advantage of the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the vehicles as passengers.In addition to vehicle presentations, there were many activities for children, factory tours and the opportunity to visit the Setra classic coach collection. A brand-new highlight this year at the SetraShow was the presentation of a sector-specific topic: on-board catering. Under the theme Enhancing the food experience on board we had invited catering professionals who were represented with their own stands at the SetraShow. On both Saturday and Sunday, they shared their expertise with customers in a dedicated forum and took part in an open discussion. This is an all-new format which will be continued in the future (see also the article on food experience on the left).Traditionally, our service partners have always played an important role at the SetraShow, especially OMNIplus whose coffee bar served as an important meeting point for discussions. The FleetBoard telematics specialists and GEFA were also on site. The experts from the Mercedes-Benz Bank, who surprised visitors to the show with a special financing offer, were also very much in demand.An important note for all fans of the SetraShow: in the future, the event will be held every two years. The next date in Neu-Ulm will once again be in the same year as the IAA namely on 12 and 13 November 2016.

    Setra Get-togethers | 3130 | Setra Get-togethers

    RDA Workshop, Cologne (Germany)7/21-23/2015Every year, tour operators, travel agencies, bus operators and manu- facturers from over 40 countries meet at the RDA Workshop, Europes leading trade show for group travel. In 2015, Setras presentation concept is closely based on last years successful stand concept. This year, the focus of interest will be an attractive Setra coach with the latest Euro VI generation: an S 511 HD. At the OMNIplus coffee bar, visitors will once again get to enjoy tasty coffee specialties. And finally, interested visitors will also have an opportunity to find out about BusStore, the largest European pre-owned coach and bus brand, and its extensive offering.

    Busworld, Kortrijk (Belgium)10/16-21/2015In recent years, Busworld has strengthened its role as the main bus exhibition in Europe. Also in 2015, over 30,000 visitors are expected in the West Flanders Belgian province. Close to 400 exhibitors are expected to be present on site with their offerings. In Hall 5, the Daimler Buses brands will present themselves to visitors at a newly designed, close to 2,600 m2 stand. Setra will be showing its clients, fans and press representatives an impressive cross-section of its diverse selection of products. Like last year, several vehicles will be available for test drives outside. The OMNIplus service brand, the FleetBoard telematics service, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and the BusStore pre-owned coach and bus brand will also all be in Kortrijk.

    RNTP, Lyon (France)9/30-10/2/2015The RNTP, the French trade show for public transport, takes place every year in a different city in France. This year, 160 exhibitors and close to 5,000 visitors are expected in the Southern French city of Lyon. The Setra highlight at the Daimler Buses stand will be an S 415 LE business. In France, the Low Entry segment has increased disproportionately, also in comparison with other countries, so it is anticipated that the new vehicle will be met with great interest. The RNTP will be one of several measures and event packages on the part of EvoBus France to support the launch of the new Low Entry. These included a winter tour in the French Alps at the beginning of the year, where the vehicle was presented in great detail to interested customers. The LE business, with its low-floor entry and spacious special use area is especially well suited for transporting skiers to the lift stations.

    Upcoming exhibitions

    Enhancing the food experience on board

    Early in the morning at the SetraShow: the experts are ready to welcome visitors to the exhibition.

  • Setra Get-togethers | 33

    The Setra classic coach collection keeps the great

    brand heritage alive. Ottmar Steiner, as a mechanic and

    organiser, passionately takes care of the 18 historic

    coaches which are far too roadworthy to be placed in

    the museum.

    Setra Heritage the classic coach collection

    The brands treasures

    K eeping the Setra brand tradition alive was very important to Otto Kssbohrer as early as in the 1970s. The coach builder had planned to tell the history of the brand to future generations as vividly as possible by means of typical milestones. For this reason, the historic Setra models from the classic coach collection are not located in the museum. Instead, they travel to trade shows, customer anniversaries, classic coach and media events as living exhibits. From the oldest model, the coach-like 1911 Wiblinger Bus, all the way through to the most recent, a perfectly maintained 1996 Setra S 315 HDH. And in between, fans will find the key models from most of the series. An extraordinary appreciation of the brands heritage and a deeply felt passion for coach construction, however, arent only experienced on the road but above all through the maintenance and care the classic coaches are accorded every day.

    Ottmar Steiner: keeper of the treasuresOttmar Steiner has been taking care of the coaches in the collection for the past 15 years, as a mechanic, restorer and driver. He prepared all 18 exhibits technically and visually on the lifting platform in the 250-square-metre workshop, to preserve their original condition and the fascinating patina of the vehicles. Five of the coaches are always in running order. In the summer, Steiner drives them to their various destinations. And in the winter, they travel with him in a specially constructed, closed low-loader truck. Everyone at Setra shares this passion for coaches, from the clerk all the way through to management. Without this amazing support, the classic coach collection would be nothing more than a dream, says Steiner. The shelving units in the Setra classic coach collections parts ware-house stretch up to the ceiling, and they are filled with the rich legacy of 70 years of coach engineering. We have at least one spare engine and transmission available for each model, says Steiner. Building a working engine from two defective ones is an absolute highlight for me. Even if it takes six months.

    The classic coach workshops first-aid programmeBefore a historic coach can be beautified and brought back to life, it first has to find its way back to Setra. And Steiner sometimes experiences an emotional rollercoaster to make this happen. Not too long ago, a tour operator from Nice told him about a well-preserved 1975 Setra S 200 which was stored in one of his halls. Steiner, the coach hunter, was on the next available flight anticipating a vehicle that had been ideally preserved in the Cte dAzurs mild climate. What he found there, however, shocked him. Instead of being coated in a delicate patina, the old three-axle coach was almost hidden under a thick layer of dirt. Steiners experience as a collector told him that this wreck should most probably be brought to the closest scrap dealer. But then he thought: before flying home, its worth at least a try to get the engine started. As he turned the ignition key, he experienced a small miracle: the 40-year-old coach fired to life as if it had driven a tour group to the Promenade des Anglais just yesterday. Steiner could hardly believe his luck. Over the next three days, he put the classic coach collections proven first-aid programme to the test. He meticulously washed the coach, filled the oil, air and diesel, checked the brakes and repaired the main seals. Then he drove the somewhat revived S 200 the entire 740 kilometres to Neu-Ulm without a single breakdown.I can hardly imagine anything more wonderful, says Ottmar Steiner about the time he spends with the classic coaches every day. In spite of the excellent condition of the Setra classic coach car collection, someone like Steiner never actually feels like his work is done. I would love to get my hands on a coach from the 100 series, preferably one with a panoramic roof, says Steiner. Then he buttons up his workshop smock. The S 200 from Nice with the tarnished double glazing urgently needs to have its new windows installed.

    Ottmar Steiner, 59 years old, has been taking care of the Setra classic coach collection since 2000. After having held various positions in the Daimler truck division, and after 45 years as a bus mechanic first at Kssbohrer, then at EvoBus, Ottmar Steiner will be entering his well earned retirement in November 2015. His successor has already been selected.

    I can hardly

    imagine anything


  • D emographic change is a daily reality for Edwin Besseling. More and more older people are taking advantage of the tours and travel offerings from the Dutch taxi and bus operator in Amersfoort. The company is seeing increasing numbers of passengers with very limited mobility who need to be moved by wheelchair. The Besseling family business successfully adapted to these changing demographics when they added a Setra S 417 UL MultiClass with wheelchair equipment to their fleet. Besselings initiative was met with enthusiastic demand. Senior residences as well as facilities for people with disabilities are now regularly booking the family business buses for rides to and from daycare centres, for single or multi-day excursions, and for cultural or tourist visits to Utrecht or Amsterdam.

    The requirements for the equipment were very high, explains Edwin Besseling, who is responsible for passenger transportation in the company: We were looking for a way to promote mixed groups including wheelchair users and non-disabled passengers. The coach also had to be suitable for standard tour and excursion services and therefore offer high-level versatility. Of course, this all had to be possible without extensive and expensive conversion. At Setra, we quickly found exactly what we needed.For applications with wheelchair-friendly equipment, the choice fell on a MultiClass S 417 UL. From the operators perspective, there

    were several reasons to opt for this model. The standard-equipment, double-width door at the middle entrance can be equipped ex factory with an electro-hydraulically driven cassette lift for wheelchairs. The 14-metre-long vehicle also has a sufficiently high passenger capacity to enable groups of up to 50 people to be transported in spite of the wheelchair spaces. And last but not least, the all-rounder with the optional touring front and low floor is a real double earner as ideally suited for touring applications as it is for student transport or interurban services.Setra introduced a special seating version to its range specifically for wheelchair conversions where the seat frames are not bolted to the side wall and the floor, as they normally would be. Rather, the double seats come with a quick-change frame, which is anchored in the so-called airline rails on the floor. These aluminium rails with patented perforated sections are equally suitable for mounting seats as for securing wheelchairs. By means of a quick-lock fastener, the double seats can be easily released and removed from their anchoring. This creates space for a wheelchair, which can then be quickly secured to the airline rail via four safety straps. Another safety belt is used to secure the passenger in the wheelchair. At 1,300 millimetres per wheelchair space, up to 14 wheelchair spaces can be created with

    the equivalent of 21 standard passenger seats along the entire length of the vehicle. In practice, however, an average of five to six wheel-chair spaces per travel group have proven to be sufficient.A useful addition to the airline rails are elevated platforms, which are also available on the equipment list for UL MultiClass versions. The advantage of the 330-millimetre-high platforms is that they are even with the wheel arches which is ideal for wheelchairs. Additionally, the luggage compartment size is increased by close to 6.3 cubic metres enough to satisfy luggage requirements for multi-day trips. A built-up central aisle in the area behind the middle door and a mobile wood flooring for the aisle in the front area are also recom-mended. Once lifted to the floor level, wheelchairs can be easily manoeuvred throughout the entire coach.For Besseling in Amersfoort, the Setra MultiClass S 417 UL with wheelchair equipment not only guarantees mobility, but also a successful business strategy. Three to four times a week, Besseling deploys the bus for groups with wheelchairs. On all other days, the all-rounder earns its keep with interurban, school and touring applications.

    The Netherlands an S 417 UL with wheelchair-friendly equipment

    A flexible solution for greater mobility

    34 | Setra Customised

    Seat frames and wheelchair safety straps are securely anchored to the airline rails on the floor and can be quickly installed and removed.

    A wheelchair requires 1,300 millimetres of space, which means that one double seat is removed. Four straps secure the wheelchair to the front and back.

    With the cassette lift in the double-width door, wheelchair users can access the passenger area safely and comfortably.

    The Setra S 417 UL of the Besseling family business.

    Group bus rides for people

    with and without limited

    mobility can represent an

    attractive addition to the range

    of services offered by opera-

    tors provided that the vehicle

    in question is equipped to

    carry wheelchairs. To this end,

    Setra offers great solutions ex

    factory for exceptionally

    versatile coaches and buses,

    as demonstrated by the

    MultiClass S 417 UL.

    Setra Customised | 35

  • 06 | Setra Treffpunkte

    Never losing sight

    of tire pressure

    Setra Customised | 3736 | Setra Fascination & technology

    T he actual contact area between the coachs tires and the road is only around palm size and yet, it is crucial to both safety and efficiency.The TPM tire pressure monitoring system plays an important role here. It is used to monitor the vehicles tire pressure in view of preventing dangerous situations caused by incorrect tire pressure, or to recognise them early on. Tire pressure which is too low leads to an increase in temperature in the tire, decreasing its carrying capacity which can result in a tire blowout.Running with the ideal tire pressure can also save fuel and prevent unnecessary tire wear. Tire pressure which is ten per cent too low increases fuel consumption by around two per cent. In the case of a touring coach, this can quickly add up to between 500 to 1,000 Euros a year. Too little pressure also means more tire flexing and therefore lower performance tire pressure that is too low by 10 per cent can reduce operational performance by close to 15 per cent.

    With the optionally available TPM tire pressure monitoring system for all Setra coaches, tire pressure can be conveniently called up before beginning the journey with the touch of a button in the cockpit, and read on the instrument cluster. Should dangerous deviations from the target value arise while driving, the d