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  1. 1. Wilson Learning International was initiated 40 years ago in the US and is now the worlds biggest global executive development provider. With more than 3.000 accredited trainers present in 38 countries, Wilson Learning has been supporting leading organizations from all industries achieve measurable business objectives through Leadership & Management, Sales and Customer Service modular content supported by measurement and assessment know how and technology.Athens Amsterdam Sofia Copenhagen Helsinki Istanbul Johannesburg London Lund Madrid Milan Mnchen OsloParis Bucharest Stuttgart Belgrade Stockholm Bogota Buenos Aires San Juan Santiago Minneapolis Orlando AtlantaBoston Chicago Detroit Los Angeles New York San Francisco Seoul Singapore Bangkok Hong Kong Kuala LumpurTokyo Fukuoka Nagoya Osaka Sydney Brisbane Melbourne Wellington
  2. 2. Wilson Learning Bulgaria has been fully operative since early 2006 with a team of accredited consultants who own a valuable business and line management professional background and are able to conduct Development Solutions in the local language. Until today in Bulgaria we have successfully supported financial, bank, pharmaceutical, FMCG and industrial organizations.
  3. 3. Mission... Helping H l i people and organizations achieve performance ldi ihi fwith fulfillment Wilson Learning willintegrate systems to linkhuman capabilities andcompany strategy forbusiness impact.
  4. 4. Human Performance Improvement ProcessPrepareApplyDevelopClient Organization New Capabilitiesthe Target Audience Manager Involved Manager InvolvedPreparePlanTarget AudiencePractice Activities Information Sheets In Office and In FieldPre-Work Apply Practice Activities Skills Planners TrainingExecute Learning Resources Information specific to development Adopt Implementation EvaluateGuides Planner Reflection6 Weeks Behavior Check List Pursue TargetOpportunities to Close Opportunity Win/Loss Impact Evaluation Performance TrackerManager InvolvedManager Involved
  5. 5. Areas of Expertise Energizing People to be Developing Leaders Successful and Fulfilled with Character and Skill Turning Salespeople into a Competitive Advantage
  6. 6. Impact of HPI Approach on Sales Productivity
  7. 7. The Wilson Learning Sales Effectiveness Model
  8. 8. Sales Effectiveness SpanStrategist Focus Consultant Focus Selling CompetitiveCreating CompetitiveBusiness SolutionsBusiness Solutions Consulting withClients Negotiating The Versatile to YesSalesperson CSP/CP Inbound Sales Excellence Managing Sales The Sales Performance Navigator
  9. 9. The Counselor Sales Approach and its Impact on Sales Effectiveness Salespeople received basic selling skills training Salespeople received consultative selling skills training (on the above skills plus a structured process for establishing aconsultative relationship) Salespeople received the consultative approach plus specialized advanced consulting skills: - analysis of the impact of switching costs on a customers buying Decision - how to analyze a customers value chain - how to determine industry and customer critical success factors - how to have a strategy-level discussion with senior executives
  10. 10. i iNegotiating to Yes yg Based on the work of Dr. William Ury of the Harvard Negotiation Team Teaches how to focus on the interests (as opposed to positions or price) Build skills in questioning, listening, problem-solving, persuading and countering bargaining tactics. g g g Wilson Learning Worldwide Inc. Dr. Ury Intro Dvd
  11. 11. Sales Effectiveness SuiteThe Counsellor SalespersonPhysician Focused SellingCounselor ProspectingThe Consultative ProcessConsulting with ClientsTurning Information into Sales: An Approach to Advanced DiscoveryThe Versatile SalespersonNegotiating To YesInbound Sales ExcellenceSales Advantage PortalCreating Competitive Business SolutionsAligning Sales Process with Business StrategyBuying Behaviors and Value Creating StrategiesDiscovering Customer Critical Success FactorsLinking Your Customers Business ProcessesDifferentiating Business Solutions
  12. 12. Customer Service Excellence Suite Signature Customer Service: The Key toCustomer SatisfactionManaging Signature ServiceInbound Sales Excellence (for Callcenters)The Power of VersatilityConsulting with ClientsThe Consultative ProcessBuilding Relationship Versatility: SocialStyles at Work
  13. 13. The Wilson Learning Integrated Leadership ModelGrowth LeaderPerformance Leader Strategic Leader
  14. 14. The Leadership Growth CurveFormative Normative IntegrativeDevelopment Focus Alignment Focus Change FocusLeading ffor Leading ffrom Within The Leader ManagerPerformanceLeading for Growth Leading in Challenging Building R l ti hi B ildi Relationship Times Ti Versatility Creating Team MasteryInnovation in Action Negotiating to Yes Front-line Front line ManagerMiddle ManagerSenior Manager
  15. 15. Leadership Eff ti L d hi Effectiveness T i i S itTraining SuiteLeadership Effectiveness Leader Navigator Performance Leadership Growth Leadership The Leader Manager Leading For PerformanceLeading From WithinLeading For Growth Interviewing for SelectionCoaching for Performance Working StylesManaging Conflict Leading in Challenging TimesCommunicating with PurposeMeeting Leadership Challenges Negotiating to Yes Delegating with ConfidenceManaging Time Wisely Motivating for ResultsBuilding High Performance Teams Problem Solving Managing Styles in Conflict Goal Setting for SuccessReviewing Performance Creating an Empowering EnvironmentTaking Smart RisksCreating Team MasteryHigh PerformanceHigh-Performance Team workshop Managing Human Performance The Leader Manager
  16. 16. The L d Th Leader- MManager PPerspective ti Leadership and Management IntegrationLeadershipManagement FulfillmentPerformance Why?How? Inspiration I i tiClarification Cl ifi ti ServiceFinancial FactorsStrategy Operations Breakthrough ImprovementVersatilityConsistency AlignmentgAccountability y
  17. 17. Individual & Communication Effectiveness The Leader Manager Leading for Growth L di f Gth Building Relationship Versatility: Social Styles at Worky Social Style Series Leading from Within Consulting with Clients The Consultative Process UPFRONT: Persuasion through Presentation
  18. 18. Assessment and Measurement for Selection and Development DefineStrategic W k P filiSt t i Work ProfilingAttract Realistic Job PreviewsScreenPerformance-Based Interviews Telephone Assessment SelectPerformance-Based Interviews Assessment CentersHIRE Pre/Post Measurement Tools 360 FeedbackDevelopDevelopment CentersCertifyLeadership Coaching Career Planning, Succession Planning Organisational SurveysRetain
  19. 19. The Wilson Learning Difference Latest tested concepts Researched models and validated technology Complete range of products and capabilities Integrated custom solutions Results-driven learning Global reach, local responsiveness Distinctive subject-matter expertise Local language capability Measurement capability
  20. 20. Thank Y Th k You Please contact us at:Wilson Learning BulgariaTel: 02/ 962 8659Tel/fax: 02/ 962 8347T l/f/ 6 8 office@wilsonlearningbulgaria.comwww.wilsonlearning.com