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  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


    f o r p e o p l e w h o c a r e a b o u T h u m a n r i g h Ts january / february 2012 VOLuMe 42 ISSue 001

    iT rainsbombs inThe souThof sudanaboriginal peopleresisT ThreaTs To

    homelands in ausTralia

    The lives ofmigranT workers

  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International



    1wire [ Jan/feb 2012]

    insideThis wire

    acT nowworldwide appealsread, disTribuTe, acTsee our inserT

    updaTes on page 21

    The agendaNews from Amnesty Internationals regional teams and

    campaigns. Sign and send a posTcard demanding securityof tenure for slum residents in Cairo.

    page 2

    a migranTs JourneYMigrants face various risks and challenges every

    day of their lives. Three campaigns to know about.roberT godden , giorgos kosmopoulos and

    sarah shebbeare .

    page 8

    The sTruggle for JusTicedoesnT end wiTh me

    How did the execution of Troy Davis affect thecampaign to end the death penalty?

    roseann rife

    page 13

    aboriginal peoples homelands inJeopardY in ausTralia

    Support the Alyawarr and Anmatyerr Peoples asthey struggle to keep their homelands and

    traditional way of life. sarah marland

    page 16

    deaTh from The skiesThe Sudanese authorities are bombing civiliansin Southern Kordofan. It is time for theinternational community to act to stopthe killings, says khairunissa dhala.

    page 4

    living in hellChilling testimonies from Yodok, one of NorthKoreas political prison camps.

    page 14

    wire inTerviewThe people of Central African Republic have been facingdecades of conflict and abuse. Human rights defenderlewis-aleXis mbolinani talks to wire .

    page 18

    irans killing spreeExecutions of drug offenders are on the rise in Iran.

    ann harrison

    page 12

  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


    Middle East and North Africa

    Forced evictions inEgypt

    People living in dangerous conditionsin some of Egypts slums faceeviction without being consultedabout their resettlement options.Many are at risk of being madehomeless. In September, AmnestyInternational brought children fromfive slums to the banks of the Nile toperform theatre plays and dances atthe First Arabic Book Fair, and usedpublications and photos to raiseawareness of forced evictions inAfrica.http://ti l.com/ g ptsl msSig d s d th postc d i th i s t,

    gi g eg pts P im Mi ist to p v to c d victio s.

    Asia and the Pacific

    Japan backtrackson death penaltyJapans Justice Minister HideoHiraoka is under pressure to signdeath warrants, despite a recentannouncement that he would notapprove executions. Hideo Hiraokarecently committed to suspendexecutions until Japans use of thedeath penalty had been reviewed.However, with the review still inprogress, the Minister announced

    in October that he did not intend to

    end capital punishment. There arecurrently 126 people on death rowin Japan.http://ti l.com/ p dp


    Ugandan journalistsunder attackJournalists in Uganda areincreasingly being harassed forexpressing views deemed critical of the authorities. Meanwhile, publicprotests have been banned and fourpolitical activists charged with treason,a capital offence, for organizingprotests. The Ugandan authoritiesare creating a climate where it isbecoming increasingly difficult forpeople to freely criticize governmentofficials, their policies or practices,said Amnesty InternationalsResearcher Godfrey Odongo.http://ti l.com/ g d o lists

    2wire [ Jan/feb 2012]


    Success inancestral land battleThe Sawhoyamaxa Indigenouscommunity in Paraguay could soonreturn to their ancestral land followingan agreement by the authorities topurchase a 14,404-hectares plot.Ninety Sawhoyamaxa families havefought a legal battle to return to aportion of their lands, while living inprecarious conditions alongside anearby highway. The community hascampaigned for years with the helpof local and international groups,including Amnesty International.http://ti l.com/l dwi

    Europe and Central Asia

    Finland mustinvestigaterenditionsThe Finnish Ministry for ForeignAffairs has published informationrevealing more than 100 landings inFinland by aircraft linked to the CIAsrendition and secret detentionprogrammes. However, the Ministrysaid that they were only seekingclarification from the USA on oneflight. Amnesty International is callingon Finland to investigate further anddetermine whether USA renditionflights landed in the country.http://ti l.com/ l dights

    Syria Uprising

    Syrian activist killedActivist Ghayath Mattar is reported tohave been killed in custody followinghis arrest by Syrian security forces on6 September. His body was returnedto his family on 10 September. Fourother Syrian activists arrested at thesame time are in grave danger. Act

    on their behalf at www. so s i .o g

    C ll i Lib ria Mo roviaC ral Pri o ar oov rcrowd d ha om

    pri o r l p ohammock mad frommp y ric ba i d o h

    c ll bar a d wi dow .Am y I r a io al hacall d o Lib ria oimprov h appallico di io wi d ifour of h cou ry 15pri o .

    http://ti l.com/li i -p iso s

    News from Amnesty Internationals regional teams and campaigns



    22journalists and mediaworkers killedin Russiabetween 2000 and 2010.(Source: Committee for the Protection of Journalists)

    http://ti l.com/ s ls2

    Hundreds of thousands of peoplejoined our annual letter writingmarathon. Find out more onwww. m st .o g/50

  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


    The agenda

    3wire [ Jan/feb 2012]

    I a g st 2009, th nig i riv sSt t gov m t o ci l vict d

    p to 17,000 sid ts o n m z ,o o th i o m l s ttl m ts iPo t H co ts w t o ts.

    M o th old sid ts h vsi c t d to th i vill g s. b twith o wo k th , m o g

    m d wom h v st d i thcit . Wh t h pp d to th m two

    s t th victio ? W t v ll dto Po t H co t to i d o t.

    W m t g o p o o g wom i igh o i gw t o t. Wh t w wit ss d w s shocki g. Th wom shti ooms i ho s s m k d o d molitio . M p g to h v i s, d c ot o d ood o ss ti l m dici s.

    b o th 2009 victio , ll th s o g wom wlivi g with th i p ts, st d i g d s ppo ti g th mil

    with i o m l o s. W s d to l d w co ld to w w t to d, o wom told s. Th i liv s in m z w h d, o do t, t th w dig i d. a tth victio , th wom h v l t with othi g. now,th st ggl to h v v o m l d .

    M wom h v o optio t to s ll s x to s viv . Ths d som o th mo to th i mili s. C imi l g gsp o th wom , xto ti g th mo th . Th ss m g gs, d oth m , lso t th i ooms t ight

    d p th m. Wh th wom st d, polic o c sd m d mo , which th s ll do ot h v , o s x ol tti g th m go.

    W sk d th wom wh t am st I t tio l c do.Th s id th t st o ll, th w t s to t ll th i sto i s. Th

    lso d cid d to p ot ct th i ow ights d s t p l ttwo k, which will t k ctio wh o o th m is st d.

    W will co ti to sp k to n m z s o g wom . Ith m tim , w doc m ti g wh t w o d d will

    m ki g comm d tio s to th nig i tho iti s owh t th d to do. Th tho iti s sho ld k ow: wh thd st o hom s, th lso d st o liv s.

    Up front

    Life after eviction:The youngwomen ofNjemanzeR arch rAsteR VAnKRegten

    Death Penalty

    Executions breachinternational lawOn 21 September, the day the USAexecuted Troy Davis (see p.13), Iranpublicly hanged 17-year-old AlirezaMolla-Soltani despite internationalprohibitions against executing

    juveniles. The same day, Chinaexecuted Pakistani national ZahidHusain Shah for drug smuggling,even though drug offences do notmeet the threshold for most seriouscrimes under international law.http://ti l.com/t o dp

    Global Ethics Series

    The Human Right to HealthA new publication from AmnestyInternational Global Ethics series isout in February 2011. The HumanRight to Health explores currentdebates and ideas on the right tohealth. The book examines the ideaof a human right assesses whetherhealth meets those criteria andidentifies the political and culturalrealities we face in attempts toimprove the health of people in wildlydifferent regions.The author,Jonathan Wolff, is a professor of philosophy at university CollegeLondon, UK. Available in English only.

    http://ti l.com/H lth-f 2012

    (truly women have a place, trulywomen have a face and truly the worldhas not been functioning well withoutthe input, in every sphere, of women.

    Leymah Gbowee, one of three womenawarded the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize


    2years in prisonfor three Azerbaijani

    opposition activistswho organized peacefulpro-reform protests.

    l ttWant yourviews andcomments toappear in TheAgenda? Writeto us atyourwire@amnesty.org

    Glenna Gordon

    Above and top: Asterspeaking to womenevicted from Njemanze.


    m n e s

    t y I n t e r n a t

    i o n a l

  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


    4wire [ Jan/feb 2012]

    deaThfrom The s

    c t t s t kt s t t t y

    t s t s . w , , t

    t t y. ckhairunissa dhala t .


    a r s t e n

    S t o r m e r

  • 8/3/2019 WIRE Amnesty International


    souThern sudan

    5wire [ Jan/feb 2012]

    Kadugli, the capital of Southern Kordofan, and UmDurein, and quickly spread to other towns andvillages. On 1 September, it reached neighbouringBlue Nile state.

    Tensions had been growing between Sudansruling National Congress Party (NCP), and the

    ruling party of the newly independent SouthSudan, the Sudan Peop