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    SESSION 2016-2017



    Each child has to do all the homework assignments given for each subject. Charts and Models have to be decorated as per the topic of the Annual Exhibition. All the assignments are to be done as per the instructions given by the subject teacher Date of submission of Holiday Homework will be from 15th January to 20th January, 2017. Submit your Home Work to respective Subject Teacher during the given dates.

    Help Line: Ms.Pooja BhanotMobile No.:9953812421 , Ms.Nitu Agarwal Mobile No :8650301516

    D P S G I n t . / A c a d . P l a n / A . S . : 2 0 1 6 - 1 7


    Spiral:Do Question 4 from Articles and Speech Question Bank in Note Book, Do Worksheet of Song of

    Rain, Do Question Bank of Novel-Questions 36, 40, 44 and 46, Questions based on Theme: Questions

    11, 14 and 19.


    Spiral work-saMvaad laoKna-p`Sna 4, iva&apna laoKna -p`Sna 4


    Exemplar: Chapter 9: Ex 9.1 and Ex - 9.2 in book, Ex - 9.3 and Ex 9.4 (Odd numbered questions in

    Exemplar Register)

    Spiral: Chapter 9: Level 1 and Level 2 (Odd numbered questions in Spiral)

    NCERT: Chapter 10: Ex 10.1 in book, Ex 10.2 in IP Register, Ex 10.3 in IP Register.


    Physics: Spiral Worksheet of Work, Energy and Power

    Chemistry: Spiral Worksheet of Atoms and Molecules

    Biology: Exemplar Ch 13 Long Answers Q30 to Q39.


    History: Spiral Worksheet Chapter 7- The Story of Cricket

    Political Science: Spiral Worksheet Chapter 5 Working of Institutions

    Geography: Give a detailed account of any one National Park/Bird Sanctuary of India. It should be of

    atleast 2 pages, handwritten, supported by pictures, maps, and written in Geography note book.


    Faites le travelogue pour la France par utilisent A4 carnet


    Complete the Exercises of Chapter 5 HTML II


    Complete the Exercises of Chapter 9 Spreadsheet Software


    D P S G I n t . / A c a d . P l a n / A . S . : 2 0 1 6 - 1 7

  • Class IX A

    Theme: Indian Politics in the last Two Decades

    Roll No. Students Name Task to be done


    Deepali Midha

    Information on Chief Ministers of

    States and the ruling Party


    Ishwar Kaushik

    Cut outs of Mr. Narendra Modi,

    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    3. Bishakha Gagroo

    Details of National Party BJP

    4. Yagya Gupta

    Details of Alliance Party NDA

    5. Anshuman Jain

    Model of Parliament

    6. Tanya Anand

    Details of National Party BSP

    7. Keshav Munjal

    Cut Outs of Smt. Indira Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

    8. Pragati Juneja

    Details of Alliance Party UPA

    9. Harshmeet S. Kumar

    Model of Lok Sabha

    10. Pratham Sehgal

    Details of The Prime Ministers of India till date

    11. Harsh Khamankar

    Details on The Election Process

    12. Manika Kaushik

    Details of National Party CPI

    13. Anuj Sharma

    Details of Presidents of India till date

    14. Vansh Sharma

    Model of EVM

    15. Shoaib Khan

    Information on Lok Sabha

    16. Niyati Verma

    Details of National Party CPI (M)

    17. Riddhi Kansal

    Details of INC

    18. Aviral Srivastava

    Cut Outs of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

    19. Anirudh Tyagi

    Information on Rajya Sabha

    20. Ram Swami

    Model of Rajya Sabha

    21. Madhav Goel

    Model of Central Hall

    22. Harshita Goel

    Details of Regional Parties of India (Any 5)

    23. Akhil Garg

    Information on Parliament

    24. Aditi Juneja

    Details of Regional Parties of India (Any 5)

    25. Mohd. Aatif Ayyub

    Cut Outs of Mr. L.K. Advani, Ms. Jailalita, Ms. Mamta Banerjee

    26. Vibhor Puri

    Cut Outs of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    27. Jeevanshi Tyagi

    Information on EVM

    28. Shonit Tyagi

    Information on EVM


    Theme:Indian Economy in last Two Decades

    29. Himani Garg

    Details of National Party NCP

    30. Ritika Garg

    Information on Central Hall

    31. Shashwat Gangwar

    Cut Outs of Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu

    S.No. Name of Student Project Details


    Divyush Goel

    A chart on the 1st 5 year



    Akshat Tyagi

    A chart on the 2nd 5 year


    3. Vansh Rastogi A chart on Globalization

    4. AlishbaAnis Model/ Cut Out Of RBI

    5. ManyaNangia Model/ Cut Out Of WTO

    6. Samiksha Garg Model/ Cut Out IMF

    7. Mayank Tyagi A chart on the 3rd 5 year plan.

    8. Suhani Singh Model/ Cut Out Of BPO

    9. Krishna Garg A chart on Liberalization

    10. Srishti Tyagi Model on White Revolution

    11. Aditya Yadav A chart on the 4th 5 year plan.

    12. Yash Sharma A chart on the 5th 5 year plan.

    13. Rashid Baig A Chart on ATM

    14. Ayush Raj A chart on the 6th 5 year plan.

    15. Sparsh Agarwal A chart on Privatization

    16. Vansh Sharma A chart on the 7th 5 year plan.

    17. Udit Bansal A chart on the 8th 5 year plan.

    18. KartikChanana A Chart on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

    19. ShauryaMaheshwari A Chart on Demonetization (benefits)

    20. DevanshKhurana A chart on 10th 5 year plan

    21. Anuva Tyagi Model/ Cut Out of Make In India

    22. HarshitAnanad A Chart on Demonetization (drawbacks)

    23. Deepanshu Chaudhary A chart on 11th 5 year plan

    24. Parth Agarwal A Chart on Outsourcing of Jobs

    25. Priyansh Sharma A Chart on Changes in Indian Currency

    26. TarunPratap Singh A Chart on Skill India - Benefits

    27. Aryan Goel A Chart on GST Bill

  • 28. Shashank Sharma A Chart on New Economic Policy

    29. VanshikaSinghal A Model of Green Revolution

    30. ArpitaSinghal A Model of Green Revolution

    31. Manu Chaudhary A chart on 12th 5 year plan

    32. Parth Agarwal A Chart on Planning Commission- NitiAyog

    33. Vishnu Sharma A chart on the 9th 5 year plan.

    34. Ishika Kansal A Model of A Mall

    35. Akshika Kansal A Model of A Mall