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Wining By Losing

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‘BiggEst Loser’ challenge brings competitive fun to Big ‘E’ fitness

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  • BiggEst Loser challenge brings competitive fun to Big E fitness

    SHUTTLEtheUSS Enterprise (CVN 65) - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    Pictured: Enterprise Fit Boss Ashley L. EppersonPhoto by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Austin Rooney


  • HappeningsSHUTTLEthe Tuesday, January 25, 2011Page 2

    Pedal on

    Q: How many electric motor driven fire pumps are on board Enterprise?

    A: 17

    ESWS QUESTION OF THE DAYThe Shuttle is published and printed daily underway and weekly in port by the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) Media Department, FPO AE 09543-2810. This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Please direct all story ideas, questions and comments to MC3 Peter Melkus at [email protected]

    SHUTTLEtheUSS Enterprise (CVN 65)

    Public Affairs OfficerLt. Cmdr. Sarah T. Self-Kyler

    Command Master ChiefCMDCM (AW/SW) Keith G. Oxley

    Executive OfficerCapt. Ryan Scholl

    Commanding OfficerCapt. Dee L. Mewbourne

    Tax Assistance

    Big E

    EditorMC3 Peter Melkus

    Get into ship shape with the Big E Fitness Team!

    25TUE 302926 SAT SUNWEDAdvanced Spin/Cycle1430-1530(Max = 7)

    ITCS HendersonYoga

    (Stretch It Out)1700-1800

    HM1 WesleyGet it Right, Get

    it Tight1800-1845

    HM1 Wesley

    Spin/Cycle1300-1400(Max = 7)IT1 Sherry

    CNPHCardio Kickboxing

    1600-1700AOC Wong

    Cardio Kickboxing0500-0600

    IC1 Douglas

    Advanced Spin/Cycle2000-2100(Max = 7)IT1 Sherry



    Need some cash?Disbursing will be conducting CASH OUT (withdraw from Navy Cash account and/or cash checks) through Tuesday, Jan. 25 Maximum daily check cashing amounts are as follows: E-7 and above $500, E-4-E6 $300, and E1-E-3 $200. Those with suspended accounts due to a negative balance on their Navy Cash account will not be allowed to cash checks until their account is in good standing.

    Interior Communications Electrician 1st Class (SW/AW) Jason J. Pepino and Electricians Mate Fireman Christopher J. Delgado participate in a spin class in the hangar bay aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65).

    Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jared M. King


    STA-21 ApplicationsFor those desiring to apply for the 2012 Seaman to Admiral (STA-21) program, you must have an approved request chit signed by the CO in order to apply. Requests to apply must be received by the ESO Office by Feb. 1, 2011 (requests only need to be signed up to HOD level at this point). Requests must include the program option you are applying for and name of your selected sponsor. ACT/SAT and ASTB scores are required for application. If you need to take the ASTB test, stop by the ESO Office to schedule an appointment.

    Professional Military Knowledge Get ready for the March advancement exams now! PMK training will be conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday until Tuesday, March 15, and a BMR review on Saturday, March 12 and Monday through Wednesday, March 14-16. Training sessions are at 1300 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 1900 on Saturdays on the aft mess decks. For questions or concerns, please contact ET1 Schwartz or PS1 C. Brown via e-mail or J-6560/J-7095.

    ENTERPRISE VITA representatives will be providing basic tax services for all crew members onboard. The following documents are required: - W-2s - If filling head of household: Birth Certificates and social security cards of dependant children - If filing married jointly, marriage certificate - If filing married separately, spouses SSN - Dependant or child care expenses statement - Bank interest statement(s)Times and places will be announced after the port visit via e-mail and POD. If you have experience with the VITA program, your help is greatly appreciated. Contact ACC Garland at J-dial 6737/7861.

  • SHUTTLEthe Page 3Tuesday, January 25, 2011

    By MC3 Alex R. ForsterUSS Enterprise Public Affairs

    Enterprise NewsEnterprise hosts fitness contest

    Sailors participating in the first BiggEst Loser Challenge aboard the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise engage in numerous physical conditioning exercises during the contests first fitness challenge Sunday in the ships hangar bay.

    Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Alex R. Forster

    Sailors work to take the big out of Big E

    USS ENTERPRISE, At sea As the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) continues operations in the U.S. 6th Fleet area of responsibility Jan. 25, Sailors aboard are getting themselves ship shape with the help of a new fitness challenge. The BiggEst Loser challenge inspired by the hit TV series will last for 12 weeks and focus on providing Sailors the opportunity to accomplish personal fitness goals. The contest supports the Navys culture of fitness initiative, which includes an all-hands commitment to well-rounded, regular physical conditioning and making healthy food choices. Recent changes to the evaluation and fitness report program, covered in NAVADMIN 083-10 highlight the importance of staying physically fit. With physical fitness assessment scores now being input into evaluations and

    gain, muscle toning, definition or self esteem-boosting, is welcome to join, said Epperson. For more information on the BiggEst Loser program, e-mail Ashley Epperson at [email protected]

    fitness reports, the link between staying fit and advancement has never been clearer. BiggEst Loser participants hope to increase their performance in the physical readiness test only a few weeks away. Sailors and Marines will be placed into groups of three and will earn points through team and individual events, said Ashley L. Epperson, the ships fit boss. The challenges will be point-driven and provide its participants a healthy, encouraging and competitive environment. The team and individual with the largest percentage of weight loss and total points will be declared the biggest losers, said Epperson. Sailors will weigh in weekly to keep them focused on their physical fitness goals. I personally want to look fabulous for my husband when I return, said Chief Hospital Corpsman (SW/AW) Teresa

    S. Somers, Dental departments leading chief petty officer. Any Sailor or Marine on board can participate. Anyone willing to make the steps toward improved fitness, whether it is weight loss, weight

  • SHUTTLEthe Tuesday, January 25, 2011Page 4

    AA Tool, a flag mess food service attendant assigned to Carrier Strike Group 12, joined the Navy nine months ago to defend the country he loves. Tool feels a great sense of pride for his job when he watches aircraft leave the flight deck loaded with ammunition in support of our troops. Tool is working hard to become a helicopter pilot and serve on one of our great aircraft carriers. He also plans to own a house within the next five years. In his spare time, Tool enjoys fishing and reading.

    Airman ApprenticeNicholas J. Tool - Sandy, Oregon

    AMAN Dehoyos, a combat line division plane captain assigned to the Red Rippers of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 11, joined the Navy two years ago to support his family. Dehoyos finds the most rewarding aspect of his job to be knowing that the jet I launched is going to complete an important mission. Dehoyos aspires to be a lawyer one day and always tries to set a good example for his family and friends. Dehoyos favorite down time activity is watching his 2-year-old son play sports.

    Information Systems Technician 3rd ClassChristopher J. Skaggs - Montgomery, West Virginia

    IT3 Skaggs, an encrypted data processor system administrator assigned to Combat Systems departments CS-3 division, joined the Navy to find direction in life. To Skaggs, the most rewarding aspect of his job is that hes allowed the opportunity to work in an environment where he does what he enjoys and can form a good career path. Skaggs aspires to obtain a degree in information systems technology and is working hard to earn an E-5 promotion before his first enlistment ends. During his spare time, Skaggs enjoys playing video games, modifying cars, making gadgets and dealing with anything technical.

    Photos by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Jesse L. Gonzalez

    Sailors of the DayAviation Structural Mechanic AirmanIsaac Dehoyos - San Antonio, Texas

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