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Text of Windows 7 X64 Mac OS X

Windows 7 X64 Mac OS X | 2.88 GB

This Operating system is based around Windows 7 Professional NWindows 7 x64 Mac OS X By Buster67

I claim no credit for creating this build..

Thanks to Buster67 from for letting me share this with you..

Author:Buster67Code name:Mac OS XLanguage:English USSize:2.88 GB (3,097,538,560 bytes) ISOArchitecture: 64-BitVersion based:7 Professional NLicense:30 days trial of Full Version

A very big thanks goes out to:NeuropassRazorsedge

This Operating system is based around Windows 7 Professional N.For those who do no know the "N" Series they comes with no Internet explorer or media player or center.

Added UpdatesWindows6.1-KB971468-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB972270-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB973525-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB974431-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB974571-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB975467-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB975560-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB976972-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB977074-x64.msuWindows6.1-KB978251-x64.msu

Pre-installed software:MSN mac style by RazorsedgeSpecial Firefox Mac style by Neuropass7-Zip_4.65flash10flash10activexiTunes X64Quicktime766Rocket Dock By Buster67Safari405UltraISO_PremiumWinRAR_3.80Tuneup utilities 2010

Windows Post Installer

Add Administrative Tools - Adds Administrative Tools to right click menuAdd Advanced System Properties - Adds Advanced System Properties to right click menuAdd Advanced User Acounts - Add Advanced User Acounts to right click menuAdd All The My Computer Right Click Apps with iconAdd Appearance - Adds Appearance to right click menuAdd Change Cursor - Adds Change Cursor to right click menuAdd Change Date and Time - Adds Change Date and Time to right click menuAdd Change Regional Settings - Adds Change Regional Settings to right click menuAdd Change Screen Saver - Adds Change Screen Saver to right click menuAdd Change Sound - Adds Change Sound to right click menuAdd Change Theme - Adds Change Theme to right click menuAdd Change Wallpaper - Adds Change Wallpaper to right click menuAdd Classic System Properties Option - Add Classic System Properties Option to right click menuAdd CMD prompt here - Adds CMD prompt to right click menuAdd copy to move to - Add copy to move to to right click menuAdd Desktop Icons Settings - Adds Desktop Icons Settings to right click menuAdd Device Manager - Add Device Manager to right click menuAdd DPI Scaling - Add DPI Scaling to right click menuAdd Empty Recycle Bin option - Add Empty Recycle Bin option to right click menuAdd Folder Options - Add Folder Options to context menuAdd Classic System properties - Add Classic System properties to right click menuAdd Fonts - Adds fonts to right click menuAdd Internet Options - Add Internet Options to right click menuAdd MSCONFIG - Add MSCONFIG to right click menuAdd Network Connections - Add Network Connections to right click menuAdd open with notepad - Add open with notepad to right click menuAdd Power Options - Add Power Options to right click menuAdd Printers - Add printers to right click menuAdd Programs and Features - Add Programs and Features to right click menuAdd Register DLL OCX AX - Adds register dll, ocx, ax to right click right click menuAdd Registry Editor - Add Registry Editor to right click menuAdd Run option - Add Run option to right click menuAdd Search option - Add Search option to right click menuAdd Security Center - Add Security Center to right click menuAdd Stop start aero - Adds the ability to start and stop aero to right click menuAdd System Properties - Add System Properties to right click menuAdd Take Ownership with icon - Adds take ownership to context menu with IconAdd Task Manager - Add Task Manager to right click menuAdd Task Scheduler - Add Task Scheduler to right click menuAdd The creation of Batch .cmd file types - Adds creation of batch CMD files to right click menuAdd Turn Firewall On or Off - Add Turn Firewall On or Off to right click menuAdd Underline letters on right clickAdd Universal take Ownership - Adds take ownership on any computer in any languageAdd User Accounts Classic - Add User Accounts Classic to right click menuAdd User Accounts - Add User Accounts to right click menuAdd Window Colorization - Add Window Colorization to right click menuAdd Windows Switch 3D Flip - Adds 3D flip to right click menuAero CMD - Makes the command prompt window (CMD) GlassAero Controller - Automatic inclusion disable Aero interface in the transition to work from the network batteriesAero PowerShell - Makes the window PowerShell GlassAero Shake - Disabling Aero Shake (feature that lets you close all inactive applications by mouse movement. For its activation is sufficient to capture the title bar and a little "shake" left-right).Auto Restart Shell - fixes conductor on errorBoot Optimize - Optimize system files at boot time (default is off). Performing necessary, in a few days (after optimization) is accelerated to boot.Ctfmon fix - Restore the Language barCleartype - Enable CleartypeDesktop and Shutdown - Disabled low disc space checks, Disabeds internet open with, Changes time wait to close programs on shutdown,Speeds up menu show delay,Disable Action CenterDisable Administrative SharesDisable automatic reboot when BSODDisable automatic updatesDisable Auto PlayDisable DEP - Function DEP is disabled for the entire system, regardless of hardware support for DEP. Can prevent departures in BSOD (blue screen of death).Disable Disk Space Check - Disable checking free disk spaceDisable file association web-serviceDisable grouping of system tray iconsDisable HibernateDisable IPv6 - Disabling protocol IPv6. It can speed up the network and the InternetDisable Libraries - Allows you to remove all references from the Explorer to the folder LibraryDisable Remote RegistryDisable screensaversDisable The NTFS Last Access Time StampDisable Tracking of Broken Shortcut LinksDisable Teredo - Disable proxy Teredo. It can speed up the network and the Internet.Disable UAC notifyDisable User Account Control UACDisable Web ServicesDisable Windows Defender startupDisable Windows Media Player AutoUpdatesDo not Use large icons on Start MenuDont mark new applicationsDr. Watson Disable - Disable kernel debugger Dr.Watson. Frees system resources, slightly faster system performance.Enable addition Avalon effects - Enables Avalon transition effectsEnable DVD in Media Player Value YesEnable Glass Effect (DWM) without a supported cardEnable MP3 Encoding from right-click while browsingEnable slow-motion window effects min max 3dflip by holding down Shift keyEnable Status Bar in all windowsEnable Status bar in NotepadFix for games - Allows you to install games require SP1, SP2 or SP3.Flip3D - Places in the context menu function Flip3D. Flip3D lets see a picture of each running application in a reduced form and switch between them.Get rid of the Windows Mail splash screenGive your self permission to modify allHiber off - Turn off hibernationHover Time speed - Accelerating the opening menus and Windows preview applications.Icon Streams clear - Remove obsolete elements in the system trayIRQ8 Priority - Increase the priority of interrupts IRQ8 (increases the speed of the system).Large System Cache - Streamline (increase) system cache. Include only if volume more than 1GB of memoryLast Access - Start recording the last access to the files (default off). Need to see the last time they access the file.Logon Changer - Changes the background of the login.Make the text white in command windowsMake the Windows registration with Microsoft unnecessaryMice settings- Speed up mouse hover timeNo Arrow - Removes the arrows on shortcutsNotepad saves window positionOpen folders in New WindowOpen NFO files with notepadNo Report - Do not send to Microsoft error reportingNo Shortcut - Do not add "Shortcut to ..." when creating new shortcuts.Paging Executive - Leaving the system kernel in memory (not to throw in the paging file is disabled by default). Speeds up the system, reduces the number of disk accessesPrefetch - Cache files at boot time (optimal). By default, everything is cachedRemove Libraries Icon from ExplorerRemove Shortcut Suffix from shortcutsRemove Take OwnershipScandisk - Reduce the time to start the disk check at system startup (Scandisk) to 5 seconds. By default, 10 secondsSet Control Panel on Classic View and small iconsSFC Scan - Starts the test maintain the integrity of system files and possibly corrects damaged or modified filesShow all hidden devices in device managerShow detailed Device settings in device managerShow hidden files and folders - Shows hidden files and folders but not protected files and foldersShow The full path in minimized explorer windowsShow Windows classic foldersSmartClick - Allows you to put in the context menu of any program or folder.Speed up shell responseSpeed-up Access to AVI Media FilesSuper Hidden - Show hidden files.Taskbar Jumplist - Allows you to create your own jumplist with any content on superbarThumbnail Cache - Disable caching of images (thumbnails)Turn off start menu balloon tipsUAC off - Disabling UAC (User Account Control) without having to rebootUniversal TCPIP Patch x64Unlock the taskbarUp and Download - Accelerate Download and Upload. It speeds up the network and the Internet (especially on high-speed connections)Use Small IconsVHDMount - Allows you to connect and disconnect virtual VHD-drivesVirusTotal Uploader - Allows you to send files to a known resource using the context menu when you click "Send". You can send a suspicious file for review, 41 anti-virus and get a full report on the results of verificationWindows Calendar - Calendar from the Windows Vista, fully working in Windows 720 ms Mouse Hover Time500ms Delay Aero PeekAdd Copy File List ClipboardAdd Admin Auto HotkeyAdd 'Control Panel' OptionAdd Copy Contents To ClipboardTXTAdd Copy ToAdd 'Event Viewer' OptionAdd God Mode in Bottom of Desktop Context MenuAdd God Mode in Desktop Context MenuAdd God Mode