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Window Display_1_Design Elements & Principles Planning Forms Sketch formatInformation Sign form

Window Display PlanningDate of DisplayMarch 10, 2015Theme of DisplayBad Vs. GoodBrand NameAlexander McQueenWindow nameBad Vs. GoodName of Team LeaderAlexandra CaballeroNames of Team MembersLana Mufleh, Cara White, Misha Naqvi

Window Display PlanningDescription and list of merchandise and props to be used in displayBlack T-length bubble skirtUsed for evil side mannequin .Gold long sleeve sequence topUsed for evil side mannequin.Black felt hatUsed for evil side, hanging from the ceiling over mannequin.White floor-length dressUsed for good side mannequin.White Crop TopUsed for the top on the good side mannequinWhite scarfDraped above good side mannequinBlack lace with gold beads wrapUsed for the top on the good side mannequinBlack poster board Skull with red and gold roses.Hang on the back wall in between the good and evil mannequin.4 Gold poster board swirlsHung vertically on the back wall in between the good and evil mannequinRed petals, Gold petals, White flowers, LeavesScattered on the floor by both mannequins

Window Display PlanningList of supplies needed and person(s) responsible for each item:Misha - Poster board for black skull, fake red roses, leaves, roses, glue, gold and black spray paintCara - Metallic Poster Board for swirls, gold and black spray paint, Leaves, pins, black poster board for logoLana - White dress, gold sequence top, white silk scarf, black belt, pinsAlexandraBlack T-length bubble skirt, black lace with gold beads wrap, black felt hat, fishing wire, Step ladder, clear tape

Window Display Planning

Since the brands founder died in 2010, Sarah Burton has led the house known for its darkly beautiful vision. The label is known for its dramatic, gorgeously constructed pieces, combining elements of British tailoring with French couture. Signature looks included billowy dresses cut in hourglass silhouettes, frock coats paired with skinny pants, sharp, angular suiting, and darkly romantic gowns covered in intricate embroidery and lace. McQueen flagships stores are in London, New York, Milan, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, and franchised stores are in Istanbul and Moscow.Fashion is in a fractured state.For our window display, we decided to demonstrate Alexander McQueens exquisite fashion statement. Alexander McQueen is a picture perfect brand to frame around Shape, Form, and Emphasis. The Shape deals with the overall highlight look of the silhouettes, the skull with the swirls, and the logo the within the dark and bright side. The Form deals with the good and bad side. The good side is fashioned with all bright colors, merchandise, and background. The bad side is molded with all dark colors, merchandise, and background. The Emphasis of the overall visual display is bold, gold, sequenced, and metallic. Every part of the good side is emphasized to be good, and vice versa for the bad. Everything that is displayed in the window is incorporated to be either a part of the good or bad. The two dresses themselves on either side follow all three aspects of Shape, Form, and Emphasis. Over all, the display will attract the customers into purchasing Alexander McQueens exquisite brand. Alexander McQueenShape, Form & Emphasis