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  • WIN at the Library Insert your logo
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  • WIN at the Library Your W ORKFORCE I NDIVIDUAL N EEDS Our Mission Insert your logo
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  • Libraries & Workforce Workforce development is An economic & educational development approach Attempts to enhance economic stability and prosperity Focuses on individuals Shaped by local needs Libraries support Educational and economic achievement Foster lifelong learning and provide tools for ongoing readiness for opportunity Focus on individuals Respond to local needs
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  • Libraries fulfill economic and educational outcomes by: 1.Providing programs, technology, educational resources, and services to people of all ages, students in all areas and levels of study, and businesses of all types 2.Offering professional staff and facilities that allow learners to access services and information, either onsite or remotely. 3.Partnering with other organizations, businesses, & agencies to broaden opportunities to individuals and business.
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  • Workforce Overview Texas Civilian Labor Force: 12,917,400 1 Texas employment: 12,185,100 1 = UNEMPLOYMENT in February 2014: 732,300 1 Texas Workforce Commission: 122,645 people per month served with employment services 2 1. February 2014 numbers, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2. Number is a monthly average based on TWCs reported figure of 1,471,741 people (unduplicated) served in 2013.
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  • Well-known Workforce Stakeholders Texas Workforce Commission 28 Local Workforce Solutions Boards Businesses Chambers of Commerce
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  • Workforce NEEDS Broad Areas of Focus Literacy Adult Education Civics Fast Track Programs Computer Skills Veterans Services Support for business training Logistical Support Facilities Fluid hours and access Additional outreach Personal assistance to clients in diverse topics Additional programs
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  • Programs & Resources at the library SERVICES Rsum writing, job searching, and interviewing training Identifying your skills & interests Literacy Support for small businesses Computer skills training Homework and course support Professional mentoring RESOURCES! Online practice tests for the GED and certifications exams (EMS, civil service, and many others Tutorials on software programs, like Microsoft Office and others Job centers Mobile labs Digital and print resources FREE COMPUTERS & INTERNET ACCESS!
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  • Programs & Resources at the library Laredo Public Librarys Cyber Mobile computer lab brings the technology to neighborhoods so folks can fill out job applications North Richland Hills and Harris County Library Small Business Outreach Programs provide mentoring and specialized course for small business owners Little Elm Public Library Adult Literacy Program graduates improved readers and English-language speakers And literally hundreds of program across the state! EXAMPLES!
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  • Highlight Digital Resources LearningExpress LibraryTexShare
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  • LearningExpress Resources Just ONE of many resources available at the library
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  • Professional staff at the library PERSONAL ASSISTANCE! Free access to professional library staff to help ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS Help using computers and navigating information sources Help creating email accounts, resumes, filling out forms SUPPORT
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  • The Personal Touch at the library Crockett County Library Joseph Adan Valadez is the owner of Rows Field Service, a small business based in Alice, Texas. Mr. Valadez started working in Ozona in early 2011, where his company was helping to locate an electrical transmission line. To perform this work, Mr. Valadez hired approximately 40 local residents. The work could not have progressed without safety training, and the library was the only place in town to provide it. Forty individuals were rotated from their jobs and received the required OSHA training online through the Crockett County library. If it hadnt been for that place, Valadez said, I would have definitely lost a contract that helped a lot of people out. Because the library was capable of meeting our needs as far as computers and space, 40 local families had incomes they wouldnt have had otherwise. From the State Librarys Return on Investment Study
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  • Professional staff at the library REFERRALS & PARTNERSHIPS! To and with other agencies that can support you through additional training, services, assistance with government resources, job searches, and access to employers Joint programming with community organizations
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  • Partnerships Existing Partners? Texas State Library and Archives Commission Lower Rio Grande Valley Workforce Solutions Literacy Texas Texas public, academic, and school libraries New Partners?
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  • How can we better serve our clients? Promote services currently offered Increase capacity (training, trainers, facilities, hours, connections with employers, technology) Secure additional training resources Develop and publicize a broader understanding of diverse array of providers and availability of programs and support services Collaborate on long-term activities and planning Secure additional support Work at all levels of career development from early literary to retraining Deliver more services to more clients to improve lifelong career success
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  • Plan of Action A Framework to Start 1.What are our greatest areas of need? 2.What resources do we all bring to the table? Who can do what? 3.How can stakeholders work together at the local and state level? 4.What joint programs, activities, and resources can we support? 5.How do we best track and promote our progress?
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  • We can all WIN together!