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  • 1. Patient Confidentiality Training William F. Schuch MHA690: Healthcare Capstone Dr. David Cole July 24, 2014

2. Understanding Patient Confidentiality HIPAA, what is it? Who should attend HIPAA training? How often should training be completed? When to report violations How to prevent patient information breach How does patient information breach affect the patient? What are the ramifications of patient privacy breach? 3. HIPAA In 1996 HHS established the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act The act is used to protect the privacy of patient information It also allows health information needed to provide and promote quality care and public health knowledge (hhs.gov, n.d.) Purpose of the privacy rule Define and limit when patient data can be shared If the privacy rule permits or requires (hhs.gov, n.d.) Consent by the patient or caregiver (hhs.gov, n.d.) Required disclosures To the patient when they request access To the department of HHS when investigating claim Under no other circumstances is patient information to be shared for any reason unless specified by HIPAA laws 4. Who is required to understand HIPAA laws? Covered entities Providers Doctors Clinics Mental health physicians Dentists Chiropractors Nursing Homes Pharmacies Health Plan Insurance companies HMOs Company Health plans Government HCOs Administrators nursing Physicians Support services Any staff member associated with the facility All healthcare staff 5. Frequency of HIPAA training All staff members will receive an initial class on HIPAA rules and regulations upon employment Annual training is required for all staff members Study guide Video presentation Quiz Each training session will be required to complete on their anniversary date 6. Reporting Violations If data is breached Electronically Word of mouth If violations are see or heard contact supervisor As a part of the Department of Health and Human Services the Office of Civil Rights can be reached to report a violation 7. How to prevent patient information breach Ensure password security Log on and off CPU when beginning and ending usage Dont leave patient information out on counters or desks Annual HIPAA training Dont talk about patient information 8. How does information breach affect patients? Discrimination Stigmatization Being shunned from family and friends Effect social life Workplace complications 9. Penalties According to the Department of Health and Human Services penalties include Termination of employment Monetary penalties $100- $50,000 and up Up to $1,500,000 annually Criminal penalties Knowingly committing penalty I $50,000 1 year in jail False pretenses increase to $100,000 5 years in jail Intent to sell patient information faces $250,000 10 years in jail (hhs.gov, n.d.) 10. Conclusion Understand HIPAA Understand that all personnel are required to adhere to polices Enforce annual training Report violation Prevent breach of information Think about how your actions effect the patient Understand penalties 11. References Fox News. (2008). Report: Over 120 UCLA hospital staff saw celebrity health records. Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,398784,00.html Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. (n.d.). Summary of the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Retrieved July 25, 2014, from http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/understanding/summary/ index.html