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William & Mary L ... rnarrlage: Bessie (Lyons) Schuster, Richard Lyons, John Lyons, Nelle (Lyons) Mailand, and Mary (Lyons) McDonald. Will Lyons, younger brother of Jer, is shown at

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Text of William & Mary L ... rnarrlage: Bessie (Lyons) Schuster, Richard Lyons, John Lyons, Nelle...

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  • The upper photo on the facing page shows the Harrington

    family, and was taken about 1890. The father, John Harrington,

    died in 1879, and one girl, Margaret, had died as an twelve year

    old child in 1872. The surviving members are as follows:

    Seated, left to right - Mary Ann (Harrington) Lyons, born 1858, wife of Jer Lyons.

    Mary (Horen) Harrington, mother of the family, born

    in1838 in Ireland.

    Sarah (Harrington) Roche, wife of Phil Roche.

    Annie (Harrington) Fleming, wife of Bernard Fleming.

    Standing, left to right - Margaret (Harrington) Soelfohn, born 1873, wife of Louis

    Soelfohn. After Louis' death Margaret married John Walsh.

    Maurice Harrington, born 1857. He married

    Kathryn Lyons.

    Katie (Harrington) Walsh, first wife of John


    Missing from photo - Lizzie (Harrington) Mullaney, wife of John Mullaney. The lower photo on the facing page shows four of the daughters of Jerry and Ellen (Whalen) Lyons. It was taken in Madison, South Dakota in 1890. Starting at the top and proceeding clockwise they are as follows:

    Ellen (Lyons) Coughlin, wife of James Coughlin. Ellen was born

    in New York in 1849

    Bridget (Lyons) Rei, wife of John Rei. Bridget was born in Ireland

    in 1844.

    Margaret (Lyons) Kane, wife of Timothy Kane. Margaret is the

    oldest child in the family and was born in Ireland in 1842.

    Kathryn (Lyons) Harrington, wife of Maurice Harrington. Kate

    was born in Chicago in 1857.

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  • On the facing page the figure on the left is Johanna Lyons, second wife of Pat

    Lyons. This marriage produced three children; Pat, William, and Bridget (Lyons)

    Delaney. Johanna also had two daughters by previous marriages and Pat had

    three children by his first marriage so it was a case of "your kids, my kids, and

    our kids". They were married in Illinois, lived in the Irish community near Burr Oak,

    Iowa, while the kids were growing up, and then homesteaded in Dakota in the

    1880s. Johanna is seated in front of their house on the farm that is now known

    as the Deragish place, in Nunda Township, she died there in 1900.

    The figure on the right is Johanna's son, Pat, who was the principal farmer when

    they lived on that place. Pat never married, and came upon hard times in later

    life, he died in Sioux City in the 'thirties.

  • The couple pictured at the top of the facing page is Mary Ann and Jeremiah

    (Jer) Lyons. They were married In the Plymouth Rock Catholic Church near

    Burr Oak, Iowa, in 1882 and left to homestead In Dakota Territory a few

    days after the wedding. Mary Ann's maiden name was Harrington, she was

    born In New York in 1858, Jer was born in Chicago in 1855. The house of

    the place that they homesteaded is in the southeast quarter of section eight,

    In Nunda Township; Mary Ann continued to live there until her death in

    1943, Jer had died in 1893 from pneumonia. Five children were born to this

    rnarrlage: Bessie (Lyons) Schuster, Richard Lyons, John Lyons, Nelle

    (Lyons) Mailand, and Mary (Lyons) McDonald.

    Will Lyons, younger brother of Jer, is shown at lower left, Will was a young

    boy when the Lyons family moved from Chicago to Iowa. He came to

    Dakota In 1884 and farmed and managed a large operation In partnership

    with his brothers for a time, winning a lifetime nickname as "The Boss" in

    the process. He was married in 1887 to Kate Crossgrove, he and Miss Kitty

    raised a large family; eight of the thirteen survived to become adults,

    including Dennis, Ann, James, Jerry, Bill, Mary Robinson, Tom and Bob.

    After Will's father died In 1894, he and Miss Kitty moved onto his place,

    adjacent to the now widowed Mary Ann, and these two sets of cousins grew

    up as close neighbors until the Will Lyons family moved to Charles Mix

    County In 1901.

    The three boys together are three of the Coughlin children, sons of Ellen

    (Lyons) Coughlin, who was a sister to Jer and Will. Her husband, James,

    and another brother, Richard Lyons, were partners In a Mercantile business

    In Carthage, S. Dak., and the Coughlin family of ten children grew up there.

    The boys shown In the photo are Will, Rich and John. The other children are

    Thomas ("Brick"), Carthage, Joseph, Margaret Weiland, Charlie, Mary

    Sheets, and Catherine.

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    The three figures on the upper left of the facing page show Sarah (Donlon) Lyons

    flanked by two of her children, Josephine (Lyons) Peisch and Thomas Lyons.

    Sarah was a school teacher in and around Burr Oak, Iowa, around 1880, one of

    her pupils there became famous in later life as Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of The

    Little House on the Prairie, and other books of that series. Sarah married Richard

    Lyons after his first wife died, they raised a large family while living in Carthage,

    and later in Vermillion, South Dakota. Jo married Arch Peisch, a professor at

    Dartmouth University, they had three boys, Francis, Mark and Dan. Tom, like

    several of his brothers, became an attorney, and eventually served as a Justice

    of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma. Other children of this family were Jeremiah,

    Richard, Sarah, Alice, James, Margaret, Robert Donlon, William and Dennis.

    The fourth figure in the top row is Joe Flynn. Joe's parents, Tom and Ellen

    (Whalen) Flynn came from Iowa and homesteaded in Nunda Twp. Their children

    were John, Joe, Mame Kehrwaid, and Julia McCabe, all except Julia were

    childless. John and Joe farmed the home place as partners until their deaths in

    1964, and were leading citizens in the area. Joe, who was a veteran of WWI, was

    married to Matilda Schnell.

    On the left In the bottom row is Nan Rei, later Nan Coffey, who was the only child

    of John and Bridget (Lyons) Rei, Rei's homesteaded what is now known as the

    Demarey place in Nunda Twp. Nan and Ed Coffey had one child, an adopted son,

    Joe Coffey, who later farmed the same place. Joe's daughter, Patty, and her

    brother were cared for by the Bill McGinty family In Nunda after Joe and his wife

    were divorced.

    Next to Nan is John Harrington, the only child of Maurice and Kathryn (Lyons)

    Harrington, who lived near Nunda briefly and farmed south of Madison for many

    years. John's three children, Marlfrances, Peggy and John were frequent visitors

    to the Madison and Nunda areas In the 1930s.

    The remaining two are Angela (Lyons) Haney, and her brother, Dennis Lyons,

    who are two of the children of Dennis A. and Catherine (Fitzgerald) Lyons, of

    Cresco, Iowa. Other children of that family include Mame McHugh, Jeremiah,

    John, Joseph, Gerald and Leonard.

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  • On the facing page we again Introduce The Boss and

    Miss Kitty, taking their ease on the car's running board,

    along with Will's sister, Kate (Lyons) Harrington.

    Beside them, Nan and Ed Coffey pose in a portrait that

    shows why they were thought to be one of the most

    handsome couples In the community.

    One summer day in 1934, part of the Richard and

    Sarah (Donlon) Lyons family were standing around on

    the lawn, visiting, so somebody gathered them together

    Into a bunch and took a snapshot. Sarah Is at the left,

    fifty years have passed since we saw her earlier photo

    as the teacher of Laura Ingalls, she has weathered

    them well. Archibald and Josephine (Lyons) Peisch

    stand next, then Sarah, Jo's older sister, with her arms

    on the shoulders of her nephews, Francis and Mark

    Peisch. Sarah's brother James stands behind her while

    another brother, Jerry, and a sister, Margaret, complete

    the scene.

    We also have here a third photo opportunity to meet

    Mary Ann (Harrington) Lyons, nearing eighty now, and

    still busy with the farm that she and Jer built. Here she

    rests for a moment from the day's toil, In the company

    of her grandson, Dick McDonald, and her dog, Rusty.

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  • The facing page shows us an 1899 portrait of two young cousins who

    were also neighbors, Mary Lyons (later to be Mrs. John McDonald),

    youngest daughter of Jer and Mary Ann, and Jerry Lyons, 4th child of

    The Boss and Miss Kitty. Jerry was to become an Omaha dentist in

    later life.

    Thirty years later, Mary was at home on the McDonald farm when her

    sister Nelle Mailand came to visit, driving the 1929 Nash automobile

    that their brother, John Lyons, had recently purchased. It seemed like a

    good day for some pictures, so Mary posed, first with sister Nelle, and

    then with her five children; Genevieve, Dick, Billy, Dean and Jerry.

    About that same time, a small, noisy biplane came droning around the

    area, taking pictures of farms, and hoping to sell the result to the

    farmers. It worked out in this case, so that the farm where John and

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