#Wildthink thinking about learning journeys and landscapes #fieldwork #learning

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Using geography as a metaphor for learning and thinking about a simple distinction between two extreme types of learning journeys. Advocating value of serendipitous, playful and risky learning where the journey is uncertain. These are the principles underpinning our Wildthink CPD adventures.


<ul><li> 1. Learning journeys #WildthinkCan be safe or risky Can be linear or windy Can be set on superhighways designed for speed and ease or in bumpy and rugged terrains that slow progress but encourage different views Can start with the destination in sight or discover it along the way Can offer new directions mid -journey Can be marshalled or accompanied Can be serious or playfulLets keep our options open ...</li></ul> <p> 2. Linear target drivenExplorative 3. Learning RoutesBLinear target driven!Accident Black Spot Checkpoint Superhighway Jam!Timed TasksUNCHARTED TERRITORY Unplanned paths Time to stop &amp; stare Imagining spots!Ideas Conversations &amp; chatsHERE BE DRAGONSRisk Wonder Emotional encountersExplorativeA!Wilderness walks 4. At one extreme, a linear journey with very clear boundaries can be like the channelisation of a stream a flood of creativity could cause flooding and muddy the landscape. Is learning more about getting to the destination quickly? Is it time to put the meanders back into learning?</p>