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    wilderness frontiers ALASKA And THE pAcific rim Glacial landscapes and astonishing wildlife

    2016 voyAgES

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    Silver Shadow – Juneau, Alaska

    awestruck in alaska This is what the entire continent must have looked like in the very beginning. More wilderness than can be charted. More wildlife than can be counted: bears, bald eagles, moose, deer, whales, spawning salmon. Alaska’s immensity overwhelms. Yet ironically amid the majesty of North America’s largest state, it is only aboard a smaller ship that you can appreciate such grandeur.

    The Inside Passage Come experience the Inside Passage from an insider’s perspective. Troll for salmon in Sitka, or look for whales, seals, deer and brown bears on an off-road 4x4 adventure. Try sea-kayaking in Juneau, and rock climbing and rappelling in Skagway. Or ride a vintage steam train and follow the footsteps of the Klondike Gold Rush. Our seven-day “open jaw” itineraries between Vancouver and Anchorage allow you to spend more time in each port. And with Alaska’s long summer days, there’s plenty of time to explore. Roam in old- growth rainforests, walk on glaciers, embrace the frontier spirit in pioneer towns, and meet the denizens of America’s last wilderness frontier — a member of a Tlingit tribe, perhaps. And we also include a complimentary train transfer between Seward and Anchorage through the Kenai Mountains, probably the most scenic stretch of railroad in the entire state. The 4.5 hour journey through the Kenai Mountains passes through some of Alaska’s most pristine wilderness and wildlife areas and is said to be the most scenic stretch of railroad in the entire state.

    Wild Alaska, Japan and Russian Far East At the beginning and end of the season, we offer longer passages across the Bering Sea to latitudes in the Pacific Rim that are still more remote. You’ll wind along the Kenai Peninsula and through the Aleutians, calling at Kodiak Island, home to the world’s largest brown bears, and Dutch Alaska with its relics of WWII. From Petropavlovsk in the Russian Far East, you can ride an all-terrain vehicle through the world’s most spectacular volcanic region. Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Kamchatka Peninsula is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll also visit Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido with its indigenous Ainu people. A plethora of migratory birds

    thrive in the Kushiro Marshland where you may glimpse the beautiful rare Red-Crowned Crane dancing in the wetlands. Choose our May departure, and if you’re lucky, you may arrive in time for cherry blossom season.

    It Takes a Smaller Ship to Appreciate the Grandeur If you’ve only travelled aboard big ships in the past, it’s time to forget everything you thought you knew about cruising. Whether you’re hiking through a forest, kayaking across a glassy bay, or watching for bears from a hidden lookout, you’re less of a tourist and more of a participant aboard a smaller ship. With just 382 guests, the intimate Silver Shadow can navigate close to shore and deep into misty fjords to give you a closer, more visceral experience of these wilderness regions … brown bears lumbering in the tundra, a whale so close you can count the barnacles on its back, seals hauling out on ice floes, sometimes just a few feet away. And with our outstanding shore programme of small-group tours and private arrangements, you can enjoy closer encounters with nature and the wildlife.

    Open bars and open-seating dining encourage congenial interaction between guests and crew alike. A service ratio of nearly one staff member per guest ensures that your preferences are readily observed, your wishes instantly gratified. All accommodations are oceanview suites with butler service. And almost all have a veranda so that by merely stepping outside your door you can glimpse the dazzling pirouettes of bald eagles or admire the glow of a glacial landscape tinted pink by the never-setting sun. Or share memorable moments with others. You’ll always find plenty of room on deck for whale-watching or glacier-calving while an expert calls out highlights from the bridge.

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    Seward, Alaska

    Hubbard glacier, Alaska


    Kodiak island, Alaska

    inside passage, Alaska

    Kamchatka, russia

    Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan

    For details on all available voyages, itineraries and fares please visit Silversea.com/Destinations/Alaska-cruise.

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    An organic essence It might be nicknamed the “Town of Mist,” but Kushiro’s allure extends far beyond merely its peaceful weather. This Japanese town serves as Hokkaido’s deep-sea fishing epicentre, the region’s only ice-free port, and a mecca for nature enthusiasts — bubbling hot springs, active volcanoes, and the world’s most transparent lake can all be found in this area. It’s also home to the famous Kushiro Shitsugen, Japan’s largest marshland boasting approximately 600 plant species. Here, you’ll discover a birders’ paradise while glimpsing the Japanese Crane, which has been carried out of near extinction thanks to local crane reserves and rehabilitation centres.

    Off the Grid Tucked away on the eastern frontier of Russia along the Kamchatka Peninsula, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s isolated landscapes offer a unique and memorable experience. Silversea guests experience an in-depth immersion into this remote Far East Russian outpost — and this region offers a wilderness of possibilities. With a city tour you’ll discover the Russian Orthodox Church and Kamchatka’s largest food market, while the city’s cultural museum delights with an impressive collection of native artefacts. If you’re up for adventure, head off the grid to the Kamchatka volcanoes, which are perhaps best explored by all-terrain vehicles.

    petropavlovsk, russia


    • Explore the verdant gardens of vancouver’s sprawling Stanley park.

    • view 19th-century totem poles in Ketchikan. • in Juneau, meet a crew of iditarod Sled dog mushers

    and their Alaskan huskies. • Admire Kodiak’s rugged beauty on a nature walk through

    fort Abercrombie State park. • Experience ancient customs in a native Koryak village. • Learn of Hakodate’s shipping heritage among its Kanemori

    red Brick warehouse district. • Shop for Japanese pottery produced by the distinguished

    Tsugaru Kanayama-yaki Kiln.


    VancouVer to tokyo

    Dutch Harbour



    Vancouver Hakodate

    Kushiro Aomori







    SiLvEr SHAdow — 18 dAyS Voyage 3630 — Departure 15 September 2016

    DAY Arrive DepArt

    01 Vancouver, Canada ....... 18:00

    02 Cruise Inside Passage, USA ....... .......

    03 Ketchikan, Alaska, USA 08:00 13:00

    04 Juneau, Alaska, USA 08:00 17:00

    05 Day at Sea ....... .......

    06 Kodiak, Kodiak Island, Alaska, USA 09:00 15:00

    07 Day at Sea ....... .......

    08 Dutch Harbour, Unalaska, Alaska, USA 08:00 14:00

    09 Day at Sea ....... .......

    10 Cross International Date Line (lose a day) ....... .......

    11 Day at Sea ....... .......

    12 Day at Sea ....... .......

    13 Petropavlovsk (Kamchatsky), Russian Federation 07:00 18:00

    14 Day at Sea ....... .......

    15 Day at Sea ....... .......

    16 Kushiro, Japan 08:00 17:00

    17 Hakodate, Japan 08:00 23:00

    18 Aomori, Japan 08:00 17:00

    19 Day at Sea ....... .......

    20 Tokyo, Japan 08:00 .......

    Tokyo, Japan

    Kushiro, JapanKetchikan, Alaska

    Travel from the Alaskan frontier to Japan’s modern megalopolis on this wide-ranging cruise. The placid fjords, verdant rainforests, crystalline rivers and massive glaciers will impress, as will the rugged tales of the Kodiak life. You’ll also learn about the Ainu culture of Hokkaido, experience the Kamchatka volcanoes and visit the “Town of Mist” on your way to incomparable Tokyo.

    LeArN MOre

    http://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/3630/ http://www.silversea.com/destinations/asia-cruise/3630/

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    Time Travel Situated on the northernmost edges of the Inside Passage, Skagway serves as your gateway to Alaska’s gold-rush country. The historic downtown district, which forms part of the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, is perhaps best explored by 1920s streetcar. Those in search of this region’s finest treasures will discover them while traversing inland — whether it’s hiking along the centuries-old Chilkoot trail; being whisked away by a team of Alaskan Huskies deep into Tongass National Rainforest; or delighting in an unforgettable journey along the world- famous narrow-gauge White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad.

    Sensory Overload One step into Ketchikan and your senses will be enticed. Colourful totem poles and thunderous calving glaciers. Fresh evergreen air and the sweet essence of a Dungeness crab boil. Whether you’re reeling in a prized catch or capturing Misty Fjords from a floatplane window seat, you’ll experience Alaska’s rugged frontier spirit in all its grandeur while exploring this seaside town. A blue-collar anchorage built on timber and commercial fishing resources, Ketchikan’s modern creative soul dangles on display among a thriving arts community. Yet for a glimpse of its hardscrabble heritage, you needn’