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Contemporary portrait photography magazine

Text of wideview magazine _ issue #01_2012

  • issue #01_2012


  • Cover: photo by Synchrodogs

  • wideview issue #01_2012

    featured artists:

    Alis Pelleschi

    Jo Schwab


    Francesco Sambo

    Jooney Woodward

    Milana Chernova

    James Docherty

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  • wideview magazine 2012issuu.com/wideviewthewideview.tumblr.com

    Founder / Editor /Art directorSimone Salardi

    In collaboration with: Massimiliano Perasso reportage blog at blearymood.wordpress.comA special thank to all the artists involved for their kindness, availability and for the great contribution provided.

    wideview is a free independent publication focused on contemporary photography state of the art.People interested may follow us and enter for publication at our blog or through direct submission at yourportraitproject

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  • 5...and it all starts!Here we are, the passion for photogra-

    phy and fine-arts fired us upon, opening a personal selection of artists and artworks that help us live better.

    Right, assuming that watching attracti-ve and inspiring pictures lead to improve ourselves, we want to periodically propose great photographer whose work stands (in the cloud as in real places) to be watched, with the willingness to communicate own mood and thoughts.

    The most difficult thing is choosing the characters by that wide case of todays production; we are focusing on portrait photography as considering that the most attractive genre, the one joining people and its physical/personal/cultural surroundings to tell stories.

    Thanks to web and mobile connections we are drawing on contents everywhere at any time, sharing likes and writing notes in a sort of universal language based on images and power of visual contents.

    It all ends...

  • 6 Alis Pelleschi-possessed

  • 7The London based artist...yes, thats the only definition talking about Alis...presented here with one of the personal project we like most, a mix of daylife and visions, fashion style and post-production skills.

    Alis is something like a river in flood strongly wired to the world, conti-nuously breaking its banks and flooding new visions of reality.

    Suspended between reporting and documenting facts and peoples, she gives her works a subtle sense of humour that maybe keeps together all the production, sending fresh and contemporay message to the system.

    Alis Pelleschi-possessed

    Alis Pelleschi-possessed

  • 8 Alis Pelleschi-possessed

  • 9In the serie Possessed Alis drags the viewer into a parallel reality where possible and impossible fight to sculpt a point of view, or her point of you...

    its a serie of selfportraits acting different roles or better embodying characters from different states of mind, possessions as told, many layers she can play with and carry in real world camouflaging herself in the thread of everyday life.

    Like Ontanis work mastered, Alis uses herself as a powerful media to talk about things, time, situations, cultures...she is a mirror of the time and is able to reflect and distort the exterior including the layer(s) of the interior, assuming soul as deus ex-machina.

    The use of composition, shooting technique and postproduction is taken to master levels and let the artist communicate her way strong tales, where main characters always assume a key role, in portraits and/or tableaux vivantes whose seriality helps giving a sense of analysis.

    There are so many projects to deepen and the creative research of Alis Pelleschi will surely keep us connected, shes also mastering networking and it wont be difficult to hear about her news...


    'Possessed by Alis Pelleschi is a serie commissioned by Notion magazine'

  • 10 Alis Pelleschi-possessed

  • 11Alis Pelleschi-possessed

  • 12 Jo Schwab-portraits

    Jo Schwab literally broke our screen at first sight; the aesthetic value of his work and a master technique catch the observer and involve him into a personal travel through human beauty and essence.

    WV - Age...JS - 42WV - Where do you live and work...JS - BerlinWV - A brief mention on your career beginning...JS - 1995 study of photography at State Academy of Photography, Munich.After a period of assistance work in London/UK I started to work as a freelance photographerfor german and international magazines and agencies.

    WV - Do you work alone? Do you prefer working in studio or finding interior/exterior locations?JS - If it`s possible I prefer working alone. I don`t like it when too many people like assistants,

    makeup-artists or whoever is around me, it`s confusing me.I`m working as well in the studio as on location...for my portraits mostly I prefer the studio.

    WV - How do you approach the models? Always know the people or persons are also encoun-tered occasionally?

    JS - In general I don`t know my models. They are from the street, nightclubs, agencies...every-where. It`s much easier to work with strange people.

    Jo Schwab-portraits

  • 13Jo Schwab-portraits

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  • 15Jo Schwab-portraits

    WV - Do you work according to specific projects or any person has a story in itself, or both?

    JS - Yes...there is always a idea or project and I`m choosing my mod-els specifically.

    WV - Looking at your pictures, personally, I have been captured by the ability to put the eyes, open or closed, at the center of the com-munication, despite the frequent use of the nude that may initially attract attention to the shapes; it is more difficult to ask your models to discover their own body or soul?

    JS - Good question...it`s easy to ask somebody posing nude and it`s easy to show physical nudity in front of a camera.

    The real challenge is to give somebody so much confidence that he will show you more than his surface...even if I don`t believe that some-thing reports itself in a image. It`s always a redrawn, it`s something I am saying.

    WV - How important is the use of black and white in your work? Do you prefer b/w to the color?JS - I think one of the most important abilities of photography is to create a timeless and focused reflection on something. The more there is a reduction of secondary and irrelevant information in a image, the more there is concentration and focus on the main issue.Color is something fantastic but not important for what I`m trying to show...so I prefer working in black/white. WV - What are the sources of inspiration that scoop? Are there any artist who have influenced your work in a particular way?JS - A lot of things influenced me...movies, painters, literature, everything and of course some photographers that I really love...Pieter Hugo, Jim Goldberg, Larry Clark, Richard Avedon, Erwin Olaf, Irving Penn, Araki....

    WV - Your plans for the future?JS - A lot...in 2012 there a some bigger exposition-projects, a book-project, some travel / reportage-projects.


  • 16 Jo Schwab-portraits

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  • 18 Jo Schwab-portraits

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    Jo Schwab-portraits

  • 22 Synchrodogs-plastic brides

  • 23Synchrodogs-plastic brides

    Synchrodogs-plastic brides

    Tania and Roman just live, photography is one their vital functions and so they practice it!

    Synchrodogs is the entity that simply try to focus on what other dont think, shooting to communicate a

    state of mind that continuously changes but continu-ously reasserts itself, the infinite transformation and

    strong dynamism is leading to a cold, solid, still mantra. Create.

  • 24 Synchrodogs-plastic brides

    The two youngs work together on every single step of the creation process, each with a role for that unique idea but each contributing to the final shot, being photographer and model at the same time.The duo has now been captured by fashion photography and they play with that cage shaking rules, performing a new point of view and rising to surface what they call stupid, what we read as uniqueness.

    The use of film, collage, analogue approach is a choice to underline, together with the use of nude, portrait, landscape, reportage, street, still lifewe observe a patchwork or better a fluid osmosis, ideas spatter in every direction and cross boundaries at the frenetic research of an image to define, a concept to render, or simply what they consider a cool vision to represent.Here is the key of their style, the ability to walk on the edge of everyday life, breathing present, then plunge into the source of their creativity to re-emerge and give us an highlight, fixing their work on a physical paper. Many call this process art, dont you?


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  • 26 Synchrodogs-plastic brides

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  • 28 Synchrodogs-plastic brides

  • 29Synchrodogs-plastic brides

  • 30 Francesco Sambo-aliens

    Francescos visions intrigued us for their reliability; we are expecting the artist to look for a steady cut, pro-vocative, irreverent, a clear and ringing interpretation.

    Instead we are faced with a subtle and believable, desirable (?