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http://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/Why you must focus on Google plus infographic

1When it comes to SEO, a lot of people, even professional webmasters and optimizers, sometimes undermine the importance of how Google+ canwork forthem. The combination of Google Plus and SEO is often superseded by othersocial media marketing platformssuch as Facebook and Twitter.But those who are in the know agree that Google+, irrespective of the low adoption rate when it comes to being an online marketingplatform, matters to search engine optimization.Introductionhttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

When you share a link on Google+, it passes link authority to that page. This is something that is unique to Google+ and does not happen when sharing links on any othersocial media channel. Google, in order to combat spam, has had a stringent nofollow policy for links in the text of a post but links that get shared on the Google+ page are exempt of this clause. Building link authority is a major aspect of optimization and using Google+ as a medium to do so makes it that little bit easier to achieve that goal.Obtain link authorityhttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

While Google hasnt openly confirmed this but sharing posts and being active on your Google+ page does seem to have a correlation with better overall rankings. Speculation is rife that, if not actively at the moment but as Google Plus clout increases as asocial networking platform, the algorithms from the pages will be integrated into search engines. In that sense, it is good practice for the future.Road to better rankingshttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

Considering the amount ofmoneyyou have to pay to get an ad featured on Googles search result, the fact that knowledge graphs use brand logo, company information as well as the latest shared post from Google+, gives you the opportunity to have a ready made billboard. That too for free. The only thing you need to do is share relevant content regularly on your Google+ page.Free Branding Featureshttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

One of the biggest advantages of sharing content on Google+ is the fact that it facilitates the quick discovery of what you have shared. For agencies, Google+ SEO should be part of allSEOpackages because the search crawlers at Google actually use Google+ as the first point of reference when they are looking to discover new content. Within a very short time frame of sharing, the content comes under the radar of the bots. This quick-indexing process is very worthy and helps site-owners beta competition effectively.Quicker access to your contenthttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

While Google+ is essentially still trying to gain a solid foothold in the online marketing, it wont be long before the dent gets bigger. With constantimprovementand constructive changes, Google is looking to go from strength to strength with this platform and given the future, it makes complete sense to join the bandwagon early and get a solid start as soon as possible. After that, it is just a matter of growing with the network.Futurehttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

While at the current given point,Google+might not be priority when it comes to a marketing platform, it also is not correct to ignore it completely. The idea is be aware and consistently evolve to make the most of whatever opportunities it has on offer.Continuehttp://www.blog.affiliatevote.com/must-focus-google-plus-infographic/

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