Why Foursquare?

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Why Foursquare?

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  • Foursquare Brand Pages Explained

  • Foursquare Brand Pages Examples

  • Foursquare Brand Page Badges

  • Foursquare v Facebook Stats

  • Problems with Facebook places...1. Anyone can create a Facebook Place Page. You can claim the page as your own, but it wouldnt stop people from creating nearly-identical Place Pages for the same location. This makes it difficult to manage your brand through Place Pages.

    2. Facebook Places doesnt offer any kind of Badge reward for followers to earn. Badges are useful because they create a constant buzz about brands. In Gitomers case, his Foursquare followers could be working hard to earn a Gitomer Badge in between seminars and events (interaction remains constant over time, rather than the rise and fall that would occur with Facebook Places pages).

    3. Facebook Place Pages might confuse people who are searching for Gitomer in the Facebook search bar. If a number of Gitomer associated pages show up, a person might not know which page to go to for value.

    4. Facebook Place Pages could lead potential Facebook fans away from Gitomers Facebook page. With Foursquare, there is only one place for people to go to find Gitomer. (The goal is to build a strong brand presence on each social media site by having one branded page on Facebook, one branded page on LinkedIn, one branded page on Twitter, one branded page on YouTube, one branded page on Foursquarewe want to keep Gitomer fans together on each social media site).

  • How Foursquare Brand Pages WorkWatch the video: