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1. WHY EVERY GIRL SHOULD WEARLEATHER 2. About Palm Tree BoutiqueWelcome to The Palm Tree Boutique, yoursource for contemporary young womensclothing and accessoriesAt The Palm Tree we seek out the latestfashion trends, and offer them to you atcustomer friendly prices. The goal of thissite is to give you the same feel and serviceof shopping in a small, trendy boutiqueclothing store, but doing so from your desk,couch or even on-the-go. We receive newmerchandise WEEKLY so make sure thecheck back often. 3. Why Our Online Clothing Boutique So what makes our online boutiqueclothing for women so great? Here arejust a few of the ways The Palm TreeBoutique is different We offer the latest trends at affordablepricing All of our items are shown on real womento give you a better idea of how it looks Providing stylish womens boutiqueclothing and amazing customer serviceare our top priorities 4. Wearing LeatherAfter a great weekend its time to get back towork, I hope everyone had an equallymemorable and fun weekend. :) So a bigtrend Im seeing lately is Pleather (or fauxleather), Im seeing leggings, pleatheraccents, jewelry, dresses, Holy Hot PantsBatman! Pleather everywhere! And Im notcomplaining! Deep inside this southernsweetheart is a die hard rocker chick with alove of all things edgy. 5. Wearing LeatherI think we all have a little of that rocker girlin us somewhere who wants to push theenvelope just a little. Well Im here to tellyou friends, the time is now! Fall is a greattime for pushing your personal limits andtrying a style or trend you might not usuallyfeel comfortable with. Im also here to tellyou that ANYONE can wear, accessorizewith, love, and possess some kind ofpleather. 6. Wearing LeatherJust because you dont necessarily want torun around town in jet black Pleather pantsdoesnt mean you have to miss out! Thereare so many cute options for a moreconservative approach. Not convinced yet?If these adorable Pinterest finds dontchange your mind then I dont know whatwill! Ciao till next time! 7. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality clothingand customer service that you will find in dress boutiques online.