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<ul><li><p>"We want you to live free through building relationships and reducing expenses"</p><p>So, What are we trying to do?It's more than fair to ask that. Because I have to constantly ask that myself. I realize that for you "the provableproverbial reader" it is important to understand our purpose. So I will tell it to you first simply, then with a bit more depth and a few more rabbit holes. Okay, here is the simple version.</p><p>First, what is living free?</p><p>Well think of your perfect day. Think of all the things you would do in that day. Don't just read this, really think about it. Now when you are done, think of all the things that are restricting you. Things that are holding you back. Things that make those prefect days unattainable. To live free, you take those restrictions, those barriers and remove them. Living free Is living life the way you choose. Living in a way that benefits you and the people around you.</p><p>Now how do you do it? </p><p>Well if that's what you are wondering, then its convenient that youre reading this right now. We have spent many years learning and implementing ways to achieve this. And more importantly, sharing these "ways" with you. Our goal is to condense many sleepless nights and stupid mistakes into something that will benefit you. </p><p>Why do we care about you?</p><p>Well this brings me to my next point. The part about building relationships. We all know this is important. We all know we need other people. If you don't think this is true then stop reading and get a girlfriend. If you do think this is true then let me explain how it applies to living free. </p><p>Lets refer to my personal experiences in rock &amp; roll. Most people think it's the talent that makes the star. Not true. Time and time again I have seen talented musicians playing at hole in the wall coffee shops, dingy bars and on street corners. How could this be you ask. It's because connections that make a star, and connections are people. People who know people. So Hhere's another common misconception. College. The most beneficial part of college is the connections not the education. I know it sounds crazy, but think about it. Lets say you are getting a degree in engineering. While you are going </p></li><li><p>to school people are watching you. People who know people. Then those people get you an internship, which then leads to a job. Now it's true you had to learn engineer things, but without the connections it would be useless. Think of the common saying "it's not what you know, it's who you know". It's true. </p><p>Now I don't want you to think that relationships are just about success and fame. We all know that the best moments of our lives are spent with other people. With good friends, lovers and our family. Without these relationships, life would be empty. I strongly believe that to be truly happy you have to have good people around you. I think/hope everyone knows this so I don't have to explain further.</p><p>So how are we building relationships?</p><p>With you. We want to know you. We know that everyone has some great advice and we want to hear it. We have information that can help people, and we want you to have it. Then when you have it, we want you to tellpass it on to others and help them. We want you to be free so you can help others be free. We are putting ourselves out there so we can meet extraordinary people. Just because we have a lot of information doesn't mean we are finished learning. We need you as well. If you are reading this right now, you are experiencing one way that we are building relationships.</p><p>So what's up with expense thing?</p><p>Well I hope by now that you have realized our goal is to live free. So heres the thing. Everyone is told to make money. Told that this is the way to wealth, to happiness, to freedom. Not true. It is a way that works for few, but not most. Everyone has to make money, but not everyone thinks of how much of it they are going to keep. </p><p>There are two ways to wealth. Make more, or spend less. Few can make more, everyone can spend less. Here's a super simple example. Todd makes $20,000 a year Devon makes $50,000. Todd spends $10,000 on necessities a year Devon spends $40,000 on necessities a year. Who Makes more money a year? We want you to realize that reducing expenses is making money. This is very important if you are going to live free. This doesn'tDOSE NOT mean reducing your quality of life. In fact it will improve it. </p><p>whether or not we want to admit it money is a big factor. So naturally we must address this issue.</p></li><li><p>Yeah, so how are you supposed to do that?</p><p>Well thats where we come in. Now I Know you may arebe thinking, here's the part where they give me the price tag. Wrong. This is the part where we send you in the right direction. It's true we have stuff to sell that will help you, but we want you to know that you can get all the information we have gathered other places, for free. What we do is condense, package, and gift wrap the information for you. We work hard to weed through the junk of life and produce the stuff that counts. We have many tips, ideas, concepts and starting points for you. Places you can launch from. We want to make it as easy and digestible as possible for you. We want you to not only be able to understand our material. We want you to be able to apply it as fast as possible.</p><p>Why would we do this?</p><p>Because this is our life. This is how we choose to make a difference. This is how we live free.</p></li></ul>