Who Cares About Science?

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Who Cares About Science?. How life has been influenced by the scientific method. 10,000 (BCE) - 3000 (BCE). SCIENCE REVOLUTIONIZED THE HUMAN WAY OF LIFE. FROM THIS. To This. HOW??? . By Using a simple form of the scientific method. Identify a problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Domestication of AnimalsWho Cares About Science?How life has been influenced by the scientific method.110,000 (BCE) - 3000 (BCE)SCIENCE REVOLUTIONIZED THE HUMAN WAY OF LIFE2FROM THIS3To This4HOW??? Identify a problemBy Using a simple form of the scientific methodExperiment to find a solution through trial and error.Problem solved.5PROBLEMNeed to eat meatHard to follow the herds.6SOLUTION7Domestication of Animals 8PROBLEMNeed variety of food.Need nutrient dense food9SOLUTION10Discovering Honey11PROBLEMNeed to mark the passing of timeDaily, monthly and yearly12SOLUTION13Stone Calendars and MegaLiths14PROBLEMWalking is slow method of transportation..15SOLUTION16Domestication of the Horse17PROBLEMNeed sharp weapons to defend a domesticated herdNeed a vessel to carry water18SOLUTION19Copper Smelting20PROBLEMNow that people stay with their herds it is harder to gather grains and vegetables.Need a method to grow their own food.21SOLUTION22Agriculture23PROBLEMNow that people have begun to settle down, they need to establish laws and write them down to keep a record.24SOLUTION25First Written LanguageCuneiformHieroglyphics26PROBLEMNeed to divide the landNeed to irrigate and make best use of the landBuild permanent housing27SOLUTION28GEOMETRY29PROBLEMMore land requires stronger plows. Need Stronger Weapons to defend land30SOLUTION31IRON AGE32The Revolution of Science is Changing Your LifeIt took 7,000 years to go from.To.33IMAGINE HOW YOUR LIFE WOULD CHANGE.IF SOMEONE DIDNT IDENTIFY A PROBLEM AND TRY TO SOLVE IT!!!!34Look how life has changed in the last 107 years.First Handheld Camera 1900First Electric Typewriter 190135First FlightWright Brothers 1903First AutomobileFord 1903First X-Ray 191236373839