Which is the Right Camper Trailers?

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If your are new to Campers & dont know which one is the right trailer for you, Buying a Camper Trailer means you can check out on road & off road trailers from this blog.


  • Which is the Right Camper Trailers?

    If you are regular campers, you are very well aware of the hazards that

    come up if you are not equipped with the right kind of camper trailers. The

    major component of any camper is its canvas. According to the standard of

    the Australian market, AS 2001.2.18.1987 is the best standard, rather the

    military standard. To get guaranteed confidence in the quality of the

    canvas, buy it from a Guild member who knows out and out about the

    quality of the canvas used.

    Types of trailers Choose the correct one

    When planning to choose the right camper for you, think where are you

    going to camp. Broadly, camping can be classified as being on road and off


    For on road trailers, it is generally a 7*4 trailer size, with the tent, the all

    range of accessories, jockey wheels, kitchens (preferable deluxe), water

    tanks, jerry can holders and electrics. As they are suspended to constant

    rugged corrugations, it is better not to except a long life of an on road


    However, an off road camper is better for the camping in the bushes or

    forest tracks. They will have heavy-duty built up along with drawbar. It will

    also have some chassis or frame to go along with the heavy off road axels

  • and springs. Check for the hydraulic or electric brakes which are a must for

    these kinds of trailers. This gives higher maneuverability and flexibility in

    tougher conditions. Always carry spare tyre and is better to match the

    wheels and tyres with the primary vehicle.

    Talking of on road trailers, stone guard is another major component which

    should be present in on road trailers although it is not considered as

    standard equipment. Toolboxes, dustproof spaces for storage, jerry can

    holders are similar specifications as that of the off road trailers.

    Proper ventilation is an essential factor that needs to be kept in mind. The

    number and the size of the doors and windows are important as with direct

    sunlight, the canvas tent becomes very hot. One must also stitch the insect

    screens and the zipped awnings. There are different models and

    combinations of annexes, awnings etc. available fit for every room of the


    Budget and trailers

    With more than dozens of manufacturers of campers, it is very difficult to

    choose for the right variety. They range from $4000 to $40,000 and come

    with almost all the basic amenities that a camper may need. Thus, after

    thorough research, you will be the best judge to decide what kind of

    camper trailer will fit your budget plans. Its unnecessary to get drawn for

    the packages that you dont need. Although there are deluxe trailers, most

    of the times, the average ones are fit enough for a comfortable camping