Where do we go from here?

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Where do we go from here?. Church Plant Reset Meeting October 20, 2013. Goal . C reatively B roaden our C ircle of influence (focus: Omaha). Recap from Aug 18 . We must acknowledge where we are Continue to love and value one another over our own opinions, ideas and plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Where do we go from here?Church Plant Reset MeetingOctober 20, 20131Goal Creatively Broaden our Circle of influence (focus: Omaha)

Its important to keep our goal in mind: The goal of the church plant or extension is to share the gospel with the lost, seeing God save them, and provide a church which will provide strong, biblical teaching to train and equip them.

2We must acknowledge where we areContinue to love and value one another over our own opinions, ideas and plansFeedback from congregationSome common questions/concernsChurch plant options are being considered by the elders still committed to establishing another church in the Omaha areaRecap from Aug 18 We ended the congregational meeting on August 18 (during the ABC hour), by reaffirming our desire to see God use us by establishing another church.3Option 1: Waitfor how long?for what purpose?A way forward On October 20, we shared three basic options for our church plant/extension. Since a couple of months have now passed, option 1 doesnt appear to be necessary or profitable; it seems best to press ahead.4Option 2: Begin looking for a new church planterForm a search committee (involve church plant team?)Set a new target date for launch (depending on length of time we desire church planter to be on staff before launching the church plant)

A way forward Option 2 is to follow the same model as before with possibly a few refinements.5Option 3: Use multi-site modelMessage viewed on screen at second location with everything else liveHire a campus pastor not a church planter (not looking for a teacher but a shepherd)A way forward Option 3 was initially considered by the elders several years ago. This model would require hiring a person with emphasis on pastoral/people/shepherding gifts, not so much teaching gifts.6Reestablish a Core Group Are now or willing to become members of CBCElder approvedHelp write the story work with the elders in shaping the direction of the ministry (i.e. how teaching ministry is accomplished)Begin meeting immediatelyRecruit othersDevelop focused areas of ministryA way forward So, our goal is to reestablish a core group who will be involved from the very beginning of the work and will help set the direction/decision-making process for the church plant/extension.

We are not assuming your interest in the church plant work even if you had indicated so in the past. Let us know of your interest.

7 But each has a roleCore group leadership Congregants willing to join the church planting effortHelpers not part of the church plant but willing to be involved to support the workAll everyone in the CBC family giving and praying as the Lord leads

A way forward Whether or not you see yourself as part of the core group, there is a place for you in this outreach ministry. Just as 1 Corinthians 12 speaks of each person in the Body of Christ having a role to play, so too in this important work. What part will you play? Will you be an eye, a hand, an ear or a foot? We need you!8