When Your Loved One Has Cancer, What Do You Do_

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<ol><li> 1. When Your Loved One Has Cancer, What Do You Do?Cancer is a diagnosis that no one wants, but unfortunately, many people get diagnosed with thisdisease every day. Chances are, either your or someone close to you, will at sometime in your life, bediagnosed with cancer. So, what do you do when a loved one receives this diagnosis? You may feeluncertain, not knowing what to do or say or even how to feel. The following article offers some greattips that you can use to help you, and your loved one through this difficult time.When a person is diagnosed with cancer, this does not change the person they are. Yes, thediagnosis is hard to take, and means they have a tough battle ahead of them, but they are still theperson you know and love. Do not treat your loved one any different. You might need to give them alittle more support, but do not treat them like they are sick.Love for your friend or family member should remain your top priority. You should know your loved onwell enough to know how they most like to be loved. What can you do for them to show them that youlove them? Do they enjoy gifts? Or do they like you to spend time with them? Maybe you can showthem love by doing some things to help them out.Does your loved one need help with anything? You should be there for them unconditionally. If younotice that they are having a hard time doing things they could normally do before, take it uponyourself to help them. For example, if their flower bed is getting full of weeds and they normally keepit up, weed it for them. Your loved one will need help in many areas of their life and it is best if yougracefully offer your assistance.When someone is diagnosed with cancer, it does not mean that they will need you hovering overthem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yes, it is important to be there when they need you, but youalso need to give them the space they need. Everyone needs some time alone, and some need moretime than others. Respect your loved one enough to allow them the alone time they need.Sometimes while taking care of others, you forget to take care of yourself. It is crucial to make sureyou are taken care of. If you are not taking care of yourself, it wont be long until you are unable totake care of either one of you. </li><li> 2. While your loved one is feeling many different emotions, so are you. Emotions are normal and youneed to allow yourself to feel them. Do not push them to the side, they are real and need to beacknowledged.When a loved one gets diagnosed with cancer, it is almost as hard on you as it is on them. There arequite a few things you can do to help your loved one, and yourself through this trying situation. Usethe tips shared in this article and fight this horrible disease together.For More Information Click Here</li></ol>


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