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Wheel and Axle plant

Wheel and Axle Plant

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Wheel and Axle plant

Pride of Durgapur steel plant. Major supplier of wheels to Indian railways. Commissioned in 1962. Wheels and axles manufactured by forging followed by machining.

Wheel plant Raw materials :o 12 sided flutted bottom poured steel ingots with diameter of 16 or 14 . o Chemical composition : C = 0.62 to 0.68 % , Mn = 0.70 to 0.85% Si = 0.24 to 0.28 % , P =0.045 and S = .04 %

Rough shaping of wheel Flutted ingots sliced into 4 blocks of which 3 used. Ingot blocks (cheese) free fromo circular cracks o Bottom cracks o Cold shunts Heated in rotatory hearth (A) furnace of 1220 C for 6Hrs.

63 / 12 Mn. Forging and Punching combination press. Heated to 1200 C in batch type holding furnace B. Computerised wheel rolling One thread roll shape n thread profile Two web roll shapes the web portion Two edge roll rim thickness

20Mn. DISHING PRESSo Web form changed from flat ring to truncated cone slopping from boss to rim. Serial no. , year and cast numbers stamped in

HEAT TREATMENT : Spraying is done depending on C equivalent.>78 - heat to 860 C and cool to room temp. =78 - spraying time 50seconds.