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What's Hot Tampa Bay's Holiday 2010 Issue

Text of What's Hot Tampa Bay (November Issue 2010)

  • Volume 1 Issue 11

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    Mike Alstott AtSAkS FiFtH AvEnuE

    iAdt | Holiday gift ideas & more

    10 things to love About the holidAys

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    Volume 1 Issue 116

    Adam vs. Eve 62Meatball madness!!

    Filmaking: A love story 66Indie filmaker Brian Cowardby Amanda Roberts

    Tech Talk 74Spectra Marketing Solutions gives us the skinny on the coolest in tech gadgets for the holiday season

    Hidden Star 82Eats American Grillby ian Beckles





    Top 10 Things about the Holidays 12Norrie rates his favorite things about the yule tide seasonby David Norrie

    Elite Traveler 16A travelers holiday gift guideby Tammy Levent

    Fashion Forward 20Extending the life of brides-maids, prom and wedding dressesby Ro Martinez

    Keel & Curley Winery 26Drink Local: The Napa Valley of Tampa Bay

    Hot off the vine 28How not to be That Guyby Dave Madera

    Haute Couture 32IADTs 25th Annual Fashion Show and Expoby Ron Romonchuk

    Holiday Shopper SectionPurses by 36Diva D likes... 38Hot Shopper 78

    Mike Alstott 42The A-Train heads to Saks Fifth Avenue for some holiday shopping. Paul Pelak and Whats Hot were there.

    Mike Alstott: Still on track 50Mike takes time out to sit down with the Knuckleheadby Basil Spyridakos

    Millionaires Minute 56Selling Commodity Option Stranglesby James Cordier


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  • wshotsPhotos by Jim Burkett

    Fashion Fights Domestic ViolenceBy Foster Fox



    On Monday, November 15, The Spring of Tampa Bay and Neiman Marcus teamed up to bring the philanthropically well-heeled together for the cause of domestic violence pre-vention. Together they held the second annual Peace Couture fashion show and fundraiser on the second floor of Neiman Marcus in Interna-tional Plaza. The Spring of Tampa Bay is a safe haven for families who have been victims of domestic violence. Adding to the equation was Neiman Marcuss long standing tradition of phi-lanthropy; all the proceeds from this event will support The Spring. To raise money, there was also a raffle contest with a number of covetable prizes.

    I arrived at Neiman Marcus around 6pm expect-ing outfits that would send me into a fashion coma, and already the fashion was in full swing. The women looked like, if not better than, the mannequins displayed throughout the store. I was able to get more The womenand men!attending certainly did not disappoint.

    Pepin distributors were on hand serving lem-on drops which went perfectly with a major-ity of outfits, paired with some delicious hors doeuvres from Datz Deli. The brilliant makeup artists from Laura Mercier were there, giving makeovers to partygoers using the new line of Sequin makeup.

    In lieu of a traditional runway show, models sauntered around the event, lingering for a mo-ment at every corner so guests could see the

    beautiful gowns, dresses, and sportswear up close and personal. Some of the looks that were chosen for this show were handpicked by four Tampa Bay celebrities, Ryan Nece, Aakash Pa-tel, Wendy Ryan, and Julie Weintraub, who was wearing, if I must say, the most AMAZING silver outfit, along with a Rouge Vauviste Mono-gram Vernis Vuitton bag. Perfection.

    During the meet-and-greet, I had the chance to speak with Joanne Lighter, the director of The Spring, who said this about joining up with Neiman Marcus: Our volunteers wanted to do something with retail. We approached Neiman Marcus, and since our major donors are Nei-mans customers, it seemed obvious. Its a great synergy we have. I also spoke with Dr. Adam J. Scheiner, who, along with Joanne Lighter, spearheaded this event, said, If [we] can inter-vene, we can stop the cycle [of domestic abuse], and the world would be a better place.

    At about 7pm, in her introduction, Julie Wein-traub, active in charity work throughout Tampa Bay, mentioned one of Hillsborough Countys most well-known domestic violence stories: in 2009, Audrey Mabrey, a 27 year old woman, was doused with lighter fluid and set on fire by her estranged husband. Over eighty percent of her body was burned. That example, Weintraub says, is why she wants more people to donate money and volunteer their time for this cause.

    Following Weintraub, Dr. Scheiner came to the microphone and spoke of the connection with

    domestic violence and the cycle of abuse: We have to find an answer to thistheres a link be-tween violence we see in society and what we see in the homeHow do we fix this? I think its The Spring!

    Following Dr. Scheiner, Joanne Lighter com-mented, People ask me, does the economy af-fect domestic violence? Domestic violence is up 3.7%. People are staying home to commit their crimes.

    Here are some alarming facts about domes-tic violence, according to The Spring, the only certified domestic violence program serving Hillsborough County. Did you know that Hill-sborough County has the highest rate in Florida of do mestic violence arrests among adults and juveniles? In 2007, law enforcement officers respond ed to 8,841 domestic violence incidents in Hillsborough County and there were eight domestic violence-related deaths in the county. These statistics are unconscionable, and because of this, The Spring of Tampa Bay is a light at the end of a tunnel to women have been abused or are currently in a dangerous situation.

    Many people were instrumental in making this event a great success. For more information or to donate money or your time, contact The Spring at (813) 247-5433. Find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Spring-of-Tampa-Bay/237071205091 and on the web at www.thespring.org

  • 10- Sample Stations: If you dont like cheese logs and smoked sausage you might as well move back to the Soviet Union because in this country stabbing a toothpick into some good Gouda or hearty Hickory Sausage means shopping with the wife is more tolerable. Since 1951 Hickory Farms has been a part of our holiday shopping. Yeah for sausage!!!

    4- Booze: Yea, I know what youre thinking, No. 4? Well, didnt want to seem Charlie Sheen-ish. When else, other than maybe the Kentucky Derby, is drinking hard liquor to excess so acceptable? And furthermore, when else would anybody be insane enough to mix a dairy-based sugar concoction with rum or brandy? If somebody handed you a glass of something that resembled watered down pancake mix in March and said here, drink this! youd respond with get that f-ing thing outta my face before I vomit but for some reason in December you say sure, that doesnt look so bad.

    3- Dysfunction Junction: If youve ever watched video of wilde-beest crossing a croc-infested river during migration in Kenya, you know what family get-togethers can be like during the holidays and the tension involved. Youre not sure when it will go down, you just know its lurking underneath the water and that its about to go down. Thats why Festivus, the fictional holiday on Seinfeld, is so genius. Its the airing of grievances. Why does the season lend itself to such discontent? Well, take No. 5 and add No. 4 and its easy to see. The best thing about arguing with family over the holidays is that the time of year makes it so easy to have a good cry, a somewhat sincere apology and forget about it all until next years argument.

    2- Bing and Bang: I dont know about you, but in my house the holidays havent arrived until I hear Bing Crosby belt out Little Drummer Boy and watch little Ralphie Parker shoot his Red Ryder BB Gun. Rumor has it Jack Nicholson was once considered to play the role of Ralphies dad. In the movie (A Christmas Story) Ralphie mentions the fact he wants a BB gun 28 times. And to get Flicks tongue to

    stick to the pole, effects crews used a hidden suction tube. Betcha didnt know that! Heres something else ya might not know. Bing performed his famous duet with Davie Bowie on September 11th, 1977 for his Christmas special to be aired in November. After only one hour of rehearsal, they nailed it on the third take. Sadly, the crooner died just one month later in October and never got to see how the public embraced it.

    1- Office Party Drama: It seems as if there are imaginary Monopoly cards handed out at holiday office parties that read take foot out of mouth or pass buzzed and go directly to shitfaced.

    Who better to embarrass yourself in front of than the people you see at work on a daily basis? Because every office has their Michael Scott, the guy you just cant imagine dealing with in the outside world. And then there are incredible revelations, because imagining what a co-workers spouse may look like seldom meets reality, as in Thats Steves wife?

    And lastly, the quota for crappy casseroles mixed with the projec-tions for a terrible gift exchange present make it understandable why alcohol is so necessary and why excuses to get out of them are so common.

    Three cheers for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and those of the sort.

    For conservatives, Christmas c