WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW THAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT SHAREPOINT ?? What are some things you Don’t know that you Don’t know about SharePoint ... Blogs and Wikis ... 7. Training is

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  • Tom Robbins

    President/Trainer/Consultant at

    Robbins Professional Group

    Instructor at ASPE

    SharePoint SME & Evangelist

    Enterprise Social Architect

    Project Server SME

  • Todays Topics

    What is SharePoint?

    What are the core Pillars of SharePoint?

    What are some things you Dont know that you Dont

    know about SharePoint

    What are the collaboration tools available in SharePoint?

    Open questions and discussion about what SharePoint


  • What is SharePoint?

    SharePoint is many different things to many people

    It can really be most anything you need it to be because:

    Its a platform made up of many familiar tools and technologies that allow

    you to build solutions to meet business needs.

    It is web-based which means it can be accessed anywhere you have a

    browser, and most all browsers are supported

    It integrates with the Microsoft Enterprise Suite of technologies

    SharePoint allows you to create a central collaboration platform

    where teams/projects can share information and build knowledge

    that benefits the entire organization.

  • What is SharePoint?

    Out of the box, Microsoft provides numerous examples/templates

    of how SharePoint can be used to address typical collaboration


    Calendars, Tasks, Announcements, Newsfeed (like Facebook),

    Discussion Boards (brainstorming and ideation)

    Workflow templates for typical business process automation: Approvals,

    Feedback, Three-State, Disposition Approval

    Pages: web pages that deliver custom content based on your business


  • What is SharePoint?

    While SharePoint can really be customized to do anything you


    You may need a team of developers to write custom web parts and to

    build APIs and connections to external systems if you want to go beyond

    what SharePoint offers OOTB this is almost always what happens.

    OOTB is DOES NOT do everything How could it? Microsoft

    could never have built every possible scenario. So if you want it

    to build cars for you, youll have to customize it! But there are

    examples/templates to get you started

  • SharePoint Pillars






    We describe

    SharePoint functionality by grouping into Pillars

  • Share


    OneDrive for Business

    Share Content and ideas


    Blogs and Wikis


    Surveys and Discussion Boards

  • Organize

    Team Sites

    Keep projects on track

    Keep track of your content

    Lists and Libraries

    Enterprise content management

    Records management

  • Discover

    Find stuff

    Your results

    Find People

    Discover insights

    Visualize data

  • Build

    Install Apps

    SharePoint app store


    Adaptive site experiences

  • Manage


    Site Collection management

    Site management


    Monitor and maintain sites

  • What SharePoint Can Do!

    Empowers Team Leaders and Project Managers

    No need to know how to write specialized code

    Less reliance on IT administrators or developers

    SharePoint belongs to people with knowledge

    Complete control over sharing in Project Sites and Team Sites

    Web based interface with intelligent GUIs make it easy to build your team

    web site

  • What SharePoint Can Do!

    Centralizes Data and Information

    Where is information stored now?

    Network drives

    USB drives

    Laptop drives

    In your brain

    Email (where all knowledge goes to die!)

    Paper Files

    SharePoint IS the central filing cabinet for everything

    and here it becomes FINDABLE!

    Documents, conversations, KNOWLEDGE!

  • What SharePoint Can Do!

    Automates Business and Project Processes

    Workflows for tracking the lifecycle of documents

    Status Reports

    Project Plan Approval

    Emergency Procedures Review and Feedback

    Managing Document Retention

    Expense Report Routing for Approval

    New Procedures Approval

    Managing document Lifecycles

  • What SharePoint Can Do!

    Enables Team Collaboration

    Team Calendar

    Knowledge Base Wikis

    Team Status Blog

    Site feeds: Newsfeed

    Discussion Forums BIG-BIG-BIG!

    Team Information Documents

    Communities of Interest

    Everyone is sharing the same information in the

    same place = Collaboration

  • Why is Governance Important?

    SharePoint out-of-the-box is a set of tools (on the shelf)

    that have to be assembled to meet a specific business


    Think of it like this: SharePoint is a Solution to Build


    You need to come at SharePoint as if you were building a

    product to sell and that entails a similar approach to

    marketing, research, and development.

  • Why is Governance Important?

    You need a team of people from all over the organization

    to architect a solution that will sell.

    This team includes everyone from the top down to the

    customers (or users)

    Governance is the approach to this. The team which

    plans, architects, deploys, trains, and supports the


    They make the rules in conjunction with the customer

  • What you Dont Know!

    1. Understanding What SharePoint IS and what it ISNT!

    2. Approach SharePoint as a means to an end

    Technology to help you solve your Collaboration


    3. Governance: Building the right team and commitment to

    time required to deploy

    4. The Big Picture: Enterprise Content Management

    5. Communications Plan / Organizational involvement

  • What you Dont Know!

    6. Planning for Adoption: Changing the culture

    7. Training is critical to the success of your solution

    8. Make decisions about Architecture. Manage features


    9. Search doesnt work by itself. Search administration is

    vital to putting people in touch with information

    10.From day 1, you need a clear Support plan. As word

    gets out, you need a way to handle the questions

  • What SharePoint IS and ISNT!

    SharePoint has many tools OOTB that can get you started

    improving team collaboration

    Users quickly find they want it to do everything!

    SharePoint is a collaboration platform that TOGETHER with

    Office products give a full suite of tools O365

    Its not Excel. Its not Outlook. Its not Word.

    Developers are often required to make it extensible

    Considerations to changing what SharePoint does OOTB

  • SharePoint is a Technology

    SharePoint is a set of common tools built on an


    OOTB is does many things, but its a blank slate; have

    you ever seen the OOTB templates??

    Compare it to PowerPoint slides or Excel workbooks

    Work with the customer/user to build a solution that is

    tailored to meet their needs

    Research, marketing, development, sales, and service!

  • Enterprise Content Management

    For SharePoint to really perform and put people in touch

    with information, there has to be a plan to how data is


    Putability/Findability Garbage in Garbage Out

    Need consistent Metadata: Taxonomoy replaces folders

    Understanding of Columns, Site Columns, Managed

    Metadata and Syndication

  • Training is Critical

    One-size does not fit all with SharePoint

    Provide training on features and tools that teams can use

    immediately and then provide one-off for building on that


    Classroom, online, CBT, Community portals, videos,

    reference cards, etc.+

    Plan the Timing

    Know your Audience

  • Making Architectural Decisions

    Plan for growth. Be careful not to deploy on the same

    platform you set up for testing. Capacity Planning

    Business Intelligence

    Controlling app sprawl turn off what you dont need

    Permissions planning

    SharePoint Roles

    Make your own decisions unique to your organization

  • Search Administration SharePoint Search is often not considered from the start

    A KEY feature of SharePoint is the ability to find anything:

    documents, conversations, people, Knowledge!

    Search doesnt work by itself. Simple indexing is

    available for typical content

    Just implementing SharePoint Search doesnt solve the

    problem: sources, crawlers, search engines

    Putability and Findability ; GIGO; ECM

    Hire an experienced and skilled Search Administrator

  • Support from Day 1

    The calls with start coming in once people start hearing

    about your SharePoint deployment. You need to be able

    to give authoritative and accurate information about it

    How will you support the users:

    Help Desk

    Self-help communities


    Tech Days

    Open office

  • Collaboration Tools Tool/App/Feature Used For?

    Newsfeed Similar to Facebook and LinkedIN allows for the sharing of quick status