What web designers do while you wait for your website

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Though you might think that website can be easily designed and developed, its a long and complex process which requires proper skills to be done. Hire a web Designers Gold Coast based company that can design and develop an ideal website for your business.


<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>What Web Designers do While You Wait for Your Website?</p> <p>Straight Up MarketingWebsite building seems like quite an easy thing to do and people often wonder why websites take a long time to finish. Do you want to know what web developers and web designers do while you wait for your site is created? </p> <p>Lets have step by step look at the web design and web development process: Planning - The Most Important Step </p> <p> Review of proposed website plan </p> <p> Information design and site structure </p> <p> Functionality requisites</p> <p> User experience /site navigation </p> <p> Time frame and site priorities </p> <p> Competitive analysis Mock ups based on the wireframes are designed </p> <p>The web design Gold Coast based company will present you mock ups which allows you not only to review the site, but also to suggest changes that you want to make. This also starts a review phase in which in which you and the web design Gold Coast agency will send revisions back and forth until a designed is finalised. Once the website design is finalised then it will be sent to the web development Gold Coast team to be built. Development phase </p> <p> Assembling of the site (CSS, HTML and templates) </p> <p> Standards-compliant CSS and HTML</p> <p> Image slicing</p> <p> Cross-browser compatibility</p> <p>The web design Gold Coast agency develops the templates and all of the back end functionality, this is why it is the longest phase in website creation.Deployment </p> <p> Load and stress testing </p> <p> Performance </p> <p> Bug resolution</p> <p> Establishment of the production environment</p> <p> Final sign off and launchThank You</p> <p>Straight Up Marketing</p>