What tools do Geographer’s use?. The tools that Geographer’s use helps them to investigate the physical and human environment.

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What tools do Geographers use?The tools that Geographers use helps themto investigate the physical and human environment.Geographers use all sorts of mapsRoad Maps Show majorsome minor highwaysand roads, airports, railroad tracks, cities and other points of interest in an area. People use road maps to plan trips and for driving directions. Physical Maps Illustrate the physical features of an area, such as the mountains, rivers and lakes. The water is usually shown in blue. Colours are used to show reliefdifferences in land elevations. Green is typically used at lower elevations, and orange or brown indicate higher elevations. Political Maps Do not show physical features. Instead, they indicate state and national boundaries and capital and major cities. A capital city is usually marked with a star within a circle. Economic & Resource Maps Show the type of natural resources or economic activity that are in an area. Cartographers use symbols to show the locations of natural resources or economic activities. For example, oranges on a map of Florida tell you that oranges are grown there. Climate MapsGive general informationabout the climate and precipitation (rain and snow) of a region. Cartographers, or mapmakers, use colors to show different climateor precipitation zones. Topographic MapsThey include contour linesto show the shape and height of an area. Linesthat are close together indicate steep terrain, and lines that are far apart Indicate flat terrain.Geographers also useDiagramsChartsGraphsPhotographsReportsSatellite imagesSketchesSurveysTablesNSEWCompass: Determines directionUnits of measurement are determined by compass points.Thermometer: Measures temperatureUnits of measurement are in Degrees Celsius.OF or CPluviometer: Measures rainfall Units of measurement are in Millimetres.How do you write it?____________________ mmHygrometer: Measures humidity Units of measurement are as a percentage.How do you write it?____________________ O 0Barometer: Measures air pressureUnits of measurement are hectopascals.How do you write it?____________________ hPaAnemometer: Measures wind speedUnits of measurement are in kilometres per hour.How do you write it?____________________Km/hWind Vane: Shows wind directionUnits of measurement are determined by compass points.How do you write it?____________________ NSEW


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