What to text your ex to get him back - 4 tips that will force him to call you back

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Text of What to text your ex to get him back - 4 tips that will force him to call you back

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    What to Text Your Ex to Get Him Back? 4 Tips That Will Force Him to

    Call You Back

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    Is there a magic way to text your ex to get him back?

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    Is there any magic spells that you can put on a text message then send it to

    your ex and then bam! he comes crawling back to you?

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    What to text your ex to get him back is a tricky and delicate thing. Let us

    confess at first that the text message alone will not make your ex come back

    to you.

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    It might be the first step but you need to make a perfect plan to get him back after your were successful to draw his

    attention to you again.

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    The text message must be sent only once, you do not want to flood your ex's phone with messages every day

    and night.

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    This is a sign of desperation. It is better to send this message after waiting for

    some weeks after the break up.

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    You have to keep no contact for at least 2 weeks after the break up has


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    There are four things that must be in any good text message you send to

    your ex to be successful to make him want to contact you again.

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    A gentle apology if you made a mistake: You have to show yourself as

    a mature person who takes responsibility for their own mistakes

    and faults.

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    A good, honest and short apology without being desperate or needy is good if you want to send

    your ex a text message.

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    A message that you understand your ex's decision for breaking up and that you are okay

    with it: Make sure your ex realizes that you understand why the break up happened and

    you are totally ok with it.

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    You do not have any hard feelings to your ex and that you are moving on and continuing your

    new life without him.

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    Show yourself as a happy person without being specific:

    You can vaguely send a message to your ex that you are enjoying your life.

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    Tell him casually in the message that you have met an old friend by accident and you are

    having a good time with them.

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    Do not give details or this will be spoilt. You want to ignite the curiosity flame in your ex's


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    Curiosity: This is the most important thing you can do when you send a message to your ex. If you can provoke your ex boyfriend's curiosity

    then you're almost done.

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    Calling you is only a matter of time then. Tell him that you want to thank him for the favor he had done. Be prepared to find real good things

    to tell him when he calls.

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    You must be honest or he will not believe you again.

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    This must not be used alone to get your ex back. This is only a small step you can make to get

    him to call you back.

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    If you want to get him back again think of a good plan that really works or this will not work

    for you.

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    You will lose your chances if you made mistakes after drawing his attention to you.

    Do not spoil it.

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