What is Radio Scouting?

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What is Radio Scouting?. And what does it mean to me?. Jim Wilson, K5ND World JOTA-JOTI Team. Chairman, USA Radio Scouting Committee President, K2BSA Amateur Radio Assn. How many of you were involved in Scouting?. Poll Response. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Jamboree on the Air


What is Radio Scouting?And what does it mean to me?2

3Chairman, USA Radio Scouting CommitteePresident, K2BSA Amateur Radio Assn.Jim Wilson, K5NDWorld JOTA-JOTI Team4Poll ResponseHow many of you were involved in Scouting?5Poll ResponseHow many were directly influenced by Scouting to enter Amateur Radio?6

LX2A I got involved through my uncle and Jamboree on the Air.OE5OHO I came into contact with ham radio through Boy Scouts.LU1FAM Through Scoutings Jamboree on the Air that I first saw a radio.N2NL I got interested in Amateur Radio through Scouting and my ElmerWhat is Radio Scouting?Jamboree on the AirRadio Merit BadgeAmateur Radio Operator Rating StripMorse Code Interpreter StripNational Scout Jamboree Operation7Radio Scouting Path8What is Jamboree on the Air?World-Wide Annual Event --- Third Weekend in October --- Started 1958Largest Scouting Event in the World700,000+ Scouts22,000+ Radio Amateurs12,000+ Stations 150+ Countries9

What are the Benefits?Scouts engage in conversations with other Scouts across the country and around the world. They get a glimpse of other cultures and regional differences.Scouts get exposed to the technology, fun and magic of amateur radio.Natural starting point for Radio Merit Badge.1011

Scouts Having Fun in Conversations Across the Country and Around the World

USA JOTA Results2010201120122013Stations3168204271 Growth119%200%33%Scouts4543,18518,53713,866 Growth602%482%- 25%12

How do I organize a JOTA event?Work with your local Scout Council, District, or Unit.See JOTA Talking points at http://www.k2bsa.net/talking-points/ Line up with an existing Scouting event that happens on JOTA weekend --- October 17-19, 2014Go where the Scouts are as one more supporting activity for their event --- camporee, etc.13What Resources are Available?The go-to website ishttp://www.scouting.org/jota.aspx Leader guidelines, operator guidelines, planning and calendars, program ideas, success stories, activity books, participation certificates, graphics.Supporting website is http://www.k2bsa.net


New World JOTA-JOTI Team in 2014HQ Move to Kuala Lumpur from GenevaRegistration System and Supporting Websitewww.jotajoti.infoWorld JOTA-JOTI


Demonstrate HospitalityHand out QSOs and ConversationsInvite Scouts to our HobbyGet on the Air during JOTARadio Scouting Path17What is Radio Merit Badge?Introduction to RadioBroadcast, SWL, and Ham Radio OptionsCan be completed in a day-long workshopJamboree used a four-hour time frame18

Strong Interest & Growth19Radio Scouting Path20Amateur Radio Operator Rating StripBuilds on Senior Scout Radioman Strip from 1940sAll licensed youth and adult members can wear itNatural follow-on to Radio Merit Badge with Technician license training and uniform patch rewardHighly Popular --- 6,800+ sold in first year21

Morse Code Interpreter Strip5 wpm send and receive, requirements online at http://www.k2bsa.net/morse-code/ Already the second largest selling interpreter strip at 1,200 in the past year22

National Scout JamboreeK2BSA Operation, July 2013Demonstration Station 2,600 ScoutsRadio Merit Badge 339 ScoutsARDF-Foxhunting 100+ISS Contact, 10 Scouts High-Altitude Balloon LaunchesPermanent Repeater Installation (3)23

Jamboree SponsorsIcom America transceivers, repeaters and so much more on site and great supportSteppIR verticals and beam antennasArray Solutions band pass filtersGigaParts headphonesARRL books, posters, banners, flag2425

What does it mean to me?26

10 Complete Stations for loan to Councils, entering third year of the programPromotion of Radio Scouting year roundOfficial Jamboree Transceiver/Repeater SponsorInstalled 3 repeaters at The Summit in WVRay Novak, N9JA, a true champion of Radio Scouting27

ARRL SupportCommittee on Scouting led by Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGTKay Craigie, N3KNDave Sumner, K1ZZLarry Wolfgang, WR1BBSA and ARRL Memorandum of Understanding 2011Debra Johnson, K1DMJBob Inderbitzen, NQ1RQST Staff28Q & A

Radio Scouting29

For More InfoK2BSA Website www.K2BSA.netK2BSA Facebook Page K2BSA.Scouting K2BSA Twitter K2BSA_Scouting USA JOTA Pages www.Scouting.org/JOTAWorld JOTA-JOTI Website www.jotajoti.infoJim Wilson, K5ND jim.wilson@k2bsa.net 3031