What do you really want to know about me

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What do you really want to know about me?

Whether youre an old friend or new friend, a long lost family member, or a recruiter or a potential employer, what do you hope to learn about me by checking me out on LinkedIn?

Whatever brought you here, you already have a clue that I am an Artist. What even my friends and family probably dont know is that I started my art career at the age of 9 years. I became the assistant to the Art teacher in my grammar school. She would take me out of class and let me help her create the bulletin boards throughout the school.

It was also around that time that I started taking art lessons every Saturday morning. I was also signed up for Drama classes, but proved to be too shy to become an actress. You gotta go where the heart leads.

By the time I was in High School, I had signed up to take double art classes, and was also a member of the Art Club which met after school. I won awards in local art shows, and sold drawings and screen printed greeting cards at the local art festivals. I was featured in the local newspaper as a result.

I attended college. I went to Boston University for 3 semesters. They offered Fine Arts courses, and after the third semester I decided that there was no real financial future as a fine artist. One of my classes was called Surface Design, and I loved it so much that I got an A+. The teacher said that if he could give a higher grade to me, he would. That was my first taste of what eventually became Textile Design.

I later went on to duCret School of the Arts in Plainfield, NJ where I happily majored in Textile Design and other commercial art classes. I loved photography and had my own darkroom. I won awards from competitions at the local camera club which I had joined.

I graduated from duCret, second in my class, only because the Dean of the school gave me a C in painting, and when I asked him why, he told me that there were too many As. Whatever, my talent was evident no matter how many As there were. And by the way, that was the first C I had ever received.

I became a Textile Designer. I spent the day mixing colors, painting, creating new designs, and putting designs into repeat. I loved the job so much, if I didnt need the money to survive, I would have done it for free. I was trusted with the responsibility of going to the mill where the fabrics were printed to ensure that the fabrics were true to the original design. I continued with that career until I moved to Arizona, where I went back to school to learn Computer Graphics and Multimedia Production. I learned web design, and became a web designer.

I loved that job, too, and was heartbroken when the company I worked for went out of business after only 2 years.

I went on to build a business with my husband. We held seminars to present financial products to the Senior market, and I created all the marketing materials, did website maintenance, and provided administrative support. After twelve years we are now both exploring new horizons.

I might also mention that I have a patented invention for a lampshade dressing kit, and another invention that is being considered for manufacture for the Home Shopping Network.

As to what kind of person Ive become, well, Im compassionate above all. I believe kindness is the only way to treat people, and I believe in having personal boundaries. Im intuitive and empathic, and I never stop learning and improving my skills as an artist.