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Presentation for student journalists on what hiring editors expect

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  • 1. What Do Editors Expect?

2. Large photo/artwork caption 3. LindaAustinExecutive Director, Donald W.Reynolds National Center forBusiness JournalismEditor, Lexington (Ky.) Herald- mugLeaderExecutive Editor, The News-Sentinel, Fort Wayne, Ind.Managing Editor, News & Record,Greensboro, N.C.Business Editor, The PhiladelphiaInquirer 4. From Clark Kent toExperienceTechnical skillsSoft skillsPersonal brand 5. And then, how do you get the job?ResumeCover letterWork samplesNetworkingInterview 6. ExperienceInternshipsJobsPage.comhttp://freedomforumdiversity.org/chips-quinn/https://www.newsfund.org/ASNE.org (JobResources)Campus media 7. Technical skillsReport/editWriteMultimedia skills/WPForeign language,multicultural skillsSocial media skillsComputer-assisted reportingSearch-engine optimization 8. Soft skillsInitiativeJudgmentTeamworkCuriosityWillingness + ability to learnEnthusiasmFlexibility 9. BrandIdentifiableSpecific promise of valueConsistent 10. Personal brand: Rich CopleyCopious Notes blogTwitterFacebookLinkedInPersonal website 11. Personal brandPersonal brand: www.richcopley.com 12. Personal brandwww.knowem.comSamples of yourbest work should belinked.Your real workexperience should beeasy to find and scanquickly.Webinar: March 5;sign up:http://bit.ly/bizjtraininghttp://mindymcadams.com/tojou/2009/journalists-must-build-a-personal-brand-10-tips/ 13. Personal brandPersonal brand: www.laurenmichell.com 14. A mentor can be your editor, youreditors editor or anon-supervisorwho shows interest.Breaking In 15. No one-trick ponies need apply!"Julie Engebrecht, Content Director,Cincinnati Enquirer 16. And then, how do you get the job?ResumeCover letterWork samplesNetworkingInterview 17. Resumes who, what, when, where?Name, address, phone, e-mail (not FoxyLady42@...)Objective if not apparentLead with most impressive education or experienceGo beyond job titles countOne page no errors 18. Cover letter the whyRegard it as amarketing brochureDo not repeat whats in the resumeSell yourself 19. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In1. I am a junior at Smarty Pants U, majoring in journalismBland 20. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In2. I am currently looking for asummer internship in theprint journalism industryand would like to beconsidered for such aposition at your newspaper.Wordy 21. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In3. Each day, Barb Shookcarried an armful of shirtsinto the dry cleaner, where Iwas working the counter topay for my journalismstudies. Finally, I had to askTell a story 22. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In4. In two summer internships, Ihave written more than 100stories on everything from amurder-suicide to a tractorpull.Experience 23. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In4. As editor of my campusnewspaper, I hold therecord forExperience 24. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In5. My experience at school and in a prior internship, as well as my knowledge of the area, make me a strong candidate for your job.Direct approach 25. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In6. Its been said youre only asgood as your last story. Letme tell you what that wasfor me.Twist 26. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In7. There are few guarantees inlife. I am one. Hire me, andyou will not bedisappointed.Confident 27. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In8. All the hours I spent injournalism class didntteach me as much aboutreporting as the summer Ispent driving a cab.Autobiographical, interesting 28. Pick a cover-letter lede Breaking In8. Ive been preparing for this job since I became a journalist in the second grade.Autobiographical, interesting 29. Work samples the howNo more than 10Show a rangeOnline versions okayDo not shrink thetypeOr refer me to yourwebsite 30. Networkinghttp://businessjournalism.org/2010/02/25/networking-tips-for-better-business-stories-and-jobs/ 31. InterviewResearch the media outlet.Background your interviewer.3 STARs: Situation, Task,Action, ResultHave some questions.Thank you notes one lastmarketing chance 32. ? Linda.Austin@businessjournalism.org @LindaAustin_http://www.slideshare.net/BizJournalism/what-do-editors-expect