What Did You Say?

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I Samuel 3:1-4. What Did You Say?. Why Don’t We Hear God?. Is God silent? Psalm- 102:1-2 Unconfessed sin- Psalm 32:3-5 Little or no time in the Word- Psalm 119:9,11. What Can We Learn from Samuel’s Calling. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What Did You Say?

What Did You Say?I Samuel 3:1-4Why Dont We Hear God?Is God silent? Psalm- 102:1-2Unconfessed sin- Psalm 32:3-5Little or no time in the Word- Psalm 119:9,11What Can We Learn from Samuels CallingThe people of Israel were not feeding on Gods Word-v.1 Amos 8:11 II Timothy 4:2-4 Parents and leaders didnt care Ezekiel 34 1) Steeling from God 2) Open sexual immorality 3) No vision Proverbs 29:18 4) The Light was growing dim Exodus 27:20-21

What Kept Samuel from Hearing God?The Word had not been revealed to him v.7 Deuteronomy 6Parents and leaders did not encourage Gods calling in his lifeGod is faithfulGod calls Samuel repeatedly v.4,6,8,10God does not give up on his people v.8,9 Ezekiel 18:8,9The Lord speaks personally and repeatedly to each of us v.10 Psalm 139:13SamuelThe Lord has heard!