“What about the Arts ?” Steve Carroll Faculty Technical Manager Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Plymouth University National Network of Arts Technicians

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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>What about the Arts ?Steve CarrollFaculty Technical ManagerFaculty of Arts and Humanities, Plymouth UniversityNational Network of Arts Technicians Co-ordinatorThe Future of Technical Support in Higher Education</p> <p>First joint National Association of Professional and Technical Specialists in Education/Institute of Science and Technology annual conference: 4th July 2012 University of Sheffield</p> <p>Umbrella OrganisationsScience Council - 40 Member BodiesAssociation for Clinical Biochemistry, British Psychological Society, British Society of Soil Sciences, Institute of Brewing and Distilling, Institute of Science and Technology etc.Engineering Council 36 Licensed InstitutionsBritish Institute of Non-Destructive Testing, Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers, Institute of Chemical Engineers etc.Holds the National Registers of 235,000 Engineering TechniciansWhat About the Arts ?From The Work Foundation report; Staying Ahead: The economic performance of the UKs creative industries. </p> <p>Arts and HEc.900 UG Arts courses from almost 200 institutions on UCAS website</p> <p>Plymouth University. Faculty of Arts and Humanities c.4000 UG students supported by c.40 Technical Staff </p> <p>What About the Arts ?The British Institute of Professional Photographers, The Royal Photographic Society, The National Association of Theatre Technicians, JAMES, Crafts Council, Equity, BECTU, Musicians Union, Higher Education Academy etcArts Council ?</p> <p>Arts Council Goal no. 4</p> <p>We will encourage skills development, collaborative working and knowledge sharing, including enabling the arts to realise the potential of technological changeWe will seek to ensure that mainstream funding for learning and skills development supports the training needs of the artsProfessional development is regarded as essential to the health of the arts</p> <p>Technician CouncilWhen people think about Technicians, I dont want their first thought to be of Prince Albert and the Great Exhibition of the past. I want it to be of CERN, the NHS and Glastonbury. Of Formula 1, iPads, google, and any number of innovative products and services that will be developed in the future.</p> <p> Professional bodies and technician registration are at the heart of the Technician Councils agenda.</p> <p>Dr Graham Spittle, Chairman of the Technician Council. Address to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Skills and Employment, 22nd Jan 2013</p> <p>HEaTED and the Arts: What can we offer our members?</p> <p>Steve CarrollFaculty Technical ManagerFaculty of ArtsPlymouth UniversityHEaTED Conference 9th January 2013Areas for discussion:TrainingNational Network of Arts TechniciansProfessional Registration for Arts TechniciansHEaTED and the Arts outcomesNNATs co-ordinator(s)National SurveyOnline Arts Group on HEaTED websiteFunding for networking visits to other institutionsSupport for NNATs eventsSurvey ResultsResponses from 21 HEaTED Member Institutions.Anglia Ruskin, Derby, Dundee Contemporary Arts/Dundee Rep Theatre, Edge Hill, Edinburgh, Falmouth, Huddersfield, Middlesex, Newcastle, Northumbria, Plymouth, Sheffield, University for the Creative Arts, Suffolk, Central Lancashire, Cumbria, Hertfordshire, Salford, Stirling, Strathclyde, Westminster.Survey ResultsWide Range of disciplines supported3d Design, Fine Art, Architecture, 3D printing and rapid prototyping, Vector Graphics, Animation, CNC Machining, Software Training, Photography, Art Conservation, Painting, AV and Media, Website Content Management, IT support, Ceramics, Glass, Plaster, Civil Engineering, Cabinet Making, Silversmithing, Digital Art, Digital Embroidery and Textile Printing, English, History, Languages, Drama, Music, Exhibitions, Fashion Pattern CuttingSurvey ResultsScanning, Servers, Networking, Apple Computers, Primary and Secondary Art, Knitwear Design, Language Labs, Letterpress and Typography, LX SX FX Stage Management, Radio, Product Design, Furniture, Professional Development Support, Resource Management, Rigging, Lighting, Health and Safety, Sound Engineering, Soundstage Technician, Garment Construction, TV and Broadcast Production, Interior Design, Event Management, Trend/Innovation research, Wood and Metal work, CAD/CAM </p> <p>National Network of Arts TechniciansNetworking OpportunitiesSharing Best PracticeCollaborationSkills DevelopmentKnowledge SharingProfessional Registration</p> <p>IST and the Arts</p> <p>What can you do?Would you like to write an article for the IST Winter Journal? The IST will be dedicating its Winter 2013 edition to The Arts and we would like our members to contribute items to the journal. These articles can be anything from pieces on research, celebrations of this years work with students, to articles of personal interest - as long as it relates to The Arts, the IST will consider it! If you have an article or topic that you want to share with colleagues, or know anyone who does then please direct them or any enquiries to office@istonline.org.ukHEaTED annual conference 16th January 2014</p> <p>National Network of Arts Techniciansarts@heated.ac.ukOnline group via HEaTED website</p>