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West/Northwest Private Schools Directory Feb. 2013

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West/Northwest Private Schools Directory Feb. 2013

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    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

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    ON THE COVERA preschooler works with sandpaperletters in the Montessori program atThe Summit Country Day School inCincinnati. Provided photo

    Choosing a school......................2

    Seton High School .....................4

    St. James of White Oak............5

    Badin High School .....................6

    La Salle High School..................6

    John Paul II School.....................7


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    Badin High School......................6Elder High School.......................3John Paul II School .....................7La Salle High School ..................6Mother of Mercy ........................9Seton High School......................4St. Aloysius Gonzaga.................2St. Catharine of Siena .............12St. James of White Oak ............5

    ADVERTISERDIRECTORY Parents everywhere want

    whats best for their children,and education is a priority. Withall the school options out there,how do you find the right onefor your child?

    For more than half a millionfamilies each year, the answeris an independent privateschool, according to the Nation-al Association of IndependentSchools (NAIS).

    Each independent school hasa unique mission that guides itsofferings. According to NAISpresident Patrick Bassett, thismeans that whether yourelooking for a specific style of

    teaching, a particular class orsport, or a community thatshares your values, you canfind an independent school thatmeets your childs needs.

    Independent private schoolsask students to apply for admis-sion and the admission processtypically begins almost a yearbefore the student wants toenroll. Families read schoolwebsites, visit school openhouses and narrow down a listof the schools to which theydlike to apply.

    As a first step, it helps to

    Choosing a school for your child

    See SCHOOL, Page 4



    To learn about all things Elder, visit elderhs.org!



    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    Seton High School isan all-girls Catholicschool located in the his-toric Price Hill neigh-borhood. Seton teachersand staff take a trulyunique view when edu-cating the young womenin Greater Cincinnati.They educate the wholeperson by helping eachstudent form the lifeskills needed for theworld in which she willone day live. She willearn a competitive col-lege-prep education. Shewill take on the chal-

    lenges of leadership. Shewill understand the im-portance of giving backto the community. Andshe will do all this whilemaking connections andfriendships that will lasta lifetime.

    Seton offers 12 Ad-vanced Placement class-es and five dual enroll-ment classes. The rigor-ous curriculum chal-lenges even the mostadvanced students. Inaddition, Seton ensuresevery student can suc-ceed by offering a holis-

    tic Student Support Ser-vices program.

    Seton takes technol-ogy very seriously. It isvital to equip each stu-dent correctly to ensureshe is ready for the envi-ronment she will face incollege and career. Eachstudent is issued a TabletPC at the beginning ofher freshman year. At thesame time she receivesthe PC, she is trained byour full-time, profession-al tech staff in the bestpractices to use andmaintain the computer.

    Seton students stepup. All students are ex-pected to be leaders andthey surpass expectationseach time. Leadershipopportunities are avail-able in the classroom, onthe sports field, in extra-curricular clubs or activ-ities and on the stage.When a Seton student

    graduates, she under-stands she has the skills,confidence and moralgrounding to lead the wayin college and beyond.

    Servant leadership it is one easy way tospot a Seton woman.Seton students and alum-nae are known for theirwillingness to give backto their communities inPrice Hill, throughout theU.S,. and in the world atlarge. Seton studentsunderstand the impactthat can be made by giv-ing of themselves to oth-ers. They reflect on theirfaith as the base for ser-vice and how to best dem-onstrate their beliefsthrough helping others.Seton graduates moveinto their post-secondaryexperiences with a strongspiritual foundation andcommitment to sharingtheir gifts and blessings

    with those in need.Setons curriculum,

    culture and values shapeyoung women who areprepared for the nextphase of their lives. TheClass of 2012 earnedmore than $9.7 million incollege scholarships and99 percent of the classwent on to post-second-ary education.

    The Seton experiencedoes not end on gradua-tion day. Each youngwoman who attends Setonjoins a sisterhood of closeto 16,000 women. TheSeton legacy includesdoctors, lawyers andeven a member of theU.S. Secret Service. Thechoice to attend Seton isnot just a commitment tofour years of high school;instead, it is an introduc-tion to a lifetime of fam-ily, faith, learning, leader-ship and service.

    Seton empowers future leaders

    consider what the idealschool for your childwould be like. Is it smallor large? Competitive ormore nurturing? Arethere aptitudes or in-terests youd like to fos-ter in your child? Chal-lenges youd like to ad-dress?

    Application deadlinescan vary from school toschool. Independentschools usually requiresome testing for admis-sions, transcripts fromthe childs last school andrecommendations fromcurrent teachers. In-terviews with studentsand their families takeplace in the fall and win-ter. For very young chil-dren, schools often con-duct group interviews orhave the child visit aclass to help gauge

    whether the school is theright fit for the studentsneeds.

    Its very important tocheck with the schoolabout its specific require-ments and deadlines,notes Bassett. The admis-sions office can also tellyou about various optionsfor paying for an inde-pendent school education.Most schools offer fi-

    nancial aid for familiesthat qualify and someoffer tuition paymentplans, which spread feesout over multiple pay-ments. Bassett adds thatif youre concernedabout paying for a privateschool education, askingabout options makes goodsense.

    North American PrecisSyndicate

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    The independent private school might be the right fit foryour child. NAPS PHOTO


    Experience the Strengthof the Seton Sisterhood

    For more information, contactExternal Relations Coordinator Leslie Chasteen 06

    at [email protected] or(513) 471-2600 ext. 110.

    3901 Glenway Ave. ! Cincinnati, OH 45205-9986www.setoncincinnati.org

    H I G H S C H O O L

  • Faith-lledEnvironmentthat NurturesGrowing Hearts

    and Minds


    SAINT JAMES WHITE OAK6111CheviotRd.Cincinnati 45247 | 741-5333 | www.stjameswo.org



    for High SchoolRaaaSS




    for the 2013-2014school year


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    If your child is justembarking on his or herelementary school jour-ney, graduation mayseem like an eternityfrom today.

    However, providing asolid educational founda-tion is crucial.

    Saint James Schoolstradition of excellenceand strong academicprogram are rooted in aCatholic values-basededucation.

    Our students thrive ina premier, parochial edu-cational setting, and SaintJames is proud to be theonly elementary school inthe U.S. to have earnedfour national Blue Ribbonof Excellence in Educa-tion Awards.

    This May, Saint JamesSchool will proudly grad-uate 101 eighth-gradestudents. These futuregraduates join a talentedgroup of alumni whocontinue to excel in highschool, college, and be-yond.

    Saint James is confi-dent that the Class of 2013will be well prepared tocarry on this tradition ofsuccess, having receiveda strong academic andreligious foundation.

    As you contemplatethe beginning of yourchilds educational ca-reer, consider the follow-ing qualities of a Saint

    James graduate.

    Prepared to succeedin high school

    Sixty percent of theeighth-grade class of 2013was offered a combinedtotal of $603,050 inscholarship funds.Admission withDistinction wasattached to 50of the studentshigh schoolacceptances.

    In fact,24.8 percentof the stu-dents earned ascore of 90percent or high-er on the HighSchool PlacementTest, and many wereaccepted into thehigh schools acceler-ated academic pro-grams.

    Alumni oftenreturn toSaint Jamesto visit, andrelay that theworkload andpressures ofhigh schoolare manage-able, thanksto the founda-tion theyreceivedfrom SaintJames.

    Dedicatedto academicandpersonalexcellence

    SaintJames stu-dents are nurtured by adynamic, caring, knowl-edgeable faculty, ofwhich 51 percent holdadvanced degrees.

    Saint James is a mis-sion-driven school com-mitted to meeting theneeds of all learners and

    fostering both academicand personal excellencein its students.

    Students creativity isfostered while helpingthem learn the value of

    organization and timemanagement.

    Saint James studentslearn that through hardwork and effort, successcan be attained. Studentsconsistently score in thetop 10 percent on nationalstandardized tests.

    The Class of 2012achieved an averagegrade-level equivalencyof 12.4 on standardizedtests.

    Equipped forthe 21stcentury


    taught by certi-fied staff and haveaccess to more than

    250 networkedcomputers and


    SaintJamesSchool isalso be-comingone of thearea'sleaders inSTEM(Science,Technol-ogy, Engi-neering,andMath)education.

    SaintJames hasa ScienceLab de-signed topromote21st cen-turylearningskills.

    Thisnew facil-ity en-

    ables students to improvetheir critical-thinking anddecision-making skillsthrough hands-on explo-ration.

    By focusing on learn-ing by inquiry, kindergar-ten through eighth-gradestudents are being em-

    powered to think likescientists.

    Demonstrate servantleadership

    Saint James studentsare taught at a young ageto serve others. MonthlyChristian Service Days as well as regular serviceprojects give studentsthe chance to experiencethe joy of helping those inneed.

    Additionally, throughthe work of the 8th GradeLeadership Council, ourjunior high students func-tion as servant leaders asthey select, plan, andcoordinate our school-wide service projects.


    While there is an em-phasis on the core contentareas, all students partici-pate in weekly art, music,technology, Spanish andphysical education class-es taught by talentedteachers.

    Junior high studentshave the opportunity toselect electives classessuch as guitar, sculpting,and photography.

    Students at everygrade level attend dailyreligion classes andweekly mass. Studentshave the opportunity toparticipate in our annualArt Fair and musicalperformances, and manyparticipate in one of the40 student activities spon-sored by the school andparish.

    Perhaps the words of acurrent student best ar-ticulate the value of aSaint James education:The teachers at SaintJames have taught me somany things throughoutthe years. But most im-portantly, theyve taughtme that I can do anythingI set mymind to.

    Portrait of a Saint James graduate


    provide the best possibleeducational foundationfor your child or to sched-ule a personal tour, visitwww.stjameswo.org, callthe school office at 513-741-5333, or email [email protected]


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    From the time stu-dents walk in the door atBadin High School, theyare greeted with real-world opportunities tolearn, grow and succeedin high school, collegeand in life. As a co-ed,comprehensive Catholicschool, Badin preparesstudents to work collab-oratively with youngmen and women whostrive to achieve theirpersonal best.

    Centrally located inthe heart of Butler Coun-ty, Badin educates high-achieving students from23 Zip codes and sevendifferent countries,creating a rich diversityof backgrounds andexperiences. Badinsacclaimed internationalprogram attracts stu-dents throughout theworld and offers a globalperspective.

    Badins mission to

    help students achievetheir personal best de-mands a more flexible,fluid curriculum to ad-dress the needs of stu-dents across the aca-demic spectrum fromthose who are academi-cally gifted to those whorequire academic sup-port. Badin students areleveled according totheir skill sets in math,

    Real-world experiencesat Badin High School

    See BADIN, Page 7

    Alumni interest is atan all-time high and onegraduate is challengingothers to reaffirm thevalue of their La SalleHigh School experienceby doubling his $500,000commitment to a milliondollars for scholarshipsand financial aid for fu-ture Lancers. The dona-tion is the largest single

    pledge from an individualin the schools history.

    La Salle has played animportant part in our lifeand plays such a vital rolein our community, ac-cording to a statementfrom the graduate and hiswife about their level ofcommitment to the all-male, college-preparatoryCatholic school foundedin 1960. We are delightedto make this contributionso the young men in theLa Salle community havethe opportunity to attendthis great school andreceive a fabulous educa-tion. The donor asked toremain anonymous.

    We believe this giftvalidates the many goodthings La Salle hasachieved, especially overthe past few years, saidLa Salle Executive Direc-tor Don Ruberg, 72.Among them:

    Requiring 28.5 cred-it hours to graduate, morethan any other all-maleCatholic high school inCincinnati. High-per-forming students in theLasallian Scholars In-stitute, now in its thirdyear, obtain more.

    Requiring La Sallestudents to spend 15hours in service to othersduring each of their fouryears for a total of 60hours. Students actuallyserve an average of morethan 100 hours each.

    The opening of aStudent Center for the DeLa Salle Signum FideiInstitute, a unique leader-ship development pro-gram.

    Receiving its 12th-consecutive Harold A.Meyer Award for Sports-

    La Salles successdrives $500Kdonation

    See LA SALLE, Page 12CE-0000540571

    LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL MISSION STATEMENTLa Salle High School is a college preparatory Catholic institutionguided by Jesus Christ and rooted in the teachings of St. JohnBaptist de La Salle. In partnership with parents, La Salle educatesyoung men of all backgrounds, encouraging each student to reachhis maximum potential: mind, body, and spirit. La Salle strivesto develop every student into a servant leader, equipped withthe experience and confidence to lead ethically in a 21st centuryenvironment.

    Principal Tom Luebbe 73Executive Director Don Ruberg 72La Salle High School3091 North Bend RoadCincinnati, Ohio 45239(513) 741-3000www.lasallehs.net

    facebook.com/cincinnatilasalle @lasallepride



    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    At John Paul II Catho-lic School, we take pridein offering our studentsenriched learning experi-ences that will developcritical thinkers, create athirst for knowledge, andprepare them for thefuture. Our students learnabout the stockmarket,entrepreneurism, foreignlanguage, compete inacademic competitionsthroughout the Tristateand collaborate with oth-er schools to solve world-wide problems.

    Girls in Science isjust one example of themany classes available toour students. The pro-gram, geared to sixth-grade girls, promotes alove of science andstrengthens problem-solving skills while work-ing with scientists fromthe community. Eachmonth, the girls meet toengagewith a womanscientist whose occupa-

    tionmay be a chemistfrom P&G, a physician,pharmacist, veterinarian,or an environmentalist, toname a few.

    Through presentationsand hands-on activities,various aspects of thescientists jobs are high-lighted, and the studentsuse the scientificmethodto assist in solving prob-lems that affect ourworld. Topics have in-cluded learning about theaffects of an oil slick onthe wildlife and how toclean it up, learning aboutand growing bacteria, andvisiting local hospitalsand veterinary offices.Our girls also attend theUniversity of Cincinnatifor a Science Day inApril.

    The program affordsour students themeans tonetworkwith successfulwomen in the field ofscience and learnmoreabout opportunities that

    are available to them asthey prepare for highschool and college. AtJohn Paul II School therearemany activities thatexpand beyond the class-room and prepare ourstudents for success inthe future. Girls in Sci-ence is just one enrich-ment possibility.

    If youwould like yourchild to experience arigorous faith-filled edu-cation whichwill preparethem for future success,call today for a personaltour 513-521-0860.

    John Paul IIs Girls in Science program allows sixth-graders to network with successfulwomen in the field of science and learn more about opportunities that are available asthey prepare for high school and college. PROVIDED

    Love of sciencepromoted atJohn Paul II

    English and science.From our AP and honorscurriculum to the aca-demic support program,students of all abilitiesare empowered and chal-lenged to attain theirgoals, immediately set-ting them on a path tosuccess.

    Thanks to Badins new1:1 iPad program, ourstudents are keenlyaware of and preparedfor a world of innovation.Badins iPad initiativeopens the doors of theclassroom as facultychallenge students with

    experiential learning the application of aca-demic concepts to real-world problem solving.

    Badins goal to pre-pare students for the realworld cant be attainedwithout a commitment tograduate students with aplethora of experiences.Programs like the newScholar-Leader Academy,Junior Statesmen ofAmerica, INTERallianceof Greater Cincinnati andJETS engineering club,as well as a vibrant Chris-tian service program,take our students out ofthe classroom as theywork to become servantleaders who shape thefuture of the worldaround us.

    Just as in real life,people who have the loveand support of family feelmore comfortable to takerisks and pursue theirdreams. This is especiallytrue at Badin HighSchool. The Badin Familyextends beyond our halls,as students form lifelongbonds with other stu-dents, alumni, faculty andstaff. Our small size of510 students means thatstudents are not just anumber at Badin theyare members of our RA-Mily who are challenged,supported, encouragedand molded to be the bestthat they can be.

    To learn more, call513-863-3993, ext. 120. Orvisit www.badinhs.org.

    BadinContinued from Page 6



    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    ANNUNCIATIONSCHOOL3545 Clifton Ave.Cincinnati, 513-231-1230annunciationcincinnati.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 160 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Tuition: K-8, $4,500; PK,$3,450 (half day) / $5,925 (fullday) Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:17 Highlights: The school islocated in the heart of CliftonsGaslight District within walkingdistance to the University ofCincinnati and area hospitals.The multicultured student bodyis prepared to confidently meetlifes future challenges in a waythat upholds the teachings ofJesus through service to thechurch, community and theworld.

    ARCHBISHOPMOELLERHIGH SCHOOL9001Montgomery RoadMontgomery, 513-791-1680www.moeller.orgGrades nine through 12 (all male) Enrollment: 931 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic (Marianist tradition) Tuition: (2011-2012) $10,590 Scholarship/Financial Aid:Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:16 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99 Highlights: Emphasis is placedon the development of thewhole person. The innovativeHouse System provides a systemof pastoral care and leadershipdevelopment for all students.Student-support services pro-gram for reading and math.Moeller is in its 13th year of aone-to-one laptop program,with each student using a tabletcomputer with touch screen.Opportunities for global educa-tion are available to all studentsthrough service trips, exchangeprograms and a number ofother travel-abroad programs.

    BADIN HIGH SCHOOL571New London RoadHamilton, 513-863-3993www.badinhs.org Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: (2012-13) $7,900, $200technology fee Financial Assistance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Percent of Graduates Going

    to College: 95 Highlights: Badin High Schoolis the only Catholic high schoolin Butler County and serves avariety of suburbs in northernCincinnati, West Chester, Fair-field, Hamilton, Ross, Oxfordand more. Badin is committed totailoring an academic programthat maximizes the individualsuccess of each student. Badinhas introduced 1:1 iPad technol-ogy for the 2012-13 school year,continuing to lead the way intechnology innovation.

    BETHANY555 Albion AvenueGlendale, 513-771-7462www.bethanyschool.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 250 Religious Affiliation: Episco-pal Tuition: $8,750, plus fees Scholarship/Financial Aid :Yes, on qualifying basis Teacher/Student ratio: 1:15 Highlights: Bethany Schoolprovides a college-preparatory,Christian-based education.Bethany emphasizes academicexcellence in a Christian envi-ronment. Christian eEducationclasses and the Character Educa-tion program carry the themesof the weekly chapel service intochildrens everyday lives.

    BISHOP FENWICK HIGHSCHOOL4855 St. Rt. 122Franklin, 513-423-0723www.fenwickfalcons.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 550 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: (2012-13) parishioner,$7,700; non-parishioner, $8,400 Financial Assistance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:14 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99 Highlights: Block scheduling,engineering STEM curriculum

    through Project Lead the Way,technology in the classroom viaiPads, Kindles, laptop computersand smartboards. Faith experi-ence supported by two priestsand one Sister of Charity onstaff teaching religion courses,offering weekly all-school Massand Kairos. Extracurricularactivities include athletic com-petitiveness in the GCL/GGCLand 30+ clubs. Located justnorth of I-275 and one mile eastof I-75.

    CALVARY ACADEMY11970 Kenn RoadSpringdale, 513-674-9600www.thecalvarychurch.orgK-4 through grade 12 Enrollment: 100 Religious Affiliation: UnitedPentecostal

    CENTRAL BAPTISTACADEMY7645 Winton RoadFinneytown, 513-521-5481centralbaptistcincinnati.com/academyKindergarten through grade 12 Enrollment: 160 Religious Affiliation: Baptist

    CENTRALMONTESSORIACADEMY1904 Springdale RoadSpringfield Township513-742-5800www.centralmontessoriacade-my.comInfant through grade six Enrollment: 120 Religious Affiliation: None

    CINCINNATI CHRISTIANSCHOOLS7350 Dixie HighwayFairfield, 513-874-8500www.cincinnatichristian.orgPreschool through grade six7474 Morris RoadFairfield, 513-892-8500Grade seven through 12 Enrollment: 640 Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational

    CINCINNATI COUNTRYDAY SCHOOL6905 Given RoadIndian Hill, 513-979-0220www.countryday.netAge 18 months through grade 12 Enrollment: 830 Religious Affiliation: None Tuition: $6,035-$22,750 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Over $4.1million avail-able in need- and merit-basedassistance Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:9 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 100, to four-yearcolleges Highlights: Country Day is acoeducational, college-prepara-tory school. Since 1926, wevebeen focused on providinginnovative preparation to ourstudents, so they are ready toachieve success in college and inlife. Rigorous preparation. Ajoyful environment. Studentswho find success in any world.

    CINCINNATI HILLSCHRISTIAN ACADEMY11525 Snider RoadSycamore Township513-247-0900www.chca-oh.orgPre-K through grade 12 Enrollment: 1,450 Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational

    CINCINNATI WALDORFSCHOOL5555 Little Flower AvenueWinton Place, 513-541-0220cincinnatiwaldorfschool.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 209 Religious Affiliation: Non-denominational

    CORRYVILLE CATHOLICSCHOOL108 Calhoun StreetCincinnati, 513-281-4856www.corryvillecatholic.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 180 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    DEPAUL CRISTO REYHIGH SCHOOL1133 Clifton Hills AvenueClifton, 513-861-0600www.depaulcristorey.orgGrades nine through 12 (by 2014) Enrollment: 150 (freshmenand sophomores); will add agrade level each year to reach400 students by 2017

    Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic, sponsored by the Sisters ofCharity Tuition: Sliding scale based onfamily need, from $500 to$5,000 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes, for every student;EdChoice accepted Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 100 percent college-acceptance rate across the CristoRey network Highlights: DPCR has aninnovative Corporate WorkStudy Program (CWSP) in whichall students work five days amonth in entry-level, profession-al positions at companiesthroughout Greater Cincinnati,earning a significant portion oftheir education costs. CWSP iscritical in providing studentswith real-world work experienceand professional role models, aswell as enabling them to con-tribute to the cost of theirprivate, college-prep educationthat their families could other-wise not afford.

    ELDER HIGH SCHOOL3900 Vincent AvenuePrice Hill, 513-921-3744www.elderhs.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 945 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Tuition: $9,400 for 2012-13school year Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:13 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 96 Highlights: Elder High Schoolprides itself in providing anexceptional comprehensiveeducation for students with avariety of abilities and talents.Firmly rooted in tradition, Elderalumni and friends stronglysupport the school, making itpossible for young men desiringa Catholic education to attend.Elder also has a unique HonorsProgram that not only focuseson academics but leadershipdevelopment and communityservice as well.

    GARDENMONTESSORISCHOOL1318 Nagel RoadAnderson Township513-474-4933


    See SCHOOLS, Page 9

    Our communitys private schools are rich in traditionand high-quality education. Students at privateschools get a lot from their education a spirit ofgiving back, a respect for education and a deeplyrooted value system.Editors note: The Private School directory is published in

    February and September. To update information for theSept. 18-19, publication, please call Jo Ann Kovach, EnquirerMedia specialty publications editor, at 513-768-8367.


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    www.gardenmontessori.comAge 3-Kindergarten Enrollment: 47 Religious Affiliation: None

    HILLSIDE CHRISTIANACADEMY5554 Muddy Creek RoadWestern Hills, 513-451-37774255 Ashland AvenueNorwood, 513-451-3777K-3 through grade 12 Religious Affiliation: Baptist

    HOLY FAMILY3001 Price AvenuePrice Hill, 513-921-8483www.hfschool.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 200 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes; EdChoice and Hamil-ton County Daycare vouchersaccepted

    JOHN PAUL II9375 Winton RoadSpringfield Township513-521-0860www.jpiics.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 415 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic school affiliated with St.Bartholomew, Our Lady of theRosary and St. Clare parishes Financial Assistance: Deter-mined by the parishes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20,kindergarten; 1:25, grades 1-8 Highlights: John Paul II Catho-lic School excels in educating thewhole child. A child will experi-ence hands-on learning throughstate-of-the-art technology:ActivBoards, iPads, laptops,computer lab and online text-books. Enrichment math, Biblestudy, foreign language, Powerof the Pen, Girls in Science Club,art club, individualized mathand reading instruction, studentgovernment and instrumentallessons are among the manyactivities that challenge thestudent to excel.

    LA SALLE HIGH SCHOOL3091North Bend RoadWhite Oak, 513-741-3000www.lasallehs.netGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 725 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $9,000, plus Tablet fee

    ($500) Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:14 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 95 Highlights: La Salle is a col-lege-preparatory Catholicinstitution rooted in the teach-ings of St. John Baptist de LaSalle. Affiliated with ChristianBrothers Lasallian educationnetwork that teaches moreprecollege students than anyreligious order in the U.S. andthe world. Provides a range ofacademic programs, from Lasal-lian Scholars Institute to individ-ualized education programs.Every student participates in theDe La Salle Signum Fidei four-year leadership developmentprogram to become a servantleader equipped with experi-ence and confidence to leadethically in a 21st century envi-ronment. Students serve thosein need locally and throughimmersion trips in the U.S. andCentral America. La Sallesco-curricular programs includeathletics, fine arts and a varietyof clubs.

    MCAULEY HIGHSCHOOL6000 Oakwood AvenueCollege Hill, 513-681-1800www.mcauleyhs.netGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 615 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic, Sisters of Mercy Tuition: Call school Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:14 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99 Highlights:McAuley studentsexperience academic excellenceas well as excel in many otherareas, including fine arts, serviceand sports, in a brilliantly bal-anced Catholic environmentwhich results in well-roundedwomen.

    MOTHER OFMERCYHIGH SCHOOL3036 Werk RoadWestwood, 513-661-2740www.motherofmercy.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 500 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $9,250 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:14 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 100 Highlights: A National BlueRibbon School of Excellence,

    Mercy offers: collegiate blockscheduling; 11AP classes, plusseven Dual College Credit class-es, with 25 percent junior/seniorparticipation; and state-of-the-art technology, including theonly TV/broadcast studio at agirls school on the West Side.Ninety percent participation inover 20 extracurricular activities.Five drama productions/yearwith over 100 students partici-pating in all aspects of theaterproduction.

    MOTHER TERESACATHOLICELEMENTARY7197 Mother Teresa LaneLiberty Township, 513-779-6585www.mtces.orgKindergarten through grade 8 Enrollment: 460 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $3,900 Financial Assistance: Yes Highlights: Established in theSpirit of Mother Teresa tonurture the growth of everystudent spiritually, intellectually,emotionally and physically.Nurture spiritual formation ofthe children by encouragingthem to become one with God.Focus is on academic excellenceand a commitment to servewhile instilling the formalteachings of the Catholic faithand building values that last alifetime.

    MOUNT NOTRE DAMEHIGH SCHOOL711 E. Columbia AvenueReading, 513-821-3044www.mndhs.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 715 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Tuition: $10,000, plus TabletPC Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99 Highlights:Mount NotreDame offers a unique andcomplete college-preparatoryexperience. With state-of-the-art facilities, a leadership devel-opment program and statechampionship athletics, MNDgraduates empowered youngwomen. Strong programs in thehumanities, STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering andMathematics) disciplines, anengineering program, 18 Ad-vanced Placement courses, 22Honors courses and the MNDBilliart Scholar Honors Program.Additionally, 50 co-curricular

    activities are available for stu-dents to fully develop them-selves. The one-to-one tablet PCprogram revolutionizes theclassroom experience, providinga top-notch college and life-readiness experience. MountNotre Dame provides a vibrantlearning environment thatnurtures success.

    OUR LADY OF GRACE2940 W. Galbraith RoadGroesbeck, 513-931-3070www.olgcs.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 575 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Highlights: As one of thelargest Catholic elementaryschools in the Archdiocese ofCincinnati, we have the re-sources to offer a high-quality,well-rounded education. With

    an average class size of 24,students benefit from personalattention and enrichmentopportunities including a strongperforming and visual artsprogram.

    OUR LADY OF LOURDESSCHOOL5835 Glenway AvenueWestern Hills, 513-347-2660www.lourdes.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 350 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Financial Assistance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:18 Highlights:More than 40percent of eighth-grade stu-dents consistently receive schol-arships to area Catholic highschools. Full-day and morning

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    SchoolsContinued from Page 8

    Your excellence is our priority.

    513-661-2740 motherofmercy.org

    Visit our redesignedwebsite to findout how YOU canexperience Mercy!

    ... where the power of theHoly Spirit INSPIRESthe power within you.


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    half-day kindergarten. Before/after school care. Enrichmentprograms include Ohio Mathe-matics League, Girl Tech Corps,Young Authors, Power of thePen, NewsBowl, after-schooltutoring, accelerated-readerprogram, science fair, speechcontest, band, hand bell choirand youth choirs.

    OUR LADY OF VICTORY808 Neeb RoadDelhi, 513-347-2072www.olv.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 582 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic

    OUR LADY OFVISITATION SCHOOL3180 South RoadBridgetown, 513-347-2222OLVisitation.org/schoolGrades one through eight Enrollment: 857 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Highlights: National BlueRibbon School of Excellencewhere we strive to create amutually respectful and compas-sionate Christian community inwhich each individuals talentsare recognized and nourishedand seen as significant to thebuilding of the Kingdom.

    PURCELL MARIAN HIGHSCHOOL2935 Hackberry StreetEast Walnut Hills513-751-1230www.purcellmarian.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 430 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic

    RESURRECTION OF OURLORD1740 Iliff AvenuePrice Hill, 513-471-6600www.resschool.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 180 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ROCKWERN ACADEMY8401Montgomery RoadKenwood, 513-984-3770www.rockwernacademy.orgPre-2 through grade eight Enrollment: 215 Religious Affiliation: Jewish

    Day School

    ROGER BACON HIGHSCHOOL4320 Vine StreetSt. Bernard, 513-641-1300www.rogerbacon.orgGrades nine through 12, coedu-cational Enrollment: 450 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $7,950 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes. Over $1millionawarded annually Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:12 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 95 Highlights:With a new selec-tive, benchmark-driven admis-sion policy, Roger Bacon is thepremier coeducational Catholichigh school in Cincinnati. TheClass of 2015 will be the first touse cutting-edge tablet devicesto enhance their educationaland classroom experiences.

    SETON HIGH SCHOOL3901Glenway AvenuePrice Hill, 513-471-2600www.setoncincinnati.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 561 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: (2012-13) $9,450 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99 Highlights: Seton High Schoolhelps every student find herstrength. From faith and aca-demics to leadership and service,Seton gives each student thetools she needs for the world inwhich she is destined to live.

    THE SEVEN HILLSSCHOOL5400 Red Bank Road and2726 Johnstone PlaceMadisonville, Oakley and EastWalnut Hills513-728-2400www.7hills.orgPre-kindergarten through grade12 Enrollment: 1,017 Religious Affiliation: None Tuition: (2012-13) $5,816-$20,998 Scholarships/FinancialAssistance: Over $3 million infinancial assistance availablethrough merit- or need-basedawards Teacher/Student Ratio:Pre-K/K 1:10-12; Grades 1-5 1:15,Grades 6-12 1:15 (classrooms) Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 100

    Highlights: The Seven HillsSchool is a vibrant, highly per-sonalized learning communitythat prepares students forcollege and beyond. A 21stcentury curriculum is integratedand dozens of extra opportuni-ties round out the educationalexperience. 1:1 iPad program forgrades 6-12.

    THE SUMMIT COUNTRYDAY SCHOOL2161Grandin RoadHyde Park, 513-871-4700www.summitcds.orgAge 2 through grade 12 Enrollment: 1,080 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic, Independent, all welcome Tuition: $3,900-$19,950 Scholarships/FinancialAssistance: For qualifiedfamilies PreK-12, and meritscholarships for grades 7-12 Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:9 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 100, since 1890 Highlights: The Summitcombines the academic excel-lence and one-on-one guidanceof a top-tier independent schoolwith the servant leadership andcharacter-building environmentthat are hallmarks of a Catholiceducation.

    ST. ALOYSIUSGONZAGA4390 Bridgetown RoadBridgetown, 513-574-4035www.saintals.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 155 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Tuition: In-parish: $3,075 forone child, $5,930 for two, $8,785for three, $11,530 for four.Non-parish: $4,610 per student.Half-day kindergarten $2,535per student. Financial Assistance: Avail-able to registered parishioners. Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:12 Highlights: Opportunity todiscover the joy of learning in aclose-knit community of stu-dents, teachers and parents whohighly value academic excel-lence, spirituality and service ina down-to-earth setting of smallclasses, personal attention andinclusiveness. Full-day, half-dayoption kindergarten; after-school care; measurable aca-demic outcomes; fully integrat-ed technology; online gradeaccess; and a cafeteria servinghot lunches daily.

    ST. ALOYSIUS ON THEOHIO6207 Portage StreetSayler Park, 513-941-7831www.saoto.orgPre-K and kindergarten throughgrade eight Enrollment: 105 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Highlights: Pre-K (3- and4-year-olds) program with half-and all-day options. Smart-boards in every classroom;top-ranked accelerated reader/reading programs; small classsize, need-based financial assis-tance is available to parishion-ers.

    ST. ANN CATHOLICSCHOOL13064 Pleasant Ave.Hamilton, 513-853-0604www.stannhamilton.netKindergarten through eighthgrade Enrollment: 140 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: Parish: $2,760 for onechild; $4,560 for two; $6,600 forthree or more. Non-parish:$3,900 per student Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: For parishioners Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Highlights:More than a100-year heritage of buildingcommunity and families in ourfaith. We provide a safe, family-oriented school with strongacademics where we supportone another in the practice ofour faith. All-day kindergartenprogram; smartboards in everyclassroom; up-to-date computerlab; a technology teacher whoworks with the classroom teach-er to assure integration oftechnology into the curriculum;and bus service from Hamilton,Fairfield and Lakota districts.

    ST. ANTONINUSSCHOOL5425 Julmar DriveWestern Hills, 513-922-2500www.saintantoninus.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 470 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. BERNARD TAYLORCREEK7115 Springdale RoadColerain Township, 513-353-4224www.stbernardtc.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 180 Religious Affiliation: Catho-


    ST. BONIFACE4305 Pitts AvenueNorthside, 513-541-5122www.stbonifacecincinnati.comKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 185 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. CATHARINE OFSIENA3324 Wunder AvenueWestwood, 513-481-7683www.stcatharinesiena.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 183 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. DOMINIC371 Pedretti AvenueDelhi, 513-251-1276www.stdominic-k-8.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 505 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20 Highlights: Before- andafter-school care from 6:30 a.m.to 6 p.m.; preschool; and com-puters, flat-screen TVs, smart-boards with mounted overheadprojectors in every classroom.New this year: renovated gym-nasium.

    ST. GABRIELCONSOLIDATED18 West Sharon RoadGlendale, 513-771-5220www.stgabeschool.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 448 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Tuition: (2012-13) Registrationfee $175/family. Tuition forstudents of St. MaximilianKolbe, St. JohnWest Chester, St.Gabriel and St. Matthias par-ishes: $3,400 for grades 1-8;$3,500 for kindergarten. Non-parish students: $3,800 forgrades 1-8; $3,900 for kindergar-ten Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:24 Highlights: 2010 Blue RibbonSchool. Together with theparishes, we assist parents in theChristian formation of ourstudents. All-day kindergartenprogram, after-school latchkeyprogram, advanced technology(including smartboards), dailyhot lunch program and Spanish.

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    SchoolsContinued from Page 9


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    ST. IGNATIUS SCHOOL5222 North Bend RoadMonfort Heights,513-389-3242www.saintischool.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 1,015 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Teacher/Student Ratio:Grades K-3, 1:24; grades 4-8, 1:30 Highlights: Recognition as aNational Blue Ribbon School ofExcellence supports our passion-ate belief that the entire com-munity benefits from the widediversity of gifts with which ourstudents are blessed. St. Ignatiuswas the recipient of the GreaterCincinnati Inclusion NetworkLeadership Award.

    ST. JAMES THEGREATER SCHOOL6111 Cheviot RoadWhite Oak, 513-741-5333www.stjameswo.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 637 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Highlights: St. James is afour-time National Blue RibbonSchool of Excellence focused onproviding a strong academicexperience for all students. Lastyears graduating class wasoffered nearly a half-milliondollars in high school schol-arships. The school features anew science lab and smartboard/smart table technology in class-rooms. St. James also offersSpanish to all students in gradesK-8. Working parents love ourbefore- and after-school careprogram.

    ST. JAMES OF THEVALLEY411 Springfield PikeWyoming, 513-821-9054www.stjamesvalley.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 183 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST5375 Dry Ridge RoadColerain Township513-385-7970www.stjohnbluejays.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 473 Religious Affiliation: Roman


    ST. JOHN THE BAPTISTSCHOOL-HARRISON508 Park AvenueHarrison, 513-367-6826Kindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 297 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. JUDE SCHOOL5940 Bridgetown RoadBridgetown, 513-598-2100www.stjudebridgetown.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 465 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic

    ST. LAWRENCE1020 Carson AvenuePrice Hill, 513-921-4996www.stlawrenceparish.orgPreschool, kindergarten throughgrade eight Enrollment: 240 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. MARTIN OF TOURSSCHOOL3729 Harding AvenueCheviot, 513-661-7609www.saintmartin.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 240 Religious Affiliation: RomanCatholic Financial Assistance: PSAS,EdChoice Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20 Highlights:We are cele-brating our centennial year.Smartboards in every classroom,and a newly equipped computerlab.

    ST. MICHAEL SCHOOL SHARONVILLE11136 Oak StreetSharonville, 513-554-3555www.stmichaelsharonville.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 420 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $3,120 parishioner,$4,400 non-parishioner Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Need-based financialassistance available to parishion-ers Highlights: 2009 Blue RibbonSchool of Excellence. All-day andhalf-day kindergarten offered.Extended-day program avail-able. Many extracurricularactivities offered, includingScouts, band, student govern-

    ment, sports, and art and sci-ence after-school activities. Theschool districts of Princeton,Lakota and Sycamore providebus service to and from ourschool.

    ST. NICHOLASACADEMY170 Siebenthaler AvenueReading, 513-686-2727www.stnacademy.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 314 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic. All are welcome Tuition: Catholic in-parish,$3,200; Catholic non-member,$4,000; non-Catholic non-member, $5,250. Discount formultiple children. Tuition assis-tance available for parishioners.EdChoice vouchers are accepted Teacher/Student Ratio: Onaverage, 1:20 (Art, Music, andPhysical Education taught bycertified specialist) Highlights: St. Nicholas Acad-emy is a regional elementaryschool providing high-qualityCatholic education to studentsfrommore than six differentcommunities and 24 Zip codes.In addition to the Archdiocesan-graded course of study, ourexpanded curriculum includesprograms in foreign language,computer technology, Seeds ofService volunteerism and Chris-tian outreach. On-site before-and after-school care is availabledaily.

    ST. PETER CLAVERLATIN SCHOOL FORBOYS121 East 13th StreetCincinnati, 513-929-9164www.stpeterclaverlatin.orgKindergarten through gradeeight Enrollment: 36 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Highlights: St. Peter ClaverLatin is the Archdioceses newestschool. Students are classicallytrained in Latin, and we offer afull curriculum. We are poweredby dedicated teachers, staff andvolunteers. The late Fr. Al Lauerfounded the school in 2001 toprovide guidance and hope toboys and their families in theinner city. The school is locatedin Over-the-Rhine, and ourstudents live throughout theCincinnati core, from Price Hillto Avondale to the East End. Theschool is on the property of theOld St. Marys Parish.

    SAINTS PETER ANDPAUL ACADEMY231 Clark RoadReading, 513-761-7772sppacademy.orgKindergarten through eighthgrade Enrollment: 88 Tuition: (2012-13) $2,190, plus$100 book fee Highlights: We enhancestudent learning with programssuch as accelerated math, accel-erated reader, computer andscience labs, and smartboardsthroughout the building.

    ST. RITA SCHOOL FORTHE DEAF1720 Glendale-Milford RoadCincinnati, 513-771-7600www.srsdeaf.orgDaycare through grade 12 Enrollment: 180 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. TERESA OF AVILASCHOOL1194 Rulison AvenueCovedale, 513-471-4530www.stteresa.netKindergarten through gradeeight Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. URSULA ACADEMY1339 E. McMillan St.East Walnut Hills, 513-961-3410www.saintursula.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 645 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: $11,600 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15 Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99.9 Highlights: St. Ursula Acad-emy, 100 years strong in tradi-tion, is known best for: academ-ic excellence; faith-based educa-tion; technology; and a bal-anced high school experiencewith more than 40 student clubsand organizations. St. Ursulaunleashes the potential of eachstudent to become a woman offaith, integrity and couragecommitted to building a betterworld.

    ST. URSULA VILLA3660 Vineyard PlaceMount Lookout, 513-871-7218www.stursulavilla.orgPreschool (age 3) through gradeeight Enrollment: 450 Religious Affiliation: In-dependent Catholic

    Tuition: Ranges from $2,321(preschool) to $9,735 (juniorhigh) Highlights: Nurturing everystudent to achieve their truepotential through small classes;development of the whole child;learning enrichment and aca-demic support; communityoutreach; family atmosphere;and outstanding high schoolpreparation and placement.

    ST. VIVIAN885 Denier PlaceFinneytown, 513-522-6858www.stvivian.orgPreschool through grade eight Enrollment: 325 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic Tuition: Parishioners, $3,075;non-parishioners, $4,550 Financial Assistance: Yes Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:20 Highlights:We believe andachieve.

    ST. WILLIAM4125 St.William AvenuePrice Hill, 513-471-2989www.saintwilliam.comKindergarten through gradeeight Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic

    ST. XAVIER HIGHSCHOOL600 W. North Bend RoadSpringfield Township513-761-7600www.stxavier.orgGrades nine through 12 Enrollment: 1,580 Religious Affiliation: Catho-lic/Jesuit Tuition: (2012-13) $11,850 Scholarship/Financial Assis-tance: Yes, more than $2.9million in tuition assistanceawarded during the 2012-13school year Teacher/Student Ratio: 1:15Percent of Graduates Goingto College: 99+ Highlights: Cura Personalis(care of the whole person). St.Xaviers advantage is a well-rounded, diverse educationalopportunity. Your son will growacademically at St. X, but alsospiritually, physically, inter-personally and expressively.More than 99 percent of St. Xgraduates go on to a four-yearcollege or university; in the classof 2012, 84 percent of thosestudents matriculated with acombined $42 million in schol-arship opportunities. Eighty-fivepercent of the Class of 2012

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    SchoolsContinued from Page 10


    P R I V A T E S C H O O L S D I R E C T O R Y

    were admitted to their first-choice college. Men for Oth-ers, the school motto, is onenot just said, but also put intopractice. Students have myriadopportunities to becomeservant leaders locally,regionally and even interna-tionally by way of severalcommunity service and mis-sion trip opportunities.

    URSULINE ACADEMY5535 Pfeiffer RoadBlue Ash, 513-791-5791Grades nine through 12www.ursulineacademy.org Enrollment: 728 Religious Affiliation:Catholic Tuition: $11,850 Scholarship/FinancialAssistance: Yes, about$861,250 in tuition assistancewas awarded during the2011-12 school year. Teacher/Student Ratio:1:14

    Percent of GraduatesGoing to College: 99+ Highlights: Urusline has along-standing reputation asone of the premier all-girlsCatholic high schools in theGreater Cincinnati area, basedon its academic achievements,athletic awards, fine arts andperforming arts accomplish-ments. Ninety percent of theClass of 2012 collectively earnedmore than $22.8 million incollege scholarships. Ursuline isdeeply committed to perpetu-ating strong values, faith,spirituality and service. About85 percent of the student bodyparticipates in some form ofcommunity service, andthroughout the year all stu-dents attend prayer services,Masses and spiritual retreats.With numerous clubs andactivities there is a place forevery student in UAs nurturingenvironment. Fully preparedfor college and beyond, thesuccessful alumnae have takenthe lead in the fields of medi-cine, law, science, education,journalism, motherhood andother areas important tosociety.

    SchoolsContinued from Page 11

    in class at the Bands ofAmerica competition, andthe Drama Departmentwill perform during theOhio Thespian State Con-ference in March.

    All of this has resultedin an increase in applica-tions and enrollment,attracting students fromacross Southwest Ohioand Southeast Indiana.

    To achieve the million-dollar goal, Principal TomLuebbe, 73, announcedLa Salle has initiated theLancers Helping Lanc-ers challenge. Thispledge, and the matchingfunds it will raise, willhelp La Salle attract andretain the kind of youngmen we want, those whoare committed to excel-ling in the classroom andpreparing for their fu-ture, built upon a strongCatholic faith, he said.La Salle is asking alumni,parents and friends of the

    manship, Ethics and In-tegrity from the OhioHigh School AthleticAssociation (OHSAA). LaSalle has won the awardmore times than anyother school, public orprivate, in SouthwestOhio.

    Completion of majorrenovations to the base-ball and soccer fields, andexpanded Internet audioand video broadcast cov-erage of Lancer sportsprograms throughWLSN,the La Salle BroadcastingNetwork.

    A higher profile inthe performing arts: ItsVocal Ensemble earnedSilver Awards in the 2012World Choir Games, ThePride of La Salle March-ing Band finished fourth

    high school to raise anadditional $500,000 byJune 30.

    Lancers HelpingLancers has implicationsbeyond increasing enroll-ment, according to ChrisWiniarski, 96, director ofCampusMinistry. LaSalle has always been aspecial place to many ofus graduates, so naturallywe want to help moreyoung men come here,he explained. I see thischallenge as a way tosupport the spiritualdevelopment of each ofour students and to sup-port the authentic Catho-lic education we offer.

    Every student partici-pates in the De La SalleSignum Fidei four-yearleadership developmentprogram. Students servethose in need locally andthrough immersion tripsin the U.S. and CentralAmerica.

    La SalleContinued from Page 6




    2nd2ndPLACE8th GRADE

    Good Luckat Regionals! 3 rd3 rdPLACE

    7th GRADE

    www.stcatharinesiena.org 513-481-7683CE-0000542001